The Charlok Minotaur Card

The first new CARD that I got this month! It is good to use if you have a backup healer card. I am no longer very active in Splinterlands because we do not have internet, which is almost two months. However, thanks to the Government’s Free-Wifi even a little slow. The advantage of not having the internet is, my kids are making a way to play other games. It helps to make their imagination work. The disadvantage is, my wife and I have a hard time keeping up with the Trading and Crypto games.

By the way, this Card has 10 lives and 3 attacks and 1 speed, and in the second level it will only add another speed and in the third level it will add an attack so it will be 4 attacks but it will be reduced by a life that will be only 9 from 10. But its attack is scary! Because this card attack does not miss even if your card still has a special ability and it does not matter!

The other Cards I got are common and I already have them all. Thanks to Dark Energy Crystal. But until now, I do not understand the use of these potions! I just want to collect different cards and collect Dark Energy Crystal. And if I want to sell the Dark Crystal, I will.

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