Splinterlands: Energy Capture Rate Directly Exchangeable for Something of Value?

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For newbies to Splinterlands, Energy Capture Rate (or ECR) works like voting mana on Hive. The smaller it is, the fewer DEC you earn when you win a ranked battle. If you leave it at 100%, you are wasting DEC, just like with voting mana and curation rewards.


Regarding the title, if you are an experienced Splinterlands player, no, ECR is not currently directly exchangeable for something of value, as far as I know.

What do I mean by directly exchangeable for something of value? Obviously not playing more ranked games, through which you can win rewards.

But let's consider this situation.

If you have an excess of ECR (to not reach 100% till next day when you'll be able to play), or if you know you won't be playing for a few days, would that be a good enough reason to want to lower the ECR on purpose without actually playing more?

Maybe even lottery tickets can be bought this way, and a lottery be held at the end of each season. It doesn't have to have big prizes, the idea is not to discourage players to... play. But often less gives a higher pleasure than more. People will have one more way to optimize their accounts while not attempting to race against bots, on who plays more games. We know who wins this race anyway!

If you are a player, I don't know if you like this idea or maybe have a better one.

That's what I thought of, because I often (not always) finish my daily quest before I reach the ECR threshold I have each day (around 84%). And then I keep playing just not to reach 100% by the next day. Most often, I'd prefer to end it after the daily quest is completed, but then it's not optimized.

The Splinterlands team, even if they like this suggestion, I wonder when will they implement it with so many things going on...

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While I was reading through the article, what I thought of was delegations. This is probably a bad idea encouraging bots. But what if you could sell your ECR for another player? It's probably too complicated with not a lot of impact for the enjoyment of the game. Te developers have to e more focused on other things like boss battles etc.

It's probably too complicated with not a lot of impact for the enjoyment of the game. Te developers have to e more focused on other things like boss battles etc.

Yeah I know. In the meantime I stopped playing to optimize my ECR, because it simply took too much of my time.

Maybe even lottery tickets can be bought this way

I refined my initial thoughts a little this morning.

Since I made the parallel between ECR and voting mana, I know there was talked at some point about the possibility to deplete more (even all) your voting mana in one vote, if one wishes to. I don't think the talk was related to Hive though.

This kind of possibility makes partial sense for a game like Splinterlands. I mean, it doesn't make sense for someone to play one game, collect the rewards and that's it, never play again for days in a row.

But maybe something like this can work: before the opponnent is chosen in a ranked game, one can choose to spend more ECR (up to say... 3 times more?). If the player wins, the rewards are proportionally increased (both DEC and rank boost?). This choice should not affect the opponent. Also, maybe this choice should be available AFTER the daily quest is completed, to make it more like a means of optimizing ECR use and choosing the right time to do it (when you are not tired or pressured by time, when you feel 'in the zone' and that you can win), instead of being seen as gambling your ECR? @yabapmatt

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