DEC is on Uniswap! - Uniswap Craze at its peak

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I am not a tech-minded person. I took almost six to seven months to understand Steem and Hive blockchain working. What are the keys and how can we use it? A few months ago, I started using Hive-engine and came to know how to trade different tokens and how to stake them. When I was learning all these things slowly, suddenly the Uniswap craze started. As I mostly use Binance for coin trading and I only convert my coin into Bitcoin if I need and never use Eterium token. After seeing this Uniswap Craze I read a little bit and also activated my Eteitium address on the Brave browser extension. But I have never tried to convert my token into Eth as there are many dangerous cautions like Eth different version, if you do this then you might lose coin etc.


Recently Leo token has made a move to Uniswap with wleo. I also heard that Whive has also been listed on Uniswap and is also running whive-ETH pool and now splinterland has also started Uniswap venture. I am much interested to join these pool clubs but when I see the technical complications involved in this process I contain myself. I think I should wait for six months more to understand all this or should wait for some one-click interface to be developed to join the liquidity pool. Hope some developers should work on it.


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