SPLINTERCARDS, the best website found, Rich info in cards, SPS and more


I got my wavesmith in GOLD, finally

Following my post yesterday, I actually stuck at some points like: ++How many supply & circulating will be for the new Rewards GOLD cards++; ++Value comparing the previous Rewards cards++; ++Burning rate++ etc. And then I found a solution.


From the index, it displays the information I really need and browse everyday:
DEC value, SPS value, staked SPS and APR, Marketcap, volume, and even the date of seasonend

I am really feeling thankful for @tehox who created suck amazing website, full & rich info for the cards.
One page design for:

1. Burn value
2. Detailed combat info
3. Market info
4. Supply info
5. Price history chart

An example is like:



Another important piece of info I need it's the SPS staking return and SPLINTERCARDS is also offering amazing info. As you can see, If I'm having 10,000 SPS now and the expected return in APR n APY(!!!!) are ++99.7% & 170.8%++. That's a insanely high return I would say during my life. (but that's very common in the crypto market) It also prospecting the future staking return given that the staked SPS are growing.



For the last 30 days in my experiences, the APR is coming down from 180% to 98.7% today. So from the calculator, the level of 250m staked is achievable which makes the return APR down to 36.5%. But my expectation is the APR will stop at around 70.2%, which comply with the return in Pancakeswap.


Once again, @tehox is really doing amazing works to make @splinterlands better and better. ++The 50% rewards from this post will benefit to @tehox for the contribution.++


Be HIVE, play SPLINTERLANDS, post for SPT!

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