Lucky - Double Splinterlands Airdrop 🔥🔥🔥

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I completely forgot to check out if I won any cards in the last 2 Splinterlands "Untamed" Airdrops and god damn I was super lucky!

I have only 82 packs eligible for these airdrops and my chances of getting free cards were really slim but it somehow worked out and won in both! Hell yeah!

Here is what I got

Χωρίς τίτλο.png

3x Gorlodon

  • Rarity : Epic
  • Circulation : 5,781
  • Can be sold for : $0.67 each


2x Lobstradamus

  • Rarity : Epic
  • Circulation : 7,171
  • Can be sold for : $0.85 each


Awesome right?

I am definitely gonna hodl these cards and use them in my future Water and Death Splinter battles. Both of 'em seem really usefull for high Mana-Cap battles and they are gonna be a great asset in my collection.

Did you get your Untamed Airdrop?

Everyone who bought at least 1 "Untamed" pack is eligible for it so I suggest you go check it out! I think the next is gonna be the last Airdrop so you might as well buy some packs and try your luck! You never know what's gonna happen!


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Oh woww! I didn't know you could get the previous airdrop if you missed claiming it and the next airdrop has already been revealed. I thought one would only get the latest airdrop. :)

Nice to know this.

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I didn't know about it too and just found out today! So, did you get any of them airdrop cards?

Damn lucky but I guess I only have 13 so far enough!

Didn't get that man hahaha! You won in all 13 airdrops?

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Lol just 13 decks!