ETH/DEC is going up - Community like the new reward?

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When I first read about the new REWARD-SYSTEM for ETH/DEC I was sceptic. I have a pool together with @scrooger and my closest neighboor and I was thinking
"Is it time to withdraw when we dont get more lands and tickets - OR should we stay"
We stayed.

Maybe - the community like the new rewardsystem because today it has been more ADDS then WITHDRAWS.

In the last 24 hours it has been:
ONE withdraw at 1700 USD. Only one...
At the same time
THREE Adds at totaly 450 USD.

So - one leaving - three is comiing (or add more). It is maybe to earlie to decide to make an analyze of it but if people did not like the new rules I think it has been a lot more withdraws

Every day they will distribute DEC (I think it was 220 000 Dec/day) to all LP. Proportionality to the % the got of the pool. We have about 0,65 % so it will give us about 1400 DEC/day. They will start distrubute them in 7 days so I will be back when we got our first bunch and make a calculation about the ROI and tell you more about it.

So why I did not like it from the beginning?
This reward is a new pool of DEC that is distrubuted. So it will increase the inflation of DEC. I usually dont like when inflation is used to make reward. BUT at the other hand - this Uniswap pool will make a kind of "staking". Keep them there - away from the market - and get money for it. And if you have them there in at least 100 days you get more in bonus. That part I like more.

Minimining - The DEC hunter.