Best Investment On Splinterlands?

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Hi Hive Friends,

Been away from the blogging space for some time but decided to jot a few things so it gets posted on the blockchain for a nice record. Token wise Leo by far was the best investment (another day for my story) but today I was checking Splinterlands and my jaws dropped on a card I was contemplating to buy for some time but did anyway for the sake of it. In case you are wondering which card I'm talking about, it's the Yodin Zaku from the Untamed edition.

A fan of gold foil cards for better DEC return and the long run of the game, I was hesitant buying a non gold foiled card but you know what, it was expensive but I had to get it as it is one powerful card. Got it for around $12 if I remembered correctly all paid by DEC which is why my DEC balance is on the lower side, cannot keep myself away from getting more cards. When I checked today on the market to see what other cards can be purchased, I noticed Zaku is now $30. I had to give a double take, yes $30 (take away the $22 on the market with a 5 day cooldown). So my purchase is now over 2x what I paid. Unbelievable.

This is not the only card I have purchased in the past with great returns. On the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands has definitely given me the highest return for my investment considering I didn't spend too much money in the game initially. The only thing I am trading for now is time which I don't have hence why I can only play every 2 days or so.



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Zaku is by far my favorite summoner! I’m trying to get mine to level 2 but that’s an expensive endeavor. Will be worth it though when they stop printing.

These cards are moving up...

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