Here's how you can leverage your SPT tokens

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Another season ended on Splinterlands. Since that happens every two weeks or so and for a long time, I don't believe posts marking such an event rise much of an interest anymore. Maybe I'm wrong.

However, there are two additional reasons why I wanted to write about Splinterlands today.

First of all, before this season it's been a while since I had fun playing the game. But I have to say that changed when they introduced the new daily quests and some of the rulesets. While not terribly more varied than it used to be, at the same or less daily effort (time spent playing the game) I can see the difference. And I enjoyed playing the game on enough days this season.


I can only hope Matt, Aggroed and the team will find some time every once in a while to add more daily quests (and rulesets). They did the trick on me. :)

I ended the previous season in CLIII, without forcing a bit, other than to complete the DQs. And without combining any card in quite a while, so I assume I would have some cards to combine (when I have time for that+analyzing delegations, lol).

The seasonal rewards are not worth mentioning, but maybe my luck will change. :)

And now here's the second exciting part that made me write this post.

Don't you see from time to time questions about SPT and what we can do with them?

While I haven't focused on increasing SPT, I have some. And at some point I wondered if I should unstake and sell them. I decided not to. Looks like I took the right decision.

About two weeks ago I wrote about BroFi. It's a way to put to work some of your less used H-E tokens (which are supported by BroFi), and receive a daily BRO dividend for that.

How does that link to SPT? Well, now you can delegate SPT tokens to @brofi and receive a BRO dividend daily.

I already delegated a little over half of my SPT tokens and will see what BRO dividend it generates tomorrow. But compared to true SPT whales, I am probably a minnow or dolphin. As I said, haven't focused on it.

There you go, before we will have a potential use for SPT in-game, that's an interesting use case. And BRO tokens reward their holders with multiple other tokens daily. Maybe even SPT, I haven't checked.

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Brofi takes anything now. It really is a great way to get some use out of those community tokens you just don't have time or interest in following. They don't pay much but it's still better than nothing.

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Brofi takes anything now.

But do they pay dividends on any tokens that are delegated to them, if they generate any rewards?

They don't pay much but it's still better than nothing.

That's why I only delegate if I feel I have enough of a certain token and with one exception so far, never all of them.

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I'm pretty sure I read something in just the last day or two about them basically taking anything. The dividends they pay are in BRO. Not the delegated token. If they don't have much, they obviously don't get much, so they don't pay much. But, again, if I'm not using them, I might as well get something.

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Well, I checked the brofi-bot discord channel, and while there is a far more extensive list than at the beginning, there aren't ALL tokens.

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you can delegate SPT tokens to @brofi and receive a BRO dividend daily.

I keep meaning to give this a go but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it.

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All you have to do is delegate any amount of tokens to @brofi account. Starting with the next day you'll start receiving dividends.

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It's more a question of finding the time. I'm doing a lot of childcare this week. 😁

Hopefully I'll get round to it after Easter when things have quietened down a bit.

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Ah, got it!

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I'lll be interested to hear what yer returns are like, I've got a fair few SPTs!

Yeah, I checked, haven't received the dividend from brofi today yet. Hopefully I'll remember later to get back to you.

It probably won't be high, because the share of profits is also distributed based on how high BRO holders vote each token in a ranking. I assume SPT would be quite low, especially since it's relatively new entry.

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