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DeFi refers to new ways to use the blockchain, an adaptation to the use of the stake's pool, fostering ecosystem of cryptography / token's networks that offer blockchain and dapps protocol packages to the market, facilitating the development and use by those who have not appropriated this change and bringing benefits to the developers and validators of these networks.

In short: Help us with liquidity, we give you rewards.

Liquidity is a determining factor for the market.

On the one hand, it is expected from the basic premise of decentralization and decentralized organizations. Eventually the exchange of crypto assets that represent some commercial value, would take this proportion, if the technology as a whole, maintains its potential development.

On the other hand, it's just a term that makes the market speculate. It is still early, there is no regulation, there will be default, there will be many DeFi that will not deliver what was promised. Remembering the era of ICO's.

Many people who are Bitcoin enthusiasts, believe in bitcoin, as it is extremely decentralized and serves as commercial value. Its technology was the starting point for structural change in the internet itself, in the use and transmission of data.

After Ethereum and the Altcoins, this path of decentralized commercial organizations became even more inevitable. There are several different features, and the exchanges themselves in general, was already a DeFi(in relation to traditional banks), even if centralized.

We now have many altcoins, and many blockchains with working dapps, for different purposes. But there is still a difficulty in introducing large-scale use of cryptos.

Of course, we can go much further. Like the basic premises of Bitcoin, even in blockchains like Steem and Hive. It has a lot of good promise, a lot of good protocol, with really disruptive architectures. First, of course, the big players who are venturing into this market, focusing on the financial world. There is a long way to go to small fish, like me.

And DeFi is just a term that represents a small part of the technological potential of decentralizing consensus by algorithms. To have application in the real world, there is still a large gap.

At least, this increase was able to recover much of the general drop in crypto over the past year.

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Matheus Guimarães


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One of the things that I can differentiate with the 2017 ICO era, is that today the crypt market can be said to be more "mature". The DeFis undoubtedly gave a big boost to the market and thanks also to the Stablecoins we can have a certain security due to the fluctuations of the BTC.

It is really too early to highlight and define some final result in relation to what DeFi can mean for cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems, but I hope it will be a time of revolution in finance.

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Sim, também acho o momento agora mais maduro. Mas algumas coisas persistem como aconteceu com o Sushi token, onde o principal desenvolvedor roubou o fundo e sumiu. Depois pediu desculpa e tudo, mas o estrago foi grande. Acho que acontece, faz parte. Torço também para que com tempo cada vez mais se estruture e cresça o ecossistema dos criptoativos, como estamos vendo acontecer, acompanhando ao vivo! :)

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