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Splinterlands is a blockchain-based virtual card game in which you can invest and make money.

You can create an account for free on the website: Splinterlands - Sign up here, or use your HIVE account, but to start making money you will need to invest 10 dollars by buying a Spellbook, which will free up the monetary functions of the game.


There are many ways to invest and earn money and the most obvious is to play ranked battles, as each win you receive a prize in DEC.

DEC: Dark Energy Cristal, is the game token that can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and has already been worth more than 1 dollar at a certain time.

The game offers daily quests that, when completed, also provide gains on Cards, DECs, Booster Packs, and Potions.

There is a market for buying, selling, and renting cards, where you can make trades.


For a long time, the cards have appreciated a lot, and one of the simplest ways to profit was to buy packs in the shop on the site, or separate cards in the market, and then resell them at a higher price.

At the moment both DEC and Cards are at an all-time low. But it is not a serious crisis, this is due to a large investor who decided for personal reasons to leave the game and is selling his entire huge collection of cards at attractive prices.

We must know that it is impossible to predict the future and that prices may fall further, the investor should be responsible for their decisions, but in my opinion, this is an excellent time to invest by buying DEC and cheap Cards.


So if you already have the Spellbook and are playing, here is a valuable tip that can leverage your winnings without you having to invest anything: The Giveaways.

Several users make weekly interesting contests and sweepstakes offering DECs, card rentals, and cards, all for free.

Currently, I have a large collection of cards, but when I started, more than 2 years ago, I had nothing and participating in these contests helped me a lot in the beginning, there were more than 200 cards that I won participating in hundreds of drawings like these.


To stay on top of the best sweepstakes follow this account: @splinterzine, and from now take a look at the first post with a list of the best giveaways posts on HIVE blogs, selected especially for you: Invest in Splinterlands - The Best Giveaways

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's a nice post which can be a pretty guideline for newbies.
You're doing great in advertising splinterlands.

Thanks a lot

Really nice little breakdown.
You're correct, every investor much be responsible for themselves. #notfinancialadvice 😎
It's nice to have a little chart and understanding of why things move... especially a little inside on why things drop (or pump).
I also enjoy the peer to peer market that acts like a teeny tiny stock market... so I can learn how things work.
So many fun ways to interact with Splinterlands!

Yeah! I like to play but follow the market and this investment aspect for me is one of the most interesting, I am studying economy. Thanks @carrieallen