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RE: Creating and Powering up a dedicated Splinterlands .SPT Account

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Apart from that it is a really cool idea it is also a lot of work keeping those keys from not tangled into each other dude ;) All those accounts!

You have mentioned it before the SPT token and it is really a good reminder to use it when posting about something splinterlandishy


It's manageable with, though I wish there was a way to duplicate all the settings. It took me around 20 mins to set it all up, but there is the overhead of logging into all the hive.engine accounts, to claim the rewards.

It might be a project I could work on to automate, my field of work is automation.

that doesnt seem like a big hassle at all then, I would have expect more stuff..

And with keychain sigining in and out to the hive engine is also not really that bad..

hmmmmkay. food for thought!