Mining and Hive Projects

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Mining is embedded at the core of the Hive blockchain, as well as the side-chain (soon to be side chains), and its called author and curators rewards, using something that was called proof-of-brain.

Games on Hive also have a sort of mining. Reward cards from Splinterlands as well as DEC rewards are examples of mining through gaming.

Land expansion will introduce even more forms of mining.

And I believe every popular game on Hive has a form of mining included.

dCity has gone a step further and has a few cards specialized in mining additional rewards, besides income, which is paid as SIM.

It also has a very interesting (and expensive for my budget) technology, called Mining Operations, which seems to have 3 techs, one for each of the following cryptocurrencies: HIVE, BTC, ETH.

How does that work exactly, especially for the BTC and ETH miners, that's still something I need to research more.

From what I remember, I believe each Hive account also has a BTC address associated with it. Maybe even a ETH address, I don't remember that. If dCity uses that/those addresses, I believe it would be the first project I know on Hive which actually does so.

How did I get to the mining talk in this post?


Well, I learned yesterday about a new project on Hive called UTOPIS, and started by @chronocrypto, which is a major holder of WORKERBEE and BRO.

It's slated to be a passive income, dividends paying project. @chronocrypto says UTOPIS is

uniquely set up in a similar fashion to @brofund with a twist. You will earn hive from my project rather than an array of carefully curated tokens.

It will also bring in some funds from outside the ecosystem, one of its sources being an ETH mining rig he has.

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