Monster Maverick Show Replay 2021-01-12


As always, we covered a lot of ground in the show today. We talked about the newest Untamed airdrop due to be hitting in a day or two, the new rental system from Peakmonsters, possible tournament updates, some of @isaria's new music for the game, the OCC's announcement for banks and crypto, and more.

Also, special announcement about my new show that will be Mondays at 3pm Eastern: Tax Sherpa Stories.

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what is upwhat is up
it is january 12th a tuesday
4 p.m eastern and it's time for the
monster maverick show
so uh yeah we got matt clark in the
audience who's amazingly awake
because it's he's on australia time
which is like
i don't know five in the morning four in
the morning two in the morning i know
it's a big country
but uh it's one of those uh
yeah so it has been another week it's
been an eventful week as
always so we have a bunch of stuff to
talk about
usual housekeeping stuff of 7 30 am
that's not bad
7 30 uh is not it's not i'm usually up
you know five or six in the morning so
what happens after you have kids
you're just awake all the time so
uh oh my clark's been up for an hour or
so okay welcome to the early morning
crew we got crim we got kazrak we got
matt clark
rondon producer extraordinaire uh and
you know more people tend to filter in
throughout the hour
so if anybody is watching the live
stream which
i generally recommend that you do
because i go through a lot of
stuff on my browser and i will clip and
drop things in the chat
but uh you know it's not quite as
smooth i guess as as watching the stream
but if you're watching that you'll
notice i'm a little bit see-through
because i'm wearing a green shirt and
you know i've got the green shirt i've
got the green screen behind me
so obs is not doing a great job of
telling the difference
you know when i wear whenever the green
shirt on
you know same you know i do the virtual
background thing on zoom with my green
it can pick up the difference without
any problems so i don't know
obs is deal i guess the lighting is a
little bit more sensitive or
less sensitive whatever the case may be
so yeah that's that's fun little
little things to let's watch ninja mode
that's right
you can't see me coming i'll get you uh
but you know usual
usual intro stuff uh you know we've got
we got a few
people coming into deck 404 deck 404
is the uh the account splitting service
that we have with
with gerber myself and gerber it's part
of the deck 101
umbrella where deck 101 you send in your
cards usually rewards cards
get a little bit better better than burn
rates uh in terms of dark energy
and you know if you're going to be
selling for i typically say
less than ten percent above uh oh yep is
in the house
uh less than ten percent above burn rate
generally you're better off
just sending it to deck 101 because you
know by the time
you sit around and sell it you know your
opportunity cost
and then you got to pay five percent uh
on market fees if you are
uh selling through one of the markets so
quicker easier
faster uh deck 101 so deck 404 is the
account splitting service
where an owner comes in delegates cards
to an account players come in
and play that account rewards are uh
are split 50 50. uh all rewards cards
are sent through deck 101
but then everything's converted to dark
energy crystals and then split
um so you know we've got we've had a few
more people come in
over the past week or so on that and you
know i still
i know i told you guys it would be soon
but it's taken a little bit longer than
that i had planned uh our next evolution
in the deck 101 family is uh is coming
you know basically you know gerber is
the workhorse behind the whole thing
and he's been doing his d city stuff
which has taken a little bit longer than
i had planned anyway so
i just know that things are coming in
i'm gonna still say q1 2021 and
it's going to be awesome so i'll leave
it i'll leave it there
a special announcement though special
uh i'm going to have another podcast on
the msp waves network
so uh this is going to be totally
unrelated to everything spinner lands
but it's going to be tax sherpa stories
so for those of you who know tech sherpa
my this is my company and you know my
team that i've put together and
uh we do we do taxes we do uh tax
planning we do
uh you know financial coaching for
and i decided to go ahead and make a
podcast out of stories that uh
that have come up let's just call it
that i've come up i've come across in my
in my travels in the
in the business and tax world so it'll
be a little bit
of of uh you know just me riffing on
on stuff on a particular topic uh any
particular week
it's gonna be mondays at at uh 3 p.m
eastern i think is what we decided on
and uh yeah so it'll be like half you
know me talking about a particular issue
uh which may be topical or timely or
maybe kind of universal
and then i imagine anytime i talk about
financial stuff i always get
i always get uh questions like what
about this what about that
and so i so i think about half the show
will be will be that
i can't comment on people's specific
situations because well
it's not that kind of environment and so
the crimson give me
official financial advice i won't be
able to give you official financial
advice i can give you my opinions on
uh you know things i'm doing the way the
way i see things
but that is that is coming so coming
monday six days from today uh that will
be a thing and it'll be
it'll be similar to to monster maverick
here so you know we'll have a live
discord chat
and then the uh
you know it'll be rebroadcast on on a
podcast and youtube and that kind of
stuff the camera is not happy that uh
i'm not gonna give official financial
advice but i will give you my
official opinions about things and how i
would do things so that's
that's close uh you know i once upon a
time i was serious 65
uh you know investment advisor but i let
that go
a long time ago after some realizations
that maybe that would be one of the
stories about how
nonsensical all that is
so uh so yeah so i hope to see some of
you guys
uh next week uh during that obviously a
lot of you guys are not in the u.s so
uh you know u.s tax stuff is not going
to be the same
uh in your place but you know tax
tax treatments tax laws are broadly
similar worldwide so you may still
get some some interesting stuff out of
it um
and you know if you just want to check
crypto that's cool too we can do that
okay so on to
stuff that is happening or has happened
the past week so we have a few
a few things but they're like major
things so first off
we have the ninth untamed airdrop card
revealed so i will drop that chat or
that link in chat right here
there it is let's go over to peak d
and we can see the
the actual post we got beatrix iron hand
so this was a little bit interesting so
the the tenth or sorry the the ninth air
was all along going to be a legendary
dragon summoner
because so we got we got yodan we got
we got um uh we got chansey
i forgot the actual name we got leer
and let's see we got the llama the
scarred lava mage
so those were all the splinters for the
legendary summoners which leaves
the dragon summoner and for reasons
uh reasons unknown uh that was gonna be
postponed to the tenth airdrop rather
than the ninth
so coming up next we have beatrix
and uh it's an it's an epic it's
it's earth splinter let's go ahead and
actually i don't need to screenshot this
i can just copy the image address
right there and
uh yeah so she is pretty interesting so
she's got thorns she's got uh she's got
i actually really really like uh
you know because you know
when you're fighting against teams that
have health or scavenger and health
or tank heal then um you know
by by knocking down the the potential
is is really useful and then
you know then she has her own close
range ability so
close range up until now has been a rule
set and i imagine it still will be
where a arranged attacker can can attack
from the front line
now uh this uh this monster can attack
all by herself from the front line even
though she's arranged
got six mana at at max level she's got
ranged attacks she's got four speed six
no armor uh so you know an interesting
and rad don't saying she'll pair nicely
with the llama i mean that's true you
know so
we've got seven and six that makes a 13
so if you have one of those low mana
matches might be a good play
you know typically a lot of times i like
uh i like to get you know like a jelly
in with the scarlet llama when you have
a 13 uh because just the the scavenge in
the heel
is gets ridiculous
um so yeah matt clark says void armor is
like that too it takes what was a rule
set weak magic and makes it into ability
yes same kind of thing
so uh so it'll be interesting i actually
think she pairs a lot better with with
prince renin
uh you know with the plus one to the uh
to the uh ranged attack and the speed
and of course health boost being you
know earth or splinter
so uh it's super interesting and we'll
we'll see how the meta shakes up and uh
ron says range isn't good for the llama
because lasting is usually useless
i mean that's true but even so you know
if we double up on the health go from
six to twelve that's decent
uh but you know her her attack is only
four so that's
i don't know if that'll get the job done
because i think it goes from four to six
four to eight but and also no piercing
or anything like that so i don't know
we'll see um you know i could be wrong
i'm i'm certainly open to being wrong
but i think i think
it's better paired with prince rendon so
to get in on the airdrop
at the time of writing there are just
over 10 000 untamed booster packs
available for purchase
they will be eligible for the beatrix
iron hand airdrop of course all untamed
booster packs purchased to date
either through the site or through the
crowdfunding campaign are also eligible
and after the air drop the card will be
available to be found in all packs
opening going forward
these packs will also be eligible for
all five of the remaining new
untamed card airdrops that will happen
every time another set of 100
000 packs are sold the next of which is
planned to be the final legendary
summoner card to be
added to the set and will be the from
the dragon splinter
we also want to remind everyone it's
still often possible to get a discount
on purchasing booster packs by getting
dark energy crystals
tokens on the secondary markets dec
currently trades on the following
exchanges blah blah blah
and there's a little bit of lore you
know i one of these days i will crack
open my book and
actually read it but it's still sitting
in my garage
at the moment along with uh along with
my pack of cards and the physical
cards so um
where was the info on the guaranteed
rates ah here we go
so uh 13th epic card to be unveiled
so chances of receiving the card in the
airdrop as well as in booster packs
going forward without the use of potions
will be approximately 1.538 percent or 1
in every 65 packs on average
with an average of 1 in 50 of them or 2
being gold foil additionally players
will be guaranteed to receive
at least one beatrix iron hand for every
65 packs they have purchased
so i have said it before and i will say
it again i really like having the floor
on the random number generator in these
cases uh
so you know i typically score right
around that floor
uh you know my luck with the rng is just
not great but uh you know is what it is
so you know i i calculated on mine i
think i you know you need 46 to max
i think i'll get like 40. um so i'll be
and i'm pretty happy with that so uh i
i will just you know get whatever i get
in the airdrop and then
i will max it out and that'll be that um
i am at least you know
i'm not gonna be stacking this until you
know proven a need anyway
so if you go over to splinterlands we
can see in the shop
what do we got here packs we're at 96

so we're getting close 3500
3500 remaining and if we look at um
hive data oops
hive data dot space such a weird domain
hive data dot space
but you know it's a great site let's
look at purchases
just look at booster packs
so it's you know it varies significantly
let's just say that but lately we've
been averaging
what you know well i mean it's pretty
big range 500 to
to 1183 so let's call it i don't know
750 750 a day something like that
so we're looking at you know five days
unless uh someone fomos
out of the um
uh you know to to run the rest of the
we do have a season ending coming up
here shortly and we tend to get a lot of
pack distributions
at that point we've got two days and 10
i don't know if you can hear that
ambulance going by or not
that's uh you know always fun so
yeah that's uh you know we'll probably
run out right around the season ending
when people claim
and and then we'll get our
next batch of 100 grand to go through
so yeah i mean while i'm on while i'm on
the screen actually
i've had an interesting season the uh
so last season i got a champion one i
got reset back to
diamond one and i actually got the
strategy from matt clark who's here in
the audience
of alternating seasons where i do i do
one run up to champion and then the next
one i go into
uh diamond for for competition of packs
and uh matt clark is saying final
hundred thousand packs of untamed
for in less than a month i'm calling it
500 000 packs like of the
of the whole series uh because we're
still quite a ways away from that
or do you mean the next hundred thousand
but um
but yeah so so you know doing this
alternating strategy where i go into
one get reset back into diamond one and
then compete for pax and diamond one
then get reset to gold one and then i
run all the way to champion
so uh that has been the the modus
the last little while uh last two
seasons i was kind of struggling a
little bit so i just ran to
champion uh both times uh i think
last season i got a champion but the one
before i only got champion two
uh you know stuff comes up works getting
busy you know
in the tax world turns out january to
april's very busy
uh in the us so there is that uh but you
know so
in the first i don't know uh i don't
know how many days
let me see my battle log here last time
i played was four days ago
because i got up to 38.28
and then i was in the packs you know
i was actually in the 10 pack range
which is kind of the target
so i i at that point i got into
place number 18 or 19 something like
and i realized well you know the chances
of me getting
into the top 10 and getting 15 packs is
low because i just don't play enough uh
so i'll just i'll just sit here and
and kind of float with the uh with the
and i got as high as 12 at least that i
and now i'm down down to number 21 and
10 packs goes from
place number 11 in the diamond league
anyway place number 11 to place 25
and uh so you know i'm
i'm kind of happy with that
matt clark's just tried that and
couldn't even hit top 50 in diamond just
don't have the hours
or the talent yeah uh it's
it's tough i mean the competition gets
gets serious
you know we got some bots in here like
let's more moriarty 95 here
has 764 games played in this season
which is clearly
uh you know bottom activity
when you look at everybody else in like
the 100s and 200s
uh thanks for dropping by yeba can't
stay longer you're going to walk the dog
before it gets dark yeah
trouble with dogs and you know like
my kids are always after me we want a
dog we want a dog we want a dog
say number one no
because i don't want to take care of the
number two is that if we had a farm
you know we had space and we had
livestock and
you know the dog had a job i would say
fine we can get dogs out and get some
livestock guardian dogs
uh and that was the correct answer
uh you know my uh my
my wife family had a um uh what's what
are they called
look they look like polar bears uh
they're giant white fluffy
uh they're like they're a particular
breed of lifestyle guardian dog
and um you know that would be fine
but uh but it's not staying in the house
and i'm out cleaning up after it so
that's the story
uh fox is saying dark is the best you do
not need to clean the street
now it wasn't a malamute it was um it's
gonna bother me
it's not an anatolian uh sheepherder
it's not a uh it's not a saint bernard
they really look like polar bears just
like smaller
great pyrenees that's what it is great
pyrenee um
dog so you know they are they are
great livestock guardian dogs they have
very good instincts as far as you know
and um and protecting yeah they they
do shed like crazy uh you know when my
wife had
when my family had this dog you know she
was uh you know teenager at the time
um there would be like these tumbleweeds
of fur
fluff just going through the house uh
graham says they're so amazing talking
about the great pyrenees dogs
are great pyrenees i'm not sure uh so
that's that's the plan so uh
yeah they don't live very long that is
true the larger breeds tend to
tend to go early um you know same with
giant humans like under the giant and
all that kind of stuff the
vasculature just can't support the size
after a while
but um yeah so
the uh the season activity that i've
that i've been doing i've been floating
around in the 10 to 20 range
now i'm done to 20 down now i'm down to
place 21. people tend to
you know play a lot more as the season
and you know the the the
rank inflation increases so now i
actually have people above me that i
could potentially battle and win points
because the problem with being number 12
is that i can only really win
if i beat somebody who's above me and
i mean just numbers wise uh frequency
wise that's hard to do
they uh you know so like you could like
my winning rate is about 60 on average
and so you know i win more than i lose
which is great
but if i go plus 3 plus 3
plus 3 then minus 25 then
that doesn't work out so it's it's
really hard to
to grind that out you have a much higher
winning rate in order for that to work
so like these guys up here uh you know
ts dragon is 177 battles 143 wins
let's see whatever that number is it's
143 divided by 177
is come on banjo 81
i mean that's that's fantastic so uh you
know at that rate you can afford the the
one in five loss
and still you know make progress which
obviously he has because it's 40 he's
got 41.28 right there
um but you know where i am
what am i 40 72 uh
72 battles 46 wins
i think that might even be lower than 60
percent let's see
uh 60 64 okay
so yeah i i gotta i gotta play the odds
the way they are they are laid out for
me so now that i'm down to 21
tomorrow tomorrow morning i'll wake up
and i will do my
daily quest which i think i'm on earth
right now
and hopefully that will go well and i
will win
you know either five out of five or four
or five out of six or
you know hopefully not any worse than
five out of seven and
uh you know secure my spot in the ten
runnings because you know when we look
at at the leo dex
we go to
market and
go to untamed untamed
so those are going for 10.9
uh hive but
uh a dollar yeah let's call it a dollar
twenty middle of the spread there
so you know uh a dollar twenty times ten
ten dollars twenty cents
uh that is far better than what i would
expect unless i got just super lucky
with rewards out of uh
out of loot chests so you know
that is a more optimal expected value
than than just going for the chests
because i think the last time i looked
the average
expected value of a chest was 63 dark
energy crystal something like that
uh you know floats depending on card
values and everything but
that's that's kind of average it doesn't
go too far away from that
and then tied to that is that you know i
don't know if you guys have noticed but
the crypto market's kind of taken a dump
last little while which has affected the
dark engine crystal prices
but before we get to that i do want to
show you another uh not a preview
uh it's a you know the theme music that
comes in
at the beginning and the end of the show
is by izaria
and you know i thought i had been
following her stuff but apparently not
so i've missed a whole bunch of music
that she's released so here
is uh one piece that she's released it's
called marshlands and uh each week i
think i'm gonna i'm gonna go through
i got one two three four five more
pieces apparently that i've missed
uh covering on the show so we're gonna
be doing like one a week here
but you know i typically like to like to
check all these things out
and uh so you guys are gonna sit here
and listen
for a little bit let's see if i can
actually get this to play though
yes confirm we'll go to another site
and let's play
it's very mushy
welcome skyline
that was marshlands from i oh don't keep
whoever has autoplay whatever site has
autoplay like
built in terrible don't do that
uh but yeah so that's marshlands and i'm
guessing that's going to be an earth
splinter dungeon or some kind of earth
splinter themed
area for uh for the lands
uh i like it a lot um it was very
very marshy so you know
izaria i guess i don't know what her
title is exactly with splinterlands but
she is the official music
music for for splinterlands
uh and she does she does a great job
so we will be featuring uh a new song
uh or maybe not song as the wrong word a
uh element you know that she releases
over the at least the next you know five
or six weeks
um that i have queued up here so that's
something to look forward to
and matt clark says eerie well you know
it's a marsh so
if you're if you're in a flesh golem
uh then you might have to have to battle
so uh so
you know i was starting to talk about
the crypto market
so i have talked in the past about how
dark energy crystals are now linked to
and uh through the unit swap pool and
the market feed taken from
the uniswap price and if we look at the
chart of ethereum
here's a daily chart you know everybody
was all excited
because prices were mooning and then
couple days is done the opposite is you
i don't want to call it a crash i mean
it's it's a 30 retracement which is you
know severe
but um you know when it's been up you
know 100
you know it's 30 really a crash you know
crypto is just volatile
that's just how it is but how that's
impacted dark energy crystals is that
you know so
dark energy crystals has these
fundamental uh
limits where um you know below about
65 splintosis or 650 splintosis
or above 4000 it's you can actually
arbitrage the market
so those are kind of your i don't want
to say hard limits but they're
they are soft limits and so if we look
dark energy crystals here we can see
that you know they kind of
let's see if i can do this where it'll
show up on the screen
okay that kind of works
uh on trading view it just has this
weird um
artifact error where some dates are off
by a factor of a thousand
so it's kind of makes for weird charts
but you can see it got all the way down
uh it got down to 65 which is you know
my my arbitrage point
and then has bounced back uh
but you know the that result of all that
is you know people
who are looking to sell dark energy
crystal are
are hurting um you know it's a great
time to sell
cards because you're getting more dark
energy crystals and
if and when the dark energy crystal
price bounces back
which personally i think it will then
you'll be sitting pretty so i mean
77 is a decent buy in my opinion um
anything below 70 is like a home run so
if you were one of the people who were
paying attention on that day
and that was that was yesterday on on
the um
i think it's i think it runs in utc time
then uh you got a screaming deal on
on the dark energy crystals so
congratulations to anybody who did that
but uh you know so good time to sell
if you are if you are spending dark
energy crystals on the market it's kind
of rough because now you got to spend
for a given card um but you know and
you know so it's there's pros and cons
definitely uh better to be on the
selling side of cards and the buying
side of dark energy crystals right now
because that's fundamentally what you're
doing you're anytime you make a trade
you're you're selling one thing and
you're buying another uh if i
you know i had this hat uh and i you
i sell us dollars and i buy the hat
uh that's that's how the exchange works
just so when you have a card
you sell the card you're buying dark
energy crystals with that card on the
flip side
you are selling dark energy crystals and
you're buying the
the card so um you always have to keep
in mind you're always long and short
in in a transaction of one side or
so good time to be selling uh car it's a
good time to be buying dark energy
crystals and
uh you know the the only caveat with
that is that you know your rewards cards
a lot of them float around the burn
and uh you got to be careful there that
you know if the price goes
uh against you that you're not below
burn uh you know at a certain point
uh bree's got a run thanks for dropping
you know i know it's late in the uh in
the evening there
over in i don't know what time zone that
is but uh
probably gmt plus two something like
um so when we go to peak
you know we can see the market feed in
the the market screen
and you know i woke up the other day and
i saw seven seven thousand i was like oh
that's rough
but you know those rewards cards those
can be those can be a deal
uh you know especially if you're buying
22 30 in central europe that's that's
decently late
you know i um ever since
i got my kids sleeping you know through
the night you know which is fortunately
a little while now
uh i've been basically passing out at
like you know nine ten o'clock
uh now i'm in tax season so i'm actually
staying up past my bedtime and just
working all night but uh
that's generally how it goes so anyway
uh speaking of those rewards cards i
think we're coming up on a couple
that were running close to their limit
here oh
let's look at this this is kyokis's
github project and
it's it's a great little site so 99
at in spearman i'll be glad when those
are gone because you know in deck 101 we
get a bunch of them they're hard to sell
so they just
pile up until we can burn them
let's see if we can actually paste this
there we go
uh baby unicorn 99 that's another one
that gets burned a lot
the jelly though gelatinous cube you
know gelatinous cube is a great card
it's used a lot uh for people who don't
have lord arianthus
it is super useful and that's about to
run out
screeching vulture has the opportunity
so that's
that's always a a winner and it's also
which is helpful that's at 99 percent
and everything else looks pretty well
below that fire spitter fire spinner is
is kind of niche but i like it a lot
uh spirit shaman is another one that
builds up and we just end up burning
because they're hard to sell
um yeah and everything below that is in
70s 60s
so on flame monkeys uh
matt clark says flame monkeys were so
cheap 1.3 cents 75
print rate uh yeah you're right 75 right
and lots of bargains there yeah so i
it's only up to one point six cents uh
nectar queen i'm surprised doesn't get
more play
uh nectar queen i use uh you know a lot
melee mayhem or in um
or in uh uh fog of war
you know it's it's pretty useful it's
got high health it's got uh retaliate uh
it's got
you know a lot of a lot of melee power
uh let's see uh any other
standouts here barking spider is decent
it's an okay ranged fighter let's just
sort this by percent printed how about
and parking spider flim undead rex does
not get a lot of love
warrior of peace is used a lot there's
plenty of them though so the price isn't
very high
wave runner torhiglo uh both of those
don't get a whole lot of love
matt clark's or flowey says use nectar
queen a lot
and win more often than not matt clark
says nectar queen earthquake she's my
go-to with llama in heeled out too
yeah i mean a great card evangelist
is pretty useful and she's at 64 percent
uh again and on down from there
you know the one the one to really keep
an eye on though is the
sand worm so sand room's at 41
but uh you know it is
by far the best common rewards or of the
imprint ones anyway
uh the best of the comments
it gets a lot of love you know it's got
the piercing it's got the
it's got the snare it's got the sneak
and it's got you know at max level it's
uh i think seven
attack right seven melee it's just a
crazy powerful card
and in those high meta matches it's it's
really useful
uh so that's just you know things to
keep an eye on like you know matt clark
blind buying up the flame monkeys i use
fly monkey a lot when i'm playing fire
because you know the repair and the and
the speed buff
can't beat it for one mana hands down
great card
so uh good in unlimited mana games
so many of the high man i have flying
that's true
uh you know i like to use uh snare in
earthquake matches a lot as well
you know it doesn't seem like a lot you
know but that minus two every time every
that adds up pretty quick and unless
unless your opponent has a lot of armor
or just a ridiculous amount of health
then that's a good way to
to approach it anywho uh
so that is kind of the status of the
rewards cards
and um i did
let's what do i want to do next uh let's
about the rentals
so the rentals market has been kind of
i don't want to say dead but kind of
difficult in slow motion ever since the
migration from steam to hive
you know i know jarvy's been unhappy
with the legacy system
so he was actually talking about
scrapping the whole thing until the next
version was released but
people like begged and pleaded with them
so he was like okay you know but they
like the length of contracts and things
like that so
they released five days ago a preview of
rentals 2.0
now from the ama that was last week you
know i didn't take much of the way notes
because i just didn't want to
i didn't uh find it you know all that
really noteworthy but one thing they did
say was
that the rental system is going to be
integrated into the main splinterlands
interface so on
you'll be able to to work somehow or
inside the this this new rental system
it's not going to be as fully featured
apparently as the actual peak monster
and you know we'll see kind of what that
looks like
but you know it is uh it is
going to be available so that's i think
that's great um
last i checked split or peak monsters
had i don't know
twenty percent thirty percent of the of
the market activity around splinter
so uh definitely you know only one in
you know one and three or one in five um
you know players are actually utilizing
that so by integrating it into
the main interface i think that'll
benefit a lot of people
and you know like it says right here is
what we are planning is an auto rental
so that is pretty cool uh
the goals are that owners should be able
to dump hundreds if not
every card they want into our system in
minutes if not seconds renters would be
able to select
the monsters and seminars they want as
quickly as they can decide what they
want and click the buttons
we play matchmaker you don't have to
look at contract options
peruse the market or even care at all
who is renting it to you
we would we would like a way for new
players to have a one-click approach to
renting they don't even know what
cards they want we want options for them
to click a competitive deck at the level
they want
in one click that would be amazing we
still intend for it to have market
fluctuations we will allow users players
and owners
to impact the market value if they want
to but maybe some
people will just roll with the market
variations and say i'd rather just
select five thousand cards
make them available and be done with it
while the other owners will demand a
certain return or use them elsewhere
and then they have our questions to you
if you are an owner of cards how many
cards are you looking at to make
it would take you one minute to make
them all available if you are an owner
renting out cards would you
would you like to know dec or usd or
yearly return on asset percentage for
that card
if you're a player or potential player
how many cards uh
how many cards you're looking at getting
assuming it was little to no work to
rent them
the first place if you are a player how
would you set your max cost
dec usd or or roa
and what other suggestions do you have
for us so
um yeah it's i think it's you know i've
not seen
any any details about the new system but
from what i understand and from
the things jarvie has said is that it's
gonna be basically like a liquidity pool
but for cards so you know things come in
and out
but you as as the renter it doesn't
matter you know you lose one card from
from owner a one from owner b just gets
swapped right in
and same thing on the other side if if
you're an owner and you just
you have a renter that renter falls out
whatever another one
fills right back in you know provided
that there's you know enough demand
inside the system so i am i am
pretty excited about this thing i was a
big user of the
of the rental system originally um my
big thing with the original rental
was that i wanted to rent out sets so
they made sets available for sale but i
don't think that's really the thing i
think it was
i think as renting sets was was a much
more useful option
so that's kind of what this is um
so you know if i want to go in and say i
want i want to compete in silver one
and so i need seventy thousand dark
energy or seventy thousand collection
and i need level five comments level
four rares level three
epics level two um legendaries
and you know just click click click and
and go i think that would be fantastic
uh similarly from from an owner's side
you know i'm
you know next to aggregate i have the
most cards so and i don't even count
so uh you know
it'd be great to to really you know push
the usefulness and the yield on my on my
you know this is sort of a competition
for deck 404
but i think that's okay the more the
merrier in this case you know we want
more people
having more activity coming into the
splinterland system
so i was actually on reddit the other
day and uh you know splinoms has
has a subreddit and somebody was asking
um somebody was asking about the
if you can get if you can earn in
splinter lands without
um without uh you know
paying basically and i did comment on it
and i said that yeah
i mean if you use one of the you know
deck 404 basically
then you can get started in in um
in the ecosystem without having to pay
anything so
that is possible uh you have to be good
enough and you have to do it
so uh that is that is
part of the thing part of the deal with
the deck four for our system
and but similarly on the rental side you
could rent and as long as
as long as the numbers are justified by
your winnings then
it's effectively free so uh you know
i think that's a great way for people to
get started for that very low
uh you know investment level
which you know the easier it is for
people to get in the better you know
so i'm just i'm super stoked about the
rental system 2.0
coming out i don't know what it'll be i
get the feeling
we might see it in february but you know
i don't have any sources for that that's
just a gut
a good reaction here and we see back
clark commented here so
uh you know people are are giving their
feedback and
we should see something relatively soon
so uh that's that's rentals
another thing i wanted to to hit on
before we run out of time
well there's actually two more things so
the thing number one that's true that's
directly spinner lands
related is that uh in the discord
uh aggro started a new channel called
tournament planning and it's just uh
just hashtag tournament dash planning so
what he said was that you know the
the current state of the tournaments is
what it is for the next
month at least and you know i
you know a lot of people are upset as
always because you know the the
the complaint in crypto is that people
more rewards for less work and you know
that's just human nature you know we all
want more for for less
and that's perfectly understandable
so any any change is always going to
de-optimize somebody
and improve optimization on somebody
else so there's always going to be some
kind of winners and losers
so what i wrote said was that uh
you know the the system is what it is
for the next month at least
and if people have suggestions you know
throw it in that tournament planning
uh uh channel and what he would most
most be interested in is a a
sort of consensus document signed by at
least 10 mavericks
uh on changes they'd like to see in the
tournament system not that he would
necessarily follow them to the letter
but they would you know a proposal like
that with that level of support
would certainly be paid attention to so
it's sort of petitioning the king by the
so you know i think that is that is
super interesting
and you know everybody has their own
on what the rewards should be but
you know if you get at least 10 people
who have major stake in the game
i think that's something uh i have
floated the idea in the past of having
like a parliament like a parliament-type
which uh i think might be a little bit
beyond with what they're looking at
but basically the idea is that you have
the stakeholders so you have your
they're gonna be like the house of lords
uh you know in the british parliamentary
or the senate in the u.s system uh so
they're gonna have they're gonna be
fewer of them but you know they are
the most invested and so they're going
to have louder voices
and then but you can't just listen to
the whales
you also have to listen to the little
guys so we should also have a house of
uh kind of thing or a house of
representatives in the u.s system
where you know the people with with you
know minimal investments
uh we still want to hear their point of
views though
you know we want to be able to make the
game accessible because the more people
they come in
the the better for all of us right
whether whether they are whales or
whether they are minnows it doesn't
uh because you know a certain percentage
of those people will become whales over
um and it might be a short amount of
time but it might be longer and that's
just the more the better you know we
need that we need that 50 000 daily
active users to be
at the beginning of successful and you
know from the
ubisoft kind of guidelines and i think i
think that's actually a good
a good rule of thumb to follow um and
that would make us like so enormous in
the blockchain space that it's not even
i don't think anything else would come
close but
you know that's that's the benefits of a
blockchain that can actually handle
transactions as opposed to
ethereum and other things uh
incidentally i've been trying to
um you know i i run a lot of d5 stuff on
on ethereum
and my gas fees are just crazy so i
think on sunday i spent like 100
something dollars in gas fees of just
just trying to do one thing
uh i mean it's a complex thing but it's
just one thing
oh yeah so you know with hive you know
we can we can actually do that so i
am i am a fan of
of that kind of infrastructure so uh i
by having that that double layer of
then uh i think we could approach
something that would be
you know it'll be a compromise nobody
will be happy but
it'll be somewhere in the middle uh that
clerk says just said and forget with the
uh that's true too uh but that's not
without earning or
not without investing um you know the
it was interesting whether to get into
or out of
the pools when we see these price
crashes because that might be
uh an attractive attractive time to load
up on the dark energy crystal
geyser rewards w leo etha is it for me
yeah that'll do it all right so then
the other thing that i wanted to get to
last week but ran out of time
was the occ so this is not directly
uh splinterlands related but it is
crypto related
and you know i don't even i'm not even
going to have enough time here to to
discuss all the stuff that
i wanted to to talk about but basically
uh matt clark says he partnered his f
key so my leopard payments the payouts
are my pension
sure sure sounds good uh so the occ the
office of the comptroller of the
uh today published a letter and this was
back on january 4th
uh clarifying national banks and federal
savings association's authority to
participate in independent node
verification networks invm
and use stablecoins to connect payment
activities and other bank permissible
so office comptroller and currency of
the currency is one of the regulatory
uh bodies that oversees banks like it
says national banks and federal savings
i don't know i don't even know that
we're still federal savings associations
but whatever
um so what what they said in this letter
and there's a link
to the actual uh release um uh
down at the bottom of this post this is
kind of a summary what they said is that
banks can participate in invms
now what's that in the end it's a
blockchain it's uh it's bitcoin it's
it's litecoin it's ripple it's
whatever um so
what this is saying is that banks can
operate nodes uh which is
mind-boggling right so uh so this does
that we're not gonna get to disable
coins yet the the
ability of a bank to operate a node is
somewhat revolutionary
so one this is a direct attack on china
you know this it a lot so much of the
node processing power
is in china because you know they have
subsidized electricity and
and a lot of the you know asic
manufacturing is done there so
they have very low cost of of
of production of blocks and so you know
most of the bitcoin mining pools
are i think it's i think it's now an
absolute majority of the bitcoin mining
is done
by chinese controlled pools now the
actual miners themselves might be all
over the world but they're controlled
by pool accounts in china
so so this is an attack on that
this is also a way because you know if
you if you solve a block in bitcoin as
an example
uh you get a mining reward and you get
transaction fees
so this is a way for banks to start to
make money off of crypto
right here uh and you know
again it's it's an attack on china uh so
that's that's positive for the banks
it's somewhat positive
for crypto in general we have more
uh as more people make more revenue from
cryptocurrency obviously
the importance of the system will grow
over time
and it'll just legitimize everything
now the downside of that is that if you
are connected to one of these
then your your account information is
going to be automatically kyced
by the banks and that's where the stable
coins come in
so what they're saying is that uh it's
actually kind of interesting on the
letter i recommend everybody read it
where they're saying effectively there
is no difference
between a an electronic
record of a dollar deposit and a stable
because they both represent us dollars
and as long as you know your you know
your reserves your ratios or and all
that are
are there then um then it's all good so
they said
that banks can use stable coins uh like
usdt dye you know whatever uh
usdn even there's a bunch of them out
gusd so uh they can use them they can
send payments
uh you know to and from other you know
whatever you would send payments for
through a bank which is you know
virtually everything
and uh what was even more interesting
though is that they said banks can
issue uh stable coins now that could
mean a couple
different things it could mean a system
like maker dao
where you know you collateralize your uh
your holdings and then they issue
against that it could also mean
that you know bank of america down the
road issues
bank of america coin and you know we're
just relying on them
to you know have the backup and of
course all
commercial banks in the united states
and pretty much around the world
uh use fractional reserve so now i
expect to see
you know once once they start to see
that there's actual money here i expect
to see a flood
of of coins there and i expect them to
be fractionally backed because that's
what they do with everything else so why
and for the most part
that will will work because you know
very few people actually you know redeem
their funds for for cash and they're not
going to redeem their
crypto or their stable coin funds for
electronic dollars
and they're not going to redeem the
electronic dollars for for actual
uh pieces of paper so uh i think that's
going to be
um a thing in the near future
in the longer term this is
going to kill the banks this is the
bank's committing suicide in slow motion
so i mean just think about it let's say
are let's say you are um
you know doing whatever with with your
bank account you're sending and
receiving stable coins
uh you know whether let's just say it's
and after a while it might start to dawn
on you that
well if i have usdc and i'm sending it
and i'm receiving it and it's as good as
a dollar
what do i need to keep the money in the
bank for because
i can just keep usdc in my own wallet
it's the same exact thing it's not like
i'm getting paid interest by the banks
you know we're well into
interest repression you know we're 30
years into that so
that's not coming back anytime soon so
you know the the banking function uh
can be internalized very easily to
um what you will what you will
lose out on is the organization of
of funds so mortgages and credit cards
and things like that you know where
they're actually
putting that fractional reserve into the
hands of a consumer
uh that'll be an issue i expect to see
you know as d5 grows and evolved i
expect to see some of that
in uh in the long term uh but it'll be
securitized it'll it won't be
it won't be fraudulent fractional
reserve kind of uh kind of
money creation so uh
i so short term i think this is great
for the banks
uh they're gonna start to see the
importance of crypto and
as a result you know crypto gets
legitimized more people get exposed
the the market of cryptocurrency grows
long term people realize this the banks
are you know doing nothing for me
so might as well control my own money
and then the banks will die
uh of course they'll get bailed out and
you know it'll be one thing or another
to uh to uh
keep their keep their business models
but you know it is oh that guy got
filled with a lot of arrows
but it is the uh the next stage of
for money and you know
so you know it'll be really interesting
i i don't know who's going to be first
in the banking world to pick up on the
independent node verification networks
and start running their own bitcoin node
but you got to think
that cost of capital for a bank is zero
so imagine how many how many nodes
and how much hardware they could spin up
on the bitcoin network
and you know the the
nth uh result of that is that
um you know they could take over the
uh you know just the whole network
because you know
i don't know how many people are
actually aware in the old days
you know there was a reserve requirement
of you know 10 or so
where you know if a bank was to
set give it out a mortgage then
then you know they would need uh they
would need to keep ten percent
on hand as a reserve against that money
that has been created
it's a little bit more complicated than
that because you know so if you have 100
90 gets lent out and then that 90 goes
to another bank that 90 becomes 81 lent
out and on and on
it's a geometric series but the net
result is you get a 10x so on that
hundred dollars you get a thousand
dollars of money creation
and uh but ever since uh
uh was it 2008 or it might have been
might even after that
but the requirement no longer exists so
a bank could have zero reserves and
issue money and sound waves photon says
someone called defy
self-driving banks
that's a good that's a good description
so um
so so if they do that
internally where they they create money
for the nodes uh the node verification
you know how much mining equipment could
they buy for themselves
and you know they could just just throw
hashing power
at bitcoin until they can control it
and then you know maybe they turn it off
which i don't think would happen because
people just fork and go to the next
but you know they they will definitely
be able to see a lot more
into uh into people's accounts because
obviously everybody's already kyc with
their banks so
when i come in and out you'll be able to
see uh those kinds of things
so that's that's the quick version of my
thoughts on
the occ announcement and turns out
we are about out of time so i'm going to
leave you with the theme song
which is again by ice area same as same
artist as
what we played earlier and her stuff's
great and it's going to be featured
in the lands expansion which i am
looking forward to

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