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RE: Steem-Engine is Back! You Can Recover Your DEC & Other Tokens | Quick Tutorial

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Website link changed. I haven't been on steemit a lot lately, their token is worth more than Hive but the community on Hive supports average users like me. Steemit front page is filled with bot posts making $100s but appears worthless. I hope in the future Hive will surpass Steem. Apologies to going off a tangent.


Steemit had a large brand name and They rank well in search engines and have better Alexa rank than Hive front ends. There's the Tron shills to pump the price. I think they'll manage their price and might even have 1 good pump before they get more obsolete.

Apologies to going off a tangent.

That's cool. It's still relevant to the topic.

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