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Hey All;

I had recently delegated my entire SplinterLand Cards deck. It's time to look at the earnings and see how things are working out.

Splinterlands Your Battle Challenge.png

Here is the post around the Delegation of the Entire SplinterLands Card Deck.

The delegated cards have the Collection Power of 252K+. Which means that a player with these cards has the potential to reach the DIAMOND III LEAGUE

MonsterMarket TeamShare Serivce Leveraged

From the given image you can clearly see that the player to whom the cards have been delegated too; its @sharkmonsters.


Whereas @ts-goblin is the account that is handling the payout and the service contract etc.. I'm receiving my DECs from this account which is doing all the SPLIT of DECs to 50/50% Ratio and managing the contract between both the parties.

Here is the snapshot of the DEcs that I've received so far. The cards delegation contract started on 21st November 2020.


So if you calculate I got close to 240+ DECs; which is in the In-game Currency. At the current trade price:: DEC to HIVE; if I trade these DECs to HIVE; I get close to 1.7 HIVE. This is not that bad as 1.7 HIVE is earned at the same time by the player to whom the cards are delegated.


So basically it's a WIN-WIN situation for both of us. I wasn't playing this card deck for a long time and was missing out on all the rewards. With the entire cards delegation, I'm at least getting something. This situation entirely fits this phrase of - something is better than nothing. And I'm with what I'm getting from the Splinterlands cards which were lying ideal in my account.

Targeting 1 HIVE Passive Income Daily - via Cards Delegation

I'm targeting a daily 1 HIVE passive income from the cards delegation. I think this can be easily achieved with the card deck that I've which has a collection power of 252k+.

After carefully looking at the earning, I see the DECs income is increasing each day. And this is because the player is able to enter the higher leagues. Hence if I'm able to get close to 150 DECs daily then it would be close to 1 HIVE earnings daily. Which would actually mean that my delegated cards are earning 2 HIVE; as the profit ratio is 50/50. So we both earn 1 HIVE each daily.

A final note to all the SplinterLands players who have their cards sitting ideal. If are arent playing the game Splinterlands for some/any reason then it's wise to delegate your entire deck. I found the monstermarket teamshare service to be very helpful as it lets you delegate your entire deck of cards.

Following simple steps; like delegating the entire set of cards to one account - you can get started pretty quick and start earning passive income from your Splinterlands cards sitting ideal.

Have Your Say...

Did you delegate your SplinterLands cards? How are your earnings looking like & which service did you leverage? let me know your views on the comment box below.

Best Regards

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With Cheap hive and strong DEC, 2 Hive per day is easy.
If you get lucky in DQ and season rewards, A big bonus.

I reduced my collection score below 250K and I really break in top 20, but at end of 3-4 days I just get out of top 30 and loss penalty is very heavy in game. (on top of it I have surrendered games too.)

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Yes, I agree 2 HIVE should be easily made. But since I've delegated the cards it all depends on the player playing. With these cards, I was easily able to get to the Diamond II league and the earning was also pretty impressive. You just shared a good strategy with me around the collection power and switching rankings. I'll try it out with my major SplinterLands account myself. Cheers

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@tipu curate

Seems a good idea if you have cards sitting around to rent them out, plus it helps a lot of new players try out cards they cannot buy yet.


I'm playing the cards. Thank you very much for delegating them! Today, I hit the Diamond III league. Now, I'd actually be in Diamond II if it weren't locked. At the end of the season, we'll get 40 reward chests. Hopefully there's at least a couple high-DEC items in that.

Next season, I wonder if it would make more sense to try to get high up on the Gold leaderboard instead of just hitting Diamond III. The cards are pretty strong for Gold, not as much for Diamond. If we got some packs on top of the season rewards, that would increase the profitability for you!