Novelty Introduced in the Hive Gaming Ecosystem by Rabona Soccer Manager

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A few weeks ago I noticed a post by @rondras saying he partnered again with @oliverschmid to create a new game on Hive. I've said again because they worked together on the development of the well-known NextColony game on Steem. That of course peeked my interest.

The game is called Rabona, and it is a Football Manager type of game or, as they mindfully called it for the American audience: Soccer Manager. I guess Americans had it their way this time too: two Germans call football... soccer. :)

I admit I didn't attempt to be a 'football manager' when I was younger and many other friends were deep involved in such games. I found them too complex and time consuming.

But I will give Rabona a try as a manager, for fun.

However, and this is the best novelty Rabona brings to the table in my opinion and before actually seeing the game, you don't really have to be a good football manager. You don't even need to play at all the game and still earn a ROI.

What Rabona proposes is that clubs are managed and play against each other, not individual users.

A club will be tokenized and tokens of it can be sold and purchased on the market.

Obviously, that means the more successful the club and the more rewards it brings, the more valuable the club token will likely be.

This is where top players of football managers will likely rise to the top of the game and, if they need it (and they will likely do to stay competitive), they will seek investors in their club, who will become partial owners by buying club tokens. Investors at their turn will receive a ROI for their contribution in funds instead of time and gaming skills.

Comparing what Rabona does with clubs to what Splinterlands passive markets allow investors to do, is that one club can have many co-owners simultaneously, all sharing the rewards, while a Splinterlands card can be owned by only one account and possibly delegated to another account. On the other hand, one Splinterlands account usually has many cards to use as the owner sees fit.

So, in my interpretation, Rabona -- one thing (club), many owners, Splinterlands -- one owner, many things (cards).

The game will become open beta (meaning anyone can play), on
September 25th, 18.00 CET,
which is roughly in 3 days from this post.

Gamers and investors, get ready!

If you want to know more about Rabona, check out the latest posts of @rondras.

P.S.: Rabona is now open for everyone.
You can join from here:
Note: This is not a free-to-play game, unless you receive a promo code. Otherwise, while in open beta the starter pack costs 5 USD worth of HIVE, 50% off the regular price.

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This is exactly the way I think about this - and I think that this will add a lot of depth to the game as well. there will be newly rich clubs which invest a lot to get to the top - just like in real life. there will also be clubs specializing in scouting new players and training them, before selling them to other clubs... let's see what the future brings us..

Looks like you've thought of many real-life situations and made them live in the game. That'll be interesting! 3 more days! :)

Good luck brother

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