Investing in legendary cards on Splinterlands

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Hi Hive Friends,

For the past year, I have been investing mainly gold cards on Splinterlands due to the fact they give you a higher percentage of DEC when you win a game. Not only that, the prices of gold cards have been on the increase from past history and the rarity of it makes it attractive. The aim is to maximise the rewards for each battle in the long run so buying gold cards have been the aim since.

Since the new point system require for each league was introduced on Splinterlands, buying gold cards is still on the table but my eyes are also set on legendary cards in particular the summoners. I don't like buying packs as they don't give me a good return with 99% of the case I make a loss so I rather pick and chose what to buy with the money I have. Since my purchase on Zaku which has now jumped in price since I bought mine, the next card I chose to get was Lir Deepswimmer.

The reason I bought this card is I know how powerful Zaku is on the battlefield and Lir Deepswimmer is the one to counter its abilities. No brainer for me. Still at the affordable price of around $5.50 when I purchased it, I didn't buy 1 but bought 2. My thoughts is this one will be the next one that will be snapped up. I also chose another legendary summoner is because I can use high level cards to play each battle rather upgrading the normal summoners which I may end up spending a fortune. Who knows, this one may be the new Zaku and people will be trying to get their hands on and the prices will sky rocket overnight.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Gold is Gold man! No one can deny that. I hope you get more gold cards soon! Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents like this one.