RE: Splinterlands: Energy Capture Rate Directly Exchangeable for Something of Value?


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Maybe even lottery tickets can be bought this way

I refined my initial thoughts a little this morning.

Since I made the parallel between ECR and voting mana, I know there was talked at some point about the possibility to deplete more (even all) your voting mana in one vote, if one wishes to. I don't think the talk was related to Hive though.

This kind of possibility makes partial sense for a game like Splinterlands. I mean, it doesn't make sense for someone to play one game, collect the rewards and that's it, never play again for days in a row.

But maybe something like this can work: before the opponnent is chosen in a ranked game, one can choose to spend more ECR (up to say... 3 times more?). If the player wins, the rewards are proportionally increased (both DEC and rank boost?). This choice should not affect the opponent. Also, maybe this choice should be available AFTER the daily quest is completed, to make it more like a means of optimizing ECR use and choosing the right time to do it (when you are not tired or pressured by time, when you feel 'in the zone' and that you can win), instead of being seen as gambling your ECR? @yabapmatt