Playing with Kelp Initiate : My Splinterlands Social Story

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What's up Splinterland Lovers!

I hope you all enjoying Splinterlands!

This is your splinter fellow warrior mango-juice with another Splinterlands Social challenge post!!

Voting has just ended in you state

With God's grace, I am much better now and it seems soon I will recover from my leg injury. On the other hand, the fun is going full time with splinterlands, posting blogs and surf the crypto world.

Talking about brawls, now that have upgraded our guild arena to level 2, tougher opponents will occur against us and it's really an important decision to make all the fray places be filled with worthy players, who can perform the best in guild war battles. For me, i barely have a complete collection so I decided myself to opt out from this and rather enjoy it from the pavilion.

Talking about today's social post, I took some time and was in thought of which monster I should talk about today. Then I called up a not so old addition, the KELP INITIATE to my max level collection recently, so without having a second thought, let the KELP INITIATE secure his place in my weekly curation post!

KELP INITIATE is super usable in low and medium mana water matches especially when you want to protect your front with a big health carrier with healing ability. Costing only 2 mana, this new reward monster has 0 attack with Cleanse and Triage ability which helps him to heal up the back-line wounded monsters also also keeping all negative energy away from the front defense. So, If you really want a defensive tank that can slow down the enemy monsters easily and also helps other monsters with heal and cleanse, KELP INITIATE can be your true companion!

I love playing ranked matches with different types of reward monsters and by now I have a decent collection of both old and new reward cards. Moreover, you can easily buy reward monsters of any splinter from the market as they tends to be cheaper than beta or untamed editions. Now that I have almost all the untamed and reward water cards and also some alpha/beta edition as well, whenever I see an opportunity for little monsters, I always select KELP INITIATE over any other low mana card nowadays when choosing the water splinter since I bought him.

However, Costing only 2 mana, this monster has shown great potential on the battlefield, especially in the low mana matches. So today, I chose the KELP INITIATE to showcase in front of all of you splinter lovers.

Ok so, before moving on, let us see what is being written in the book of Splinterlore for her.


There is a hidden cave borne into the wall of the abyss that holds the Dark Water in ΛZMΛRÉ. Inside this cave, there is a rarely-seen steam vent, but not an ordinary steam vent. Rather than hot air, the cracks in the rocks vent a shimmering and magical light that radiates from deep within the guts of the Planet. As the light gathered in the otherwise dark underwater cavern, the piles of kelp growing there were strangely affected. They came to life and formed into Kelp Initiates that quickly found their way out of the cave. They floated to the Mertropolis not as invaders or aggressors, but as healers and guides, bringing tidings from another world that exists far below this one. Their tidings are still murky, as the Kelp Creatures are only just figuring out how to vocalize the sounds of the Splinterlands common tongue. Still, they have already proven effective supporters in battle when summoned by a skilled Water Summoner.



  • For this reward edition card, Right now there are currently 4 max KELP INITIATE available at the market at 14.09$, 0.12$ per bcx and will cost you a total of 14,386.484 DEC.
  • Some high level cards are there at good price.
  • The single ones are available starting at 0.10$ and will cost you 102.082 DEC as per the current rate.


What KELP INITIATE is actually capable of?


Let's have a look into his stats and find out!

  • Level 1 - In its initial level, it carries 0 attack with 5 health and 5 speed. It brings no ability at the initial level with it.
  • Level 3 - At level 3, it carries 0 attack at 5 speed and 5 health. It gets Cleanse ability at level 5.
  • Level 6 - At the 6th level, It possesses 0 attack with 8 health at 6 speed. It also gets Triage ability at level 7.
  • Level 8 - At the maximum level, It possesses 0 attack with 9 health at 6 speed.

So, what do you think guys? Is it a fantastic choice to defend rangers and magic throwers or just a common reward monster? Let's now see about his ability.



Removes all negative energy from the first monster in line.



Monsters with Triage ability will heal any back-line monster with wounded health.

Match line up



Ruleset Of Battle



  • Mana count This match holds a large 36 mana cap!

  • Summoners This battle supports Water, Earth, Life and Dragon summoners.

  • Ruleset So, It was a double ruleset as below...
    • Earthquakke All non flying monsters will lose heath every round.
    • Even Stevens Only monsters with even mana count can be used.

Well, It's a large mana match this time and I am thinking to go for the water summoner Alric Storm bringer. Because it's a Earthquake and Even rule set match, this rule set is favoring monsters with flying ability. Though it a high mana match, I can definitely use the Kelp this time to form a decent front defense to cope with things up!





I chose SEA MONSTER in the first place because of its high health with Healing and Thorns ability. I have a level 10 and it has 5 melee attack at 3 speed and 12 health.



I chose KELP INITIATE in the second place because of its 2 mana cost and triage and cleanse ability. I have a level 8 and it has 0 attack at 6 speed and 9 health.



I chose the ICE PIXIE in the third place because of its 2 mana cost and decent magic attack with flying and shatter ability. I have a level 8 and it has 2 magic attack at 5 speed, 2 armour and 3 health. This is Mainly to give our small enemies a little bit of early attack.



I chose the SEA GENIE in the fourth place because of its high magic attack with flying and strengthen ability. I have a level 8 and it has 3 magic attack at 3 speed and 5 health. This is Mainly to give our sea monster a bit of extra support heath.



I chose TOWER GRIFFIN in the fifth place because of its 4 mana cost, 2 range attack with protect and flying ability. I have a level 8 and it has 2 range attack at 4 speed and 6 health.



I chose PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS in the sixth place because of its 10 mana cost, 4 magic attack with flying, dodge, demoralize and headwinds ability. I have a level4 and it has 4 magic attack at 6 speed and 7 health.

Battle Result




Let us now take a leap of faith straight into the gameplay.

Well, it was an awesome and unpredictable high mana mana match and friends, the match was full of
medium and large mana monsters as my opponent used a high level Life summoner Chensus the Great against me! My opponent was having some maxx level life and neutral cards and his line up was just great! Let's look down to the match!



You can directly view the battle. Just click the hyperlink below.

Battle Link

First, let us follow the opponent's line-up...

  • My opponent @kitkatkatie used Life untamed summoner Chensus the Great against me.
  • At the front position, he used the Kralus Level 3. He definitely chose a lovely new tank beast as tanker due to the high mana ruleset to his front and I just hope I get able to kill this melee+magic attacking beast with my warriors.
  • At the second position, he puts the Luminous Eagle lev 8.
  • At the third he used Herbalist lev 10.
  • At the fourth position, he puts Parasitic Growth level 9.
  • At the fifth position, he puts Elven Mystic level 8.
  • At the sixth position, he puts Chicken level 4.

As you can see from the battle, the opponent's line up was mostly focused to attack on my first position. while at the front, the Kralus was defending with Flying, heal, strengthen and Immune ability, followed by the luminous eagle to get an extra hit from reach position. The chicken was protecting the back and the herbalist was helping with cleanse and triage ability.

At this case, I have chosen a good front defense because the Sea Monster really stood up for quite some time while my other monsters were attacking and killing the enemies. I did a good move by choosing the magic horde Abyss, ice pixie and sea ginie growth, together they have dealt a great damage upon my enemies.

My opponent @kitkatkatie really played great! I face her often on the battlefield and her line ups are great as always! If you are reading this, please give him a shout out. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Please let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Last but not least, I really wanna say thanks to the entire @splinterlands team for their fantastic and tireless effort on this game. You guys really rock!!

Haven't joined this awesome game yet?? now is the time dude! Follow the link below and get yourself in the amazing world of Splinterlands.

Click here to join!

All the images in this post are screenshots taken from the site below:

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#POSH - You can check my Twitter handle at the comment section of this post.


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I bought like 200 of them when they were at 0.06. it is a really good card indeed

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I bought| em mostly at 0.9$ each at made a maax before they go beyond that😅

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Great info!
I really love learning about how 'no attack' monsters are useful.
Sometimes I overlook them, even when they can get some pretty great buffs at higher levels.

P.S. I'm so glad you're healing! And thank you for keeping up with SL curation. Love having you on the team! 🥰-carrieallen

thank you for the awesome support carrie :) And yes no attacks are really great sometimes to use :)

Posted via | The City of Neoxian