My financial goals 2021: Weekly Update - HIVE, LEO, CTP, SPORTS, SPT, Starbits

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Hello all friends....
Six days back I share a post about my financial goal 2021 in my response to My financial goals 2021 initiative proposed by @theycallmedan and organized and promoted by @aliento, @hispapro and @tripode.
I have set some goals for myself and for my daughters account. Goal setting is one part but to achieve them the tracking is very essential. So I have decided to review the progress weekly and post on same.

HIVE - Dolphin Dream

At present I am holding the 1288.69 Hive power in my account. Which means I still required the 3712 HP. We still have 49 weeks to achieve the same. 49 weeks means 75.75 Hives per week.


Lets check the last week earnings..

In last week earned 68.42 Hives from Author /rewards and 1.53 Hives from the Curation rewards. In total its approximately 70 Hives.

LEO - 1k LP


Last week I was holding 490 LP in my account. For me the first milestone is 1k LP by the end of the June 2021. In last week I was able to add 10 more LP and now accumulated total 500 LP. So completed 50% of the target. To complete the rest 50% I need 20.83 LP per week.

CTP - 50k CTP Power


I have posted the CTP progress from my kids account. Till now power up with 13837 CTP tokens. So 69% target achieved.

SPORTS - 1M Sports Power


Last week I was holding the 273k Sports Power. I am stacking all my earnings. At present the Sports Power has been increased by 27k, so at present holding 300.7K Sports Power (30% of final goal). With remaining 49 Weeks I have to powerup with 14285 Sports every week.

SPT - 200k SPT Power DEC

Last week I was holding the 88k SPT power in my account. In last week powerup with 6k SPT tokens to now holding 94k SPT Power (47% of final goal). With remaining 49 Weeks I have to powerup with 2163 SPT every week.

Starbits - 1M Startbits

@risingstargame is the game I like the most after the splinterlands. I am at level 84 and unlocked the County Tour recently. My target is to accumulate the 1M Startbits, for this year I have target for 500k for this year. At present 78k Starbits. With remaining 49 Weeks I have to powerup with 8612 Startbits every week.

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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