Splinterlands Land Presale - What a Fiasco!

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This will be short, but I need to vent and chat is not my thing.

Less than half an hour ago there was something called land presale on Splinterlands. First stage, highest discount.

The 'presale' ended in a few seconds, all while it broke the Splinterlands servers. Some somehow got something out of this madness. When my refresh ended (and I hit refresh when the counter hit zero), all plots were sold out. That's less than a few seconds I believe. After which the site went into maintenance mode. I didn't even got to see the purchase button, yet to click it.

The lucky ones participated (and some won) in a lottery prior to the actual presale. But that required more capital than I'm willing to put in Splinterlands, or great cooperation and trust. I was aiming for a tract, at the presale price of 850K DEC. I don't know if I'll be participating in round 2, as that will require buying more DEC to cover for the difference, since I won't be able to win it through gaming in the remaining time. Not to mention we already have a preview of how things will go...

I see the DEC price is plummeting, the reaction is normal after we have seen today, but I haven't sold it yet. I'm definitely left with a sour taste in my mouth though...

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They lost me at the announcement, I had my 750K ready go, actually I had more than that, I sold about 100K when it was at its peak.

Got a nice bit of ETH.

I'm not in for a tract now.

We might just have saved ourselves a fortune, there's a good possibility people will sell some off early next year, probably for not that much more than you could buy it for now.

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You probably did the sound thing, given the circumstances.

One reason I wanted a tract (and not a bunch of plots), was the guarantee of a Keep.

Too late now.

There are individuals who have bought regions, I'm sure they'll be selling off Keeps with land surrounding.

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It was exactly the same for me. I posted about it right after the beautiful mess. In a way this proved the demand for @splinterlands. On the other hand I couldn't even buy the 8 Plots I was planning to buy. It really suck, but makes me feel confident about what I already own.


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Yeah, it really sucks! Especially when we've prepared for it for... months already?

I don't have much confidence for the next pre-sale either. Let's wish for the whales to get tired of buying. If all else fails, I can just buy packs.

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