Splinterland partnership with BRAVE & DEC prices on the rise!

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Hi Hive Friends,

What an epic announcement made by the Splinterlands team. The Brave browser I have heard and started using for some time and I'm pumped to see potential new users joining the game. This will bring new faces to the game AND Hive which will benefit everyone on the blockchain. The BAT tokens are earned through clicking adds on the browser (if you enable that function) and that in turn can be redeemed for Splinterland items. I did try what we can use it on but I think they haven't implemented this as the announcement was only made around 12 hours ago.

I have been on discord and can see a whole heap of new players joining and asking about the game. These new heads will definitely be a win for the game. I can so see our cards be in hot demand and can see the prices for DEC have shot up since the announcement. It is a price we haven't seen for a very very long time. I can now sit back and potentially see the cards I own go up in price. My bet on the game could finally pay off. I am so pumped it is not funny! A combination of high demand for DEC and cards for new players to play, this could be a double win for those who have high volume of both things. Lets see how it will play out the next week and hopefully we can get a better indication on where things go with the new partnerhsip.


source: from Splinterlands original post & hive-engine


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