We Won the First BRAWL !! Splinterlands GUILD WAR UPDATE!

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Today we made history!

It was the first official brawl of Splinterlands and WE WON IT!

Good morning Splinterlands lovers. As we all know that today was the first guild brawl match of Splinterlands and the excitement had gone to sky among us splinter players. It was obvious that a hype would form around this brand new Brawl update from Splinterlands and after a long wait, finally we can enjoy the guild wars together with our guild members.

For me, over years I am playing for Neoxian Guild, the amazingly amazing Guild owned by Mr. @Neoxian and we all are very proud to be a part of this clan. Together we build the guild update with Decs and still enjoying the perks from that as a max level guild already. But when the brawl update got announced in the official Splinterlands page, we kind of got over excited as it was the first time that we, all old splinter friends will play together this time, saving each others back like a pack and fight to the glory as team.

I'll skip the basics of brawl or how it works part in here and rather focus on my experience. If you want a tutorial post on brawl, please let me know in the comments below.

So, during the preparation stage, first we noticed that total 10 guilds participated in the first guild war aka brawl and as we are Arena level 1 now, we got 13 frays (13 places, a player can choose only one place) in the match. Out of the 13 frays, there were several types of matches based on tier level (novice, bronze and silver), untamed or all cards and only gold ones too as showed below.

All 13 matches breakdown:

novice = 3 matches-> all cards 2, untamed 1
bronze = 3 matches-> untamed 2, all cards 1
silver = 2 matches-> untamed 1, all cards 1
novice gold = 3 matches-> 1 all cards, 2 untamed
bronze gold = 2 matches-> 1 all cards, 1 untamed




So, as you saw above, among all the frays, i chose the silver all cards fray as I thought I can perform best in this fray. Anyways, you can also leave a fray after joining but until the battle day starts!

As the battle day starts, I saw that I actually have to play a total of 9 matches (and not 1) as provided by that fray. Others also got 9 battles and some 4 battles and the total battle of your guild was 86! For every battle, a win scores 3 points, a lose 0 points and a draw 1 point. After the battle day completes, the leader board will be filled in with respect to the scores collected by all the participated guilds. Now for those who don't know, below is the reward structure of brawl!


During the second day of the long fight, we were all exciting after submitting our battles and were refreshing the page every 2 minutes to see if a brawl fight happened with our guild. Over time goes, we gladly won one after one battle and took the stairs to leader board. We also have lose some matches overall, for me, out of 9 matches, I lose 1 and rest I have won. After the battle day ended, we saw that we are rocking in the first position with a whooping 212 points. Team possible, another awesome guild had secured the second place with total 208 points and so on. you can see the full leader board below.



In the last moments, we were in a fight with team posible for that first place and was only 1 win and 1 draw behind and glad fully our brave teammates made it without breaking a sweat!



We felt like 1000 firecrackers blasting in the sky and literally danced in our places! It wa sthe first brawl ever and we are the first winner! That's some great honor to be achieved and can never be forgotten. I would like to thanks from my heart to all my team members who played in the brawl @NEOXIAN, @PLANOSDEUNACASA, @SHOEMANCHU, @SAYEE, @XAWI, @XABI, @BURLARJ, @AKOMOAJONG, @JAKEW @RARERAPTOR, @CODEBULL, @REAZULIQBAL, @IFEOLUWA88, @SONNIWINS, @TS-YODIN, @ZAWARRIOR. You guys rock!

SO that was it guys! I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Have you played the brawl? Please let me your feelings toward this new awesome update in the comments below. Until then, keep fighting with your best!

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Congrats, it's not easy loosing only one battle on fray 7. I played the same fray as you and lost 3 matches. At last some collaboration in the game, our guild discord server finally served a purpose!

We held 1st place for a while but in the end we got knocked down to 5th place.

we will do better friend, no worries!

Ya know? If I were a betting girl I would have put money on Neoxian Guild for the win. You guys are AWESOME!!!


P.S. Thank you so much for continuing to help with curation! You rock!

thank you carrie! Youare #awesome!!!