Monster Maverick Show Replay 2020-09-15

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Today we covered a wide range of topics including the new Collection Power update, to the lands expansion, AZMARE dice, DEC burning, new developments in login methods, user growth, the future of the DEC market, and more.

As a reminder, if you have idle cards that you want to put into play, contact us about dec404 at

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cool perfect timing

There is now show like this show.



I keep meaning to take part in one of these shows live and I even set a reminder for myself yesterday, but then as always some issues came up and I got distracted and didn't make it :-(

I did listen though, and I wanted to share some comments/info about DEC. DEC inflation currently comes from three sources:

  1. Ranked battle rewards - ~850k / day
  2. Loot chest rewards - ~600k / day (since collection power phase 2 release)
  3. Burning cards - unpredictable but reducing as new reward cards replace old ones that had a higher burn rate

You only mentioned the ranked battle rewards piece so I wanted to make sure you were aware of the full picture. Additionally, the Hive Engine numbers are accurate for DEC in circulation, but not really for total amount produced or amount burned.

This is because the Splinterlands system updates the HE supply roughly every 30 minutes and it only accounts for the net change in supply over that time period. As an example, if in 30 minutes 100k DEC are created and 70k DEC are burned, then the system will mint 30k new DEC on Hive Engine. Similarly if 100k DEC are created and 130k DEC are burned in the 30 minute period, then 30k DEC will be burned on Hive Engine.

If you want to get more detailed info on that, you can get it from the Splinterlands APIs here:$DEC_REWARDS,$INFLATION,$BURNED_CARDS,$SHOP

It's set up like a simple double-entry accounting system, so you should be pretty familiar with it, and those are system accounts that handle DEC inflation and spend. the $SHOP account balance is the total amount ever spent in a method that gets burned (i.e. not paid to us for booster packs) and $DEC_REWARDS is for loot chest rewards, $INFLATION is for ranked battle rewards, and $BURNED_CARDS should be pretty obvious.

If you sum up the balances of those accounts, you should get something pretty similar to the circulating supply shown on HE (give or take a little since HE is only updated every 30 mins).

Anyway, hope that helps, and appreciate the support as always!

Yes, definitely drop by!

I had been wondering if loot chest DEC were separate from battle DEC or not.

You bought Mene?? Fantastic! I would love a photo or two with some splinterlands branding :)

I love the Monster Maverick show!!


Thank you for another awesome show! ~@clove71