Monster Maverick Show Replay 2020-10-06

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Another great episode of the Monster Maverick Show. We covered the lastest changes to the game (which dropped right before showtime) as well as the major ecosystem update: DEC on Uniswap. One of our illustrious founders, yabapmatt even dropped by for a bit.


  • We always need more card owners in the dec404 system. Delegate cards, someone else plays, split the revenue automatically.
  • Remember to cast your vote in the Trump/Biden game

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Remember, if you are thinking about burning cards, send them to @dec101 instead for a 1% bonus instead.

Links from the show:

Images dropped in chat:

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Another great Monster Maverick show!!~@clove71

good show, thanks

Wow, already the next Monster Maverick episode? The last one is still trending on Splintertalk. 🙂