Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Challenge with Theme Monster Grim Reaper

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Hello battlers,



I hope you are having a blast as it's a Sunday today and hopefully, you have reached the level you wanted to be in Splinterlands as we are also gonna see our season end rewards by tomorrow since the season will be ending.
OK, here is my blog with Grim Reaper being one of the monsters in the battle I am sharing below for this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE Challenge.

Grim Reaper:


Grim Reaper is one of the newly added rewards cards as part of the cards introduced prior to the set of cards recently introduced and is by far, one of the most effective among that set of cards.
It's a rare monster belonging to Rewards cards category and is a ranged attack monster which gives a good enough 3 attack from the level 1 itself and that makes it one of the most used cards from Death Splinter along with already existing nice ranged attack monsters like Octopider, Twisted Jester and Vampire.
What makes it unique from those cards mentioned above are the set of abilities it has and let me give an overview of those below in Statistics section.



This monster is special because of it's abilities, but it's ranged attack is also good from level One itself with it giving 3 attack and that can increase to 4 from level 3 which is one of the good attack.
As for as it's speed is concerned, it's among the slow starters with starting speed of 2, but that increases to 3 from level 4 and can be a max of 4 from level Seven onwards.
The life is not that bad as it starts with 3 and goes up to 6 in final level i.e. level 8.
More than all these things, what makes it even more interesting and to be used is the nice abilities it has with Affliction is available from level One itself and it gets one of the newly introduced abilities Oppress from level 5 and this ability enables it to attack with double power when it attacks a no attack monster like Gelatinous Cube or Lord Arianthus.
The final ability it gets is the ability of Piercing which is availble in final level i.e. level 8.

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This was one of those low Mana cap battles and I decided to go with a lineup as below to contain and defeat the opponent.

1. Haunted Spirit:


This being low Mana battle, I wanted to use this healing tank to have an advantage over opponent and it proved to be the crucial one in this win for me.
The battle was for 15 Mana and had rule sets of Silenced Summoner and Heavy Hitters.

2. Creeping Ooze:


Used this solely to reduce the speed of opponent's monsters as this is with slow ability and moreover, this can also act as backup front monster if required.

3. Grim Reaper:


The theme monster for this week, used it based on the ranged attack and also for it's affliction ability for the level 3 monster I have.

4. Furious Chicken:


Used this Zero cost monster as I had covered up the 15 Mana with the 3 remaining monsters I used already and this was also something used for taking that first blow from any sneak attack we might have.

Designed Line.png


Low Mana battles are always trickier to win. We might think a healing monster at the front is the best with few ranged attack monsters in second line, but opponent may come up with an affliction ability monster to get rid of front monster and we may end up on losing side.
That was not the case in this battle as healing Haunted Spirit didn't get disturbed much and it was a good win for me.
Here I go with details of the battle round by round.

Round 1:

Opponent used the lineup of Biceratops, Brownie, Screeching Vulture, Wood Nymph and Furious Chicken.
Battle started with Screeching Vulture removing the Furious Chicken I had used and then opponent lost his front monster, Biceratops to sum up the First round.


Round 2:

Screeching Vulture from opponent's team kept attacking and took out Creeping Ooze I had used and that was the only casualty in this round.


Round 3:

Brownie gotta go in this round after evading the attack in previous round and that brought Screeching Vulture to the front, a BIG relief for me as it was threatening to take out the Grim Reaper with one more blow.


Round 4, 5 and 6:

Screeching Vulture continued to evade the attack due to flying ability it has and finally, in round 6, the affliction was applied to it by Grim Reaper.


Round 7, 8 and 9:

Screeching Vulture has to go in round 7 and Wood Nymph and Furious Chicken followed it in rounds 8 and 9 respectively.
One more hit from Screeching Vulture to Grim Reaper would have made it difficult for me, but the win was always there for me.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, barring that threatening from Screeching Vulture, I think it was pretty much in my favor and both Haunted Spirit and theme monster of Grim Reaper were equally important to this battle.

Do you like the GRIM REAPER? Why or why not?

I use it almost in all the battles as it's one of the high attack monsters I have and it's affliction ability is also equally important for any battle which has healing monsters.

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That was another good battle even though it was a low Mana battle. I enjoyed it battling it out and bringing it to you thru this blog.
Hope you too enjoyed reading this and enjoyed the strategies and lineup I used :)

Have a good day buddies and good luck for Season End Rewards!!!

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

I also think that it is a good card even at level one but those abilities are insanely amazing hahaha.

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