Are the New Splinterlands Leaderboards Worth It?

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I wanted to check the total rewards I got for this just-closed season of Splinterlands and compare it to the season prior.

In this most recent season, I stuck to the Diamond I leaderboard and placed for 10 packs. The season prior I had made my usual run up to Champion I, but did not place for packs.

Which is more important? Quest/season rewards or packs?

Watch and find out :)

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I'm anecdotal, across the board. The hippy stoner to your mathlete.
It kinda feels like I'm making more DEC for each win, but wins are kinda harder to get. I understood the rationale behind CP, and I can't see it as any less than a roaring success; but I don't have any figures to back that up :)

Yeah, competition is definitely tougher. Seems to be working out so far though.

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That's fantastic news and hopefully puts many players at ease after experiencing this new system themselves for the first time.



because of the weird bug last season i was dropped in gold leaderboard but i started playing my battles in silver. so i can't say nothing.
In this new system if you get on some good leaderboard places you can do better than before just because of the packs. now will day quest rewards playing the whole season in silver and maybe getting few packs be better than old system where you played half in gold and few days in diamond i am not sure.
i think i plan to stay in silver this season and get nothing from daily quests to maybe get something form packs.
as it stands now 2540 vs 5848, so half less in the new system (i did get 2 random packs so maybe it is a bit less of the gap)

Yeah, if you are getting packs in the lower league, it's almost definitely worth staying in the lower league. If it's not a sure thing, might be better to push higher.

Congrats on the earnings. Seems like its the luck of the draw with rewards. The packs are the bomb!

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There is definitely a big random element to it.

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