Hive Games #1 - Splinterlands

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One of the great potentials of network activity, optimizing transactions and adding value to the network, is gamification.

Gamification of blockchains uses non-fungible tokens(NFT). Which are unique tokens, with unique numeric reference inscribed on the blockchain. So we know for example how many cards there are in a given game, and according to supply and demand, the price of the card will be established.

A quick pass through some of the Hive blockchain games:



One of the main native games in the entire blockchain universe, recently leaving Steem and integrated with Hive, is the card game Splinterlands.

It's a interesting card game, with fighting opponents in quick matches.

It has its own economy of several tokens such as DEC. DEC is a token that is won by playing and winning matches. In addition to pricing cards, DEC are also used to buy and sell cards, and in-game items. And also from other games on HIVE.

Integration with different portfolios is possible, Hive being mandatory, integration possible with tron, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, steem, eos, wax, ethereum...

Each card is a non-fungible, unique token, with a determined amount at launch. Divided by cards according to the amount in common, rare, epic and legendary. With a lore built with the community itself.

It is a constantly updated game, which has a loyal community. As its own social network, with token SPT which also participates in the Splinterlands economy. Is a prototype of a completely tokenized game.

The negative point is that to be competitive you have to invest some money. But to play and win tokens and promotional letters is very interesting, and for that you don't need to invest a lot.

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Today Splinterlands is practically the game that I am most active and with the biggest investment in Hive blockchain. With recent updates and possible changes coming soon, we’ll have more reason to have fun.

The SPT token was a good thing to have come to Hive and I hope that in the future the token will be more useful for the game as was approached by the Splinterlands team.

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Concordo. Acho que Splinterlands é realmente o maior e mais desenvolvido empreendimento da Hive, e talvez o melhor jogo que utiliza blockchain. Também espero mais utilizado para o SPT token, maior integraçao com o jogo em si. Talvez uma dex, quem sabe? Ou quem sabe a Leo engloba tudo na dex deles? Aguardando.....

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