Trying my luck with Splinterlands potions


Hi Steemit Friends

It has been some time ago I've used potions on my reward cards so I thought I will try since it is the weekend soon. I went to buy 8 potions for both gold and legendary cards. Just under $1 on potions I was hoping to open something nice or at least equal to what I have spent, its like a small gamble or bet. Buying 8 potions was actually more than enough and had left over which I could use for the next opening.

Here are the cards. I was lucky to get 1 gold card but it was one of Ettin Spearman. A bit disappointed on the card received but at least I didn't lose too much on pay for the potions. I won't give up on potions as I have read many stories of some success stories, it is a small investment to pay for a big return.

potion gold.png

potion gold1.png


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