Monster Maverick Show Countdown 2020-09-01

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The Monster Maverick Show will be live at 4 PM Eastern US time. Use the countdown to help figure out whatever that means to you.

Join the live discord audience at showtime:

Today we're going to be talking about Collection Power, the Lands Expansion, and more.


Could you clarify the total supply of DEC? I have seen numbers on HIVE Engine of about 500mio DEC others say its 1 Trillion or even 5 Trillion DEC. What is the HIVE Enigne Number representing?
Is all the DEC hold within Cards included in that figure?
Why did Aggroed said in his last AMA that 20K DICE sold equals 10% burnt DEC from total supply???
Does that means we don't have enough free floating DEC to purchase all 300K DICE.
The more I looked into it the more I got confused by all these numbers.
I would be happy if you pick up that issue.
Thanks for your Help!

Yeah, we will be going over all that on the show.