5 Wonderful Things that Crypto has Brought Us so Far

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I found I was being a little negative about the space with the recent delays in updates in some of my favorite projects and decided to start focusing on the positive instead of the negative.


I decided to start thinking about all the awesome projects that have been developed in the crypto space that has made my life better.

The Brave Browser

I sometimes forget how much the Brave browser improves my internet browsing experience until I try and look up something on Chrome or Internet Explorer and realize all the ads and pop-up spam I'm not seeing.


That doesn't even start to cover the fact that I'm getting paid to browse the web, even when I'm just browsing the web to waste time.

It's also nice to be able to support creators content that I enjoy watching without having to use my own money.

I know Brave has taken some heat for autofilling affiliate links, but overall I'm glad I've started using the browser after years of using Chrome and Firefox and haven't looked back.

Bitcoin - The Big Daddy of Sound, Free, Decentralized Money

I don't know very many people in the crypto arena that doesn't at least own some Bitcoin and for good reason. It's the battle-tested crypto that has stood the test of time and has lead the way.


It will always be the foundation of my crypto portfolio due to its scarcity and the fact that their will never be more than 21 million coins.


Plus, with more and more technology and projects developing in and around Bitcoin, the potential price action has never been more bullish. I love being able to use BlockFi to save my Bitcoin and earn 6% APY on my Bitcoin.

The Crypto Family

I wouldn't trade you, magical internet friends, for anything in the world. I know sometimes we disagree and fight more for what we believe in then we would with real-life family, but it's been an awesome ride regardless.


You may find your family on Twitter, Discord, LeoFinance, Reddit, Hive, Twetch, or anywhere else, it's nice to have a place to come and talk about ups and downs with people who have similar interest.

I still am met with Bitcoin is stupid, or I just don't understand when I try and talk about Bitcoin with people in person who end up looking at me cross-eyed and politely change the subject of something they care nothing about.

It's nice to come home and to be reassured that I'm not as crazy as I feel sometimes.

Earning While Gaming

If I would have been older I would have made a killing playing Runescape.

I found a way to buy and sell coal on different servers to make ridiculous amounts of in-game money. To the point that if I knew you could sell in-game money for real game money I would have been making a decent amount of money and playing the game every chance I got.


I have to admit, I was one of those kids whose parents always told them to get outside or go learn or skill or something and quit wasting your time on those video games.


It's nice to be able to say, with games like @splinterlands, that I've been able to enjoy the game competitively and make a decent return from the cards and the rewards that I own.

Being Able to Develop Skills and Make Some Money

I've been wanting to start my own website and develop some skills in writing and programming for a while and crypto has definitely allowed me to do that.

I've also learned about trading and why I shouldn't trade crypto, but rather just buy some coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and just hold it for the long haul.


While I still have a long ways to go, a lot to learn, and much buidling to still do it has been nice to be able to turn my hobbies into a part-time job of sorts and maybe one day something more.


While it can be frustrating, in a space where everything seems to happen so fast, to hear about delay after delay in the projects you know, love, and support, but it's nice to sit back and remind yourself of all the good things.

I really love this space, the friends that I've made, and all the knowledge I've gained and look forward to another 3 years of learning, buidling, and creating a brighter future for myself and my family.

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It's beautiful that we disagree with each other and fight because it means we care, just like in families. Our passion will lead us forward!

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Yes as long as it the disagreements stay healthy, it can only lead to bigger and better things.

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