Monster Maverick Show Replay - Episode 50 - 2021-06-01

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We discussed the new governance token, SPS, the latest UNTAMED airdrop, played some whale games, and more.


Hey everybody. It is Tuesday, June 1st and 4:00 PM. So that means it's time. For the monster Maverick show. And I realized, actually I have to say the date at the beginning of each show because when I go back and do the recordings, I got to figure out what's what, so yeah, today today's June 1st. It's amazing.

[00:00:59] We are into the summer months and just about halfway through the year already. And it has been, you know, it's been a crazy year, but 2020 was crazy too, but, you know Yeah, well, I won't get into all that because this show is about splitter lands and I am your host deal. You know, number one, whale, excluding Agra, cause he doesn't count.

[00:01:18]And going to be doing some, some whalers kind of stuff here on the show, which will be a nice little preview for you. But yeah. I'm, you know, I got a, I got a bunch of cards. And I run along with Gerber deck one oh one deck four oh four. Deck one-on-one is a service where split Toshi. That's right.

[00:01:34] You're on Don split and Toshi is would have one. If you look at the seller cards quickly and easily, you just send a card to deck one oh one, you get a hundred, 1% of the DEC burn value deck four and four is where your. You know, if you have some cards that are sitting there idle and you want to put them to work and, you know, playing the game, then we can get that done for you.

[00:01:53] One of the, through a human player or through a computer player. And you know, you earn your DEC that way. So just, you know, putting those idle assets to work. So, you know, it's interesting that whole business is actually probably going to change dramatically over the next. Yeah, because, you know, I don't know if you guys have heard there's this whole lands thing that's coming out.

[00:02:13]And it is going to be a major expansion and the it's going to make it possible for you to for you to stake your idol cards onto lands. Plots in, you know, to work and to increase production on those plots. So I, as a result of what I think is going to happen is the rental market is going to expand a lot because there's, you know, obviously some people are going to have cards and lands, but a lot of people are going to have one or the other.

[00:02:43]So, you know, by, by bringing those two parties together you know, at an agreed upon rate, I think it's going to be a lot of, a lot of transactions happening there. But that's not why you tuned in this week, because this week we got our super secret announcement from yabba and and Agra, and I guess the rest of the team too.

[00:03:02] But we got guardians tokens, which I am. I'm super excited about it. It's like and the special AMS that was held last week on, on Thursday. But for those, for anybody who missed the updates, let me see if I can find the posts. Normally I would have all this queued up, but you know, I'm I'm not that good host.

[00:03:21] So we're going to hit the SPS post and we're also going to talk about the, the airdrop card and why did this open in the wrong window? That is what I want to know. I have so many browsers open because of you know, when I, when I broadcast the show there, I have to have different things open so that you can see different things on the overlay.

[00:03:42] But and, and OBS is not the greatest at picking up all those things. All right. So, or I got it. And you know, if you are looking to watch the streams, those are the links right there. It must be, VIM, theta, and you can just click those links and, and watch the screen because, you know, I actually do a fair amount with the, with the video.

[00:04:06] So announcing splinter shards, S P S the splinter lands governance token. And a little bit intro you know, talking about the games three years old, past three years, players have won $250,000 with the tournament. Prizes are in 1.7 billion DEC sold about $4 million worth of cards, you know, peer to peer, all that great stuff.

[00:04:27] There's some lore which, you know, I'm going to skip for right now. But here is the tokens, token details, supply and distribution. So here's the important thing. One is that this whole thing is operating primarily on Binance marching. And that is actually a great thing to grow beyond the hide ecosystem.

[00:04:48] And during, during the AMA special last week, you know, I made a comment that, that yabba was bringing the heat because one of the things he mentioned was that by expanding to. By the Smartsheet, which is, you know, an Ethereum EDM. If they're a merchant machine, I think is what it stands for. You know, it, it brings it into the wider crypto community, which is incredibly important as far as exposure.

[00:05:11] And as far as you know, outside investors, looking at the project because, you know, w we, we have to call a spade, a spade. The high blockchain is great and all from a technical perspective, but has no adoption in the wider world. So at least on a relative basis, So by putting the governance tokens on vinyl, smart chain or saying, okay, the game.

[00:05:31] Partially lives on Binance smart chain, and that allows the team to attract those larger players into the market. And the thing that caught me a little bit off guard was that yabba was saying that they want to bring some of the attention that's coming into NFTs into blockchain gaming that has been going to much worse projects or much worse games.

[00:05:52] And You know, bring some of that into splitter rounds. Cause splint Orleans has done well over the, over the last, you know, six months, but has not done as well as other blockchain games that are notably worse. As far as, you know you know, a history and project and, you know, having a game at all, like there are a lot of blockchain games, quote, unquote, out there that are.

[00:06:12] Really it's a really stretch to call them a game at all. It, because they're just don't have much functionality, but they have the token exposure and they have the the, the investor connections to, to make everything work. So by, by going off hive hive and onto bite and smart shade, we tap into that kind of that kind of appeal.

[00:06:32] What's so I think, great. Move on, moving everything to BSC. I know a lot of old Hibernians have problems with, with Binance because of the, the whole forecasting issue. But you know, you gotta, you gotta take the market where it's at, you know, I Craven says get the eyes wherever you can find the eyes.

[00:06:50] Exactly. So so yeah, so the whole thing is going to be operating on, on Binance smart chain and there's going to be Oracles. That are interfacing between the splinter lands on hive and the SPS smart contracts on Binance smart chain. So we'll get into how the Oracles thing is going to work here in just a second.

[00:07:10]But the, the functionality is going to be going to be very interesting. So there's going to be all these SPS tokens. You can you can stake them. You can, and then add when you stake them, you can. Stake them on players in order to earn some of the, some of the inflation that is going to be fed to battle winners.

[00:07:30]You can vote on governance proposals. You can you can provide liquidity and the liquidity pools you can operate in Oracle. And so there's this whole, there's this table here saying that the, what is it? 3 billion, 3 trillion, 800 billion. One two, three, yeah. 3 billion tokens are going to be allocated according to this schedule.

[00:07:51] So airdrop foundation, slashed, Dow, private sale team partners and advisors play to earn staking LP, Oracle wards. So, I mean, there there's a lot to unpack here. I think I'm just going to, I'm just going to hit the highlights really? So the airdrop is going to be a year long. Airdrop a 400 million SPS, and I made a little calculator, which again, this is probably a thing I should have ready to go, but I don't it made a calculator where you can calculate however much airdrop points you are getting based on your assets.

[00:08:26] And I will drop that link here. Not like I had a bookmark or anything. Well, let's share that share. Come on, come on, Google. All right. So you put in your collection power, your DEC, your untamed packs and whatever else you got, and you can then figure out how much. Points you're getting in terms of her drop weight.

[00:08:58] So the way the airdrop is going to work is that every day the, the asset base of the entire, the entire ecosystem is going to be weighed. And you know, whatever your fraction of the entire player base is going to be is. Going to be equal to however much you get of that days. Yeah. Inflation, which is going to be like 1.1 million SPS per day for a year airdrops cardholders.

[00:09:21] Absolutely. So the collection power is, is the number to input for your co card holdings. And, and if you if you own all your own cards, then all you have to do to go to a collection. Power is you go to splinter,, hit the cards profile, and you can see your power. So like, here's my account right here.

[00:09:44] And you can see the 9 million, 489,000 collection power. However, if you are renting cards or delegating cards or doing whatever that number is not accurate because the airdrop is go of, the SPS is going to be the going to be going to the owner of that card. So if you You know, if you have any cars going in or out, then you have to trace those back to whoever is holding the collection power and ownership, stake.

[00:10:13] And the easiest way to do that is if you go to your if you go to peak monsters and you do the bulk view, this and you there's a filter down in the bottom, right. And you clicked owned. Yes. And. Then that will, that will filter all the, all the holdings of that account. And it'll give you the, the the DEC value of those, of those holdings.

[00:10:45] And that's the collection power number that you need if you're doing any kind of delegating or renting or anything. So in my spreadsheet, I would put in that number 36,426,000 zero 62. And that would go in that, in that in that cell B2. And that will calculate, you know, my own points based on whatever my holdings are at that time.

[00:11:07] So from what I understand, they're going to be a snapshot every day. And, you know, cause people's holdings change and DEC changes and all this kind of stuff. So as we Snapchat every day and you'll figure out however much percent of the total spending lands universe, as far as these things go you own, and then you'll get your share of the 1.1 million SPS that day.

[00:11:27] So so that is how the airdrop is going to function. It's super interesting that so are the tokens in game and then it has to be bridged to BSC. Well, the, the SVS tokens are are going to live on BSC primarily. And I guess that's more of a technical question for you, Hannah. I think I know some will be in gaming.

[00:11:45] Some will be on BSC and it's going to depend on how you have them how you have them staked, I guess. Or if, if they're all be in on BSV, but state. In credit on hive. I'm not sure about the technical details. There's a whole white paper. You can read about it though. In fact, here it is. Let's go to copy link.

[00:12:02] There you go. So, so the airdrop is going to happen every day, which is an interesting incentive mechanic to, you know, draw out the appeal of the airdrop which I think was very well thought out actually. So it's not just everybody gets dumped on or dropped on, you know, day one. It's, you know, this prolonged.

[00:12:19]Prolonged experience play to earn and rewards pools. So this is really interesting. So new SPS tokens will initially be added to the various word pools at a rate of 37,500,000 tokens per month. And we'll decrease uniformly across all reward pools at a rate of 1% per month. Meaning that after one year the monthly contribution rate to the reward pools will drop to 33 million, 239,400.

[00:12:45] And after five years it'll drop to 20 million, blah, blah, blah. These words will end after roughly 65 months, 1.8 billion SPS tokens in total. And at that point, no more SPS tokens will be created. The initial plan allocation of the 37.5 million. Monthly Whirlpool are listed in the table below. So ranked battles, SPS, staking rewards LP incentives, land expansion, Oracle rewards, tournament, prizes, Guild, brawls.

[00:13:10] So ranked battles is going to function pretty much the same as how the DEC rewards work. Now in that you win a match and you get the rewards. However, you're only eligible for that. If you have SPS staked on your account and that, that. Brings a whole other mechanic into the thing, which is, which is super interesting.

[00:13:30]SBS, staking rewards, you know, staking SPS into the system, LP incentives, providing liquidity for people to trade land expansion. Not exactly sure. The details on that Oracle rewards. These are the people running the servers, that'll bridge the, the bind, the smart chain functions and the hive blockchain functions tournament prizes are going to be prized as guilt brawls will be prices.

[00:13:51] So. The, the ranked battles. You know, I had this realization, I think, on, on Sunday where one of the issues with the whole splitting lands ecosystem is multi accounting. And I'm just as, as guilty as everybody else on that. Cause I have like 70 accounts. So with the with the way it was described on the, on the, on the AMA, the there's going to be basically an optimization curve.

[00:14:16] As far as staking SPS on each individual player, because the better. Like if, if I'm just an owner of SPS and I want to make as much SPS as possible, I want my SPS to be staked on the number one player in the game, which is, you know, so this past season just ended bub key and and Yassic w tied for number one in champion.

[00:14:36] So there objectively at least for last season are the two best players in the game. So, but so the way the mechanic is, is being designed from what I understand is that. Up to a certain point. Yes, it will be best to stake on the number one player, but there will be diminishing returns. So it could be, and it will be the fact that the you know, you're, you're better off going with lower, lower ranked players in terms of yield per SPS because of that diminishing return factor.

[00:15:06] So so that. That, you know, it, it incentivizes distribution amongst the top players, as far as being the recipients of those stake SPS, but it also rewards concentration to the degree of that. You know, if, if you're like me and you have 70 accounts, it doesn't make sense to spread out the SPS at all 70 of those.

[00:15:27] And Yeah. So you have a saying tokens could be held either in game or on BSC, and we'll be able to be bridged between the two tokens from the airdrop or from in-game reward. Pools will be credited to your game accounts. Okay. That makes sense. And then if you want to trade them, then you'd take them over to BSC and do whatever.

[00:15:43] So kind of similar to how DEC is working with Cub defy you just bridge it and then, you know, sell it or do whatever you want to do with it. So, so that. That whole mechanic that creating that dynamic balance between wanting to stay at stake, everything on top players, but being forced down the list through the diminishing returns and you know, still wanting to concentrate as much as possible that that tension creates an incentive for people to stay.

[00:16:09] On as few accounts as is realistically possible. And that means that the owners of, of lots of accounts are not going to be rewarded for having those multiple accounts. So it's a very interesting way that whole thing's going to work out. So and a lot of it's going to depend on what the actual numbers end up being as far as how many coins are, or how many SPS are, are staked on each of the various players.

[00:16:38] And what the returns of those are. So if it ends up being that the top thousand players and they're getting staked for SPS, then you know, the incentive to move away from multi-day accounting drops. But if they are, if it's a top a hundred players, then there, you know, there are a few enough. So if it's a top a hundred players, then there are enough other players that the incentive to reduce multi-county is there.

[00:17:03]Apparently I'm cutting off in, in audio. It looks fine on my end. I'm don't have any dropped frames or anything. So I know I'm going to chalk that up to discord. So yeah, very, very interesting stuff. As far as how the SPS taking on players is going to work, obviously LP incentives, you know, we need to trade and market to to facilitate value creation land expansion, while it's going to be.

[00:17:27]Something tagging with the lands at Oracle rewards. Oracle rewards are pretty interesting. You know, there was some commentary on that during the AMA saying how, you know, you do want a 24, seven kind of server running these whatever the Oracle Oracle program is, but it's not going to be you know, too hard basically.

[00:17:44] So if you have. A 24 hour kind of system. So like, you know, I've got a couple virtual machines on Microsoft cloud service that I run. So, you know, those could potentially be hosts for the Oracle, but, you know, you could do AWS or, or, you know, run a shell script on droplet on a drop flight in DigitalOcean or, or what have you.

[00:18:07] But yeah, so, you know, the more, the more articles we have there, the better. And there'll be competing for that 3.75 million SPS per month. Ranked battles. Well, you know, so I'll just read this just to it. I kind of went over it already, but staked, SPS tokens will not earn any new SVS tokens from the ward pools, just simply for being staked as is the case with many other projects.

[00:18:28] Instead SPS tokens must be staked on a particular player in order to earn rewards. Based on that player's performance, both the ranked battles pools and the SPS taking wards pools will work similarly to how the DEC rewards for rink battles work. Currently after every ranked battle, a number of reward shares will be calculated for the winner based on award, based on the winners ranked ladder rating, their energy capture rate, and any modifiers such as these gold cards, wouldn't streak and Guild or other bonuses.

[00:18:55] The SPS earned from the ranked battles will. From ranked battles, reward pool. We'll go to the player who won the battle. And the SPS from the SPS staking rewards pool will be divided among all the accounts that stake SPS on the winning player, based on their percentage of the total SPS state for them on that flare, which is kind of a mouthful there.

[00:19:14] But you know, so let's say. You know, there's a thousand SBS staked on Yassic Yassic wins. He gets his portion of the SPS winnings and the people in the thousand SPS get their portion divided up with however much of that thousand that you individually own. So that's kind of the basic idea. The system is designed such that the more SBS tokens that are staked on a player, the more rewards the player and the holders of the SPS tokens.

[00:19:41] SPS tokens staked on them will earn in total, but with diminishing returns for the SPS token stakers, this means that the more SPS tokens that are staying on flare with the lower, the return will be per SPS, token state. Therefore it would not make much sense for everyone to stake their SPS on the top rated player, because after a certain point, it will provide better returns to stake SPS on a lower rate of player who does not have as much SPS already staked on them.

[00:20:04]And because players earn a high reward for themselves, the more SPS is staked on them. It is always in the player's best interest to try to get as much SPS data themselves as possible, the higher their rating, the more they can entice the other SPS holders to stake SBS on them because we'll offer high rewards for the SPS holders as well.

[00:20:21] So so that's, you know, this is a great reward mechanism to get people, to climb the ladder as much as they can. And so currently, you know, with the collection power. Gates between leagues and the, the seasonal rewards that have all been converted to the ECE values now it's, you know, it's interesting how people who have been sandbagging themselves in order to get seasonal rewards might find it better now to go up to higher level competition.

[00:20:48]So that's, that's all for the good, I think everybody should be trying as much as they can to to get to where. They can with their cards and their skill and their time. But the primary utility of the SPS token is governance. And, you know, I just, I was talking about this. I think it was last week.

[00:21:07] And, you know, I had no idea that this was the big announcement. So if you look, if you listen to past shows, I'll sound like a genius. So I was talking about how governance would be great. And I don't know if you guys can hear my kids screaming in the background, but it's just. Craziness. But so in game governance is, is a basic, right.

[00:21:29]This is kind of what I've been talking about for awhile. So from again, from the AMA, basically every parameter in the game is going to be vulnerable. So Manoj costs abilities, you know tax value, speed, all those kinds of things will be. We'll be up for vote. If people wanted to change them.

[00:21:48] Also, people will be able to propose additional governance proposals and, you know, outside of that system. So you know, beyond just tweaking the parameters of the game. And I think that that we're going to see a lot of their interesting stuff come in. You know, so I, for 1:00 AM very. Very bullish is the right word.

[00:22:07] I would love to see more custom skins or custom skins at all in the, in the game and creating functionality between that between like NFT showroom and spinner lands to, to bring that altogether. So I would, I would, I love to see a system like that developed, but obviously there is, there is a technology cost, right in developing that and, you know, will it be worth the team's time and all that kind of stuff.

[00:22:31] So, SPS goes, let's make rusty, Android and Austin card. Yeah, so maybe, you know maybe if maybe if Android is a three-minute card, then it'll be way more attractive and somebody could put in a proposal to do that. If enough people vote to, to enable that change, then I could change. So very, very interesting stuff.

[00:22:52]You know, my, my hesitation is only, you know, Stake weighted voting is difficult because it's so top heavy. Right. You know, so, you know, if the number of 5 billion Airpoints airdrop points ends up being the number, that means I'm going to be getting about 1% of the of the airdrops. So that's a lot, you know so I would have a larger vote than just about everybody.

[00:23:22]There might be one or two exceptions to that, but I'd be. You know, top five, definitely. And you know, so if me and the other four in the top five get together and, you know, one, a vote on something, then it's very difficult for the rest for the other 95% to come against that. Even though, you know, they have the, they have the total numbers on their side, but you know, the individual engagement of those smaller voters tends to be lower.

[00:23:45] So it is more likely that the whales will be able to. To have outsized influence even beyond their wilderness. So that is something to be mindful of and that this is just the, has just how state, state based voting stake weighted voting works. And you know, I've been talking a lot about you know, the need for like a bicameral legislature of some software to where you have one where.

[00:24:06]You know, two bodies, one that's steak weighted, and one that is person weighted, but that's very hard to do in a, you know, open and permissionless kind of system. So I don't really have the solution for that, but so steak weighted is better than nothing, but I would love to see some kind of representation for, you know, the minnows in, in the ecosystem.

[00:24:25]Let's see. Release schedule is obviously what everybody wants to know. Token release and airdrop start July, 2021. And I'm going to assume that they're going to be some kind of graph showing the amount steak and. People will be able to optimize that. Yeah. So make a quest with three games with a rusty Android.

[00:24:44] That'd be awesome. So that could be a proposal, right? So yeah token release, airdrops starting July of 2021 bridges between BSC and everything. Same date Q3 is going to, we're going to start seeing all the incentives and the 21 prizes and the, and the actual implementation. Into the game as far as, as far as winnings and in game governance, Q4 land expansion rewards, Q4 cause cause lane obviously is also scheduled for Q4 and then a contracts dowels Oracle's Q1 2022.

[00:25:15] So a lot of stuff happening over the next, you know, eight months let's say. But I think this is a great. A great project done by the team. And I think it's going to bring in a lot of new people which obviously we haven't seen forever new users is the name of the game. You know we have that, we have that criteria from Ubisoft saying 50,000 daily actives is the beginnings of success.

[00:25:40] Yes. And right now we're at seven ish. So you know, it's we got a ways to go, but just imagine what the market will be like. In you know, if we seven X the user base and we get from, from seven to 50. So you know, over the past, I don't know, week packs of instrument flying off the shelves. And as a result, we got our 30th airdrop.

[00:26:03] Which is the second to last we got the gore LaDawn. And so I think that leaves the life splinter as being the only one left on the release schedule. But the core linen is, is interesting card. It it is a desk splinter, nine men, a one speed 12 health with reach aim, true and enrage. So Obviously it's going to need high made it matches probably because it's, you know, cost of nine got reach.

[00:26:29] It's got aim true and slow. So the aim true and being safe is you know, it's good to have those together. And basically it's a second line tank. It's going to be, it's kind of default usage, I think. So nice to have like to have that in. In the desert, what are currently the corrupted Pegasus kind of fills that slot because it has the reach and it has the tank heel.

[00:26:49] So you know, it's used a lot in that second spot, but this, but gorilla Don might give it a run for its money in a higher amount of matches. So, you know, it's, it's a good card. I'm happy to. Two I've received a bunch. So I ended up getting a 38 on the airdrop out of about 3000 packs and I had to buy an extra eight to round out to the 46 max level.

[00:27:13] And I combined it, and now it's in my, in my playing deck. And so if you haven't claimed your airdrop or if you're new to the whole Spooner lands thing, the way it works is you go to splitter and then you go to the shop. And then you will see on the PEX screen, you would see a you were eligible for an airdrop right, right.

[00:27:34] Where it says you have 461 PACS eligible right there. Pop Pegasus spot three. Yeah. That is likely Paul but you know, it's all going to depend on the rule set a lot, you know? So you know, in a no heel. Rule set. You don't need crib to Pegasus. You know, if it's a mainly mayhem where you can attack her anywhere, then you don't, you can do both and put them, you know, so, you know, it's so much is subjective.

[00:27:56]So here's a proposal which I'll probably put in when, when that whole thing goes live is in champion league. Not diamond league, but in champion league, having three rule sets available you know, potentially in any given match. So that would be a nice distinction to have between diamond and champion, because now everybody's got max level cards in both, but you know, you want to have, you want to have something different between the two leagues.

[00:28:19] So I think that would be a fun thing to do. And, you know, champions are typically more skilled. At least we like to tell her soul so therefore can handle the interactions between three different rule sets. But but yeah, so we got the new airdrop it was released I think this morning, right.

[00:28:35] And you know, we're already 10,000 packs into the next hundred thousand, so there's one airdrop lift and I'm, I'm pretty sure I was right about the. About it being a life splinter. And let's go ahead and check. So going over to peak monsters, go to untamed, epic regulars, and let's sort by sea monster ID.

[00:29:01] So yeah, Beatrix iron hand was the first one. Then we got the fire MEJ lobster dominance and gorilla Dawn. So that just leaves the life splinter. And it's important to remember that at So the next hundred thousand would be the final airdrop, even though there's another a hundred thousand to go in the untamed set.

[00:29:21] So there will not be an airdrop once the set sells out. In fact, a couple of us in the discord earlier, where we're trying to hassle agro it a little bit to, to do not, not really A useful card, but you know, something that's just, you know, fun to have for a final airdrop that would be like, you know, like zero banjos, basically like a chicken zero man, a zero attack one health and just yeah, no dragon epic for, for these guys where to got the the, the Byzantine kidney for the dragon seminar.

[00:29:53] But yeah, I think it'd be fun just to have like an I don't even know if promotional is the right word, but I'm just saying, you know, I was part of the untamed airdrops and therefore I got this card, you know, maybe it's not even playable in the game, but I think that would be super fun. We'll see, we'll see if that ends up happening or not.

[00:30:10] I tend to doubt it. Egret said that is unlikely, but you know, stranger things have happened. We've got a governance token out of nowhere, so, you know, strange things do happen. Let's see. But yeah uh, Lobsterdamus has been super great. Definitely one of my favorite new cards, a gorilla dine, it looks like it's going to be really useful.

[00:30:27] I am a fan of, of this particular airdrop government firearm age. I have not used as much as I thought I would. And just happenstance. I haven't gotten many earthquakes lately, so I haven't played too much with Beatrix. Just one of those weird trends in the random numbers that people like to No perceive, even if they're not real.

[00:30:45]So yeah, it's it's good times. And you know, I made that market in double up double. Let's see if I can find it real quick about when untamed will sell out. So. The market is closed in that you can't buy new shares, but you could buy shares from people who already have them. By September 15, 20, 21, I'm pretty sure the yeses are gonna win.

[00:31:08] Now, the sad thing about that is that there's not much money in it because everybody voted yet. Yeah. So there is there is some pal to be made there, but yeah, you know, it's, it's good stuff. And if you, if you haven't checked out double up, you should, it's a lot of fun. People make all kinds of markets on politics and sporting events, and you can make them on spoons cards.

[00:31:28]As far as, you know, predictions or prices or things will sell out or whatever. So I promised, I promised some whale games at the beginning of the show. And what I mean by that is that the, the, the expansion of splitter lands into buying smart chain and the direction that the team is taking the game has, has engendered some, a FOMO in me.

[00:31:54] So I had been talking a little bit. About how ho you know, should I buy another region or should I not? And the governance token has tipped me over into yes. So I am buying on the region. And if you look closely, we have a whole bunch of DEC in here. So it turns out that's, that should be enough. I actually haven't tested it yet.

[00:32:17] So I hope that's the right number. But I made an offer in the buy-sell in the buy-sell channel saying that, you know, I'll I'll pay 12 million DEC for a region. If anybody wants to sell as a secondary. As a secondary sale, Peter pier I got no takers and immediately crypto eater was saying was like, oh, I'll pay more.

[00:32:34] So I was like, well, okay. If he's going to sit there and outbid me and I had no takers anyways, then might as well just buy. Direct from spinner lands because, well, I don't know why but I, I tend to think there might be some small benefit to doing it that way, but I could be totally wrong about that, but regardless it didn't get any takers for a deal.

[00:32:52] So instead of just started buying up a DEC for sheep, cause it was down to like 0.8, five, it's buying a little bit, buying a little bit, buying a little bit and ended up. You know, I don't know if I single handedly roost raise the price, but you know, it's, it's higher than it was and see that on the on the DEC USD chart it's that little uptick at the bottom on the very right hand side there mostly me.

[00:33:18] So let's go to the land and if we do our region claim 15,000. Ooh, that's a lot of money, but here we go. So I'm going to pay with DEC actually I wonder how many we could do. Is there a limit? So no, there isn't a limit. You should probably probably put in a limit there. Yeah. Cause there's only like 22 plots remaining or 22 Regents remaining.

[00:33:50] Yeah. It's 22, 604. So. Let's see that. And then we go to pay with the EDC purchase confirmation. You'd like to purchase one region claims for 15 million DEC and I press okay.

[00:34:13] So I bought I was buying like a thousand or as, by like a million a day for a couple of days. And then I bought some off the market, you know, direct from a couple people for about 900 splint Hershey's and then I just bought the rest. Cause I, once, once the You know, once the foam will really set in and myself, then it's it really kicked, it really hit me.

[00:34:35] So now I am two castles, just like Matt Clark and I need to change my nickname on the sport discord. So yeah, that's a one more region gone and. You know that and somebody bought a plot while I was, while I was doing that. So that's kind of amazing, but those are my wheel games for the day. So I am now a two region owner and I was actually thinking about this.

[00:35:01] It's like, if you have two regions, do you want them side-by-side to maximize your control over an area? Or do you want them like opposite to you? Have you maximize your diversity? With my 38 plots. Do I have more than flesh goal on that? I don't know. I know he's got two castles, so he's got two regions.

[00:35:16] I don't know what other plots he has. But yeah, I gotta make sure I keep ahead of Matt Clark. That's very important to me. There was a couple of months ago, there was like a momentary blip in the market where his, his. His deck value was higher than mine. And I felt bad about that. So, or that I don't get get smoked.

[00:35:35]But you know, I th I think we're going to sell out here of untamed quickly. I would say, so we got 190,000 packs to go. You know, I would not be surprised if it's, if it sells out by, you know, ended June, you know it could be middle of June, even. You know, if we're going to 10,000 packs a day, then that would put the next there, the last airdrop at, you know, next Thursday, something like that.

[00:35:59] And then the final, the final a hundred thousand would go in another, you know, seven days after that. So like two and a half weeks from now. So, I mean, it's entirely possible that I feel like checking on my inner Rogan there it's entirely possible that. The untamed sells out here in like two and a half weeks.

[00:36:21] And then we will have a break of some indeterminate period and then chaos Legion will launch a interesting question. Somebody asked him that this quarter earlier of aggregative is if there will be a Kickstarter for for chaos Legion. And he said, you know, Or from what I understood what he said, he said probably not, just because of the amount of work involved of organizing that kind of thing.

[00:36:42] And, you know, they have enough on their plates already. So so yeah, I love the promotional cards. I love having the special sets like that, but obviously it is more work. For the team to do. But you know, once governance is a thing, maybe that's a thing that could be proposed. It's like, you know, it's like you could have, you could have the governance proposed design, you know, you have you have, let's say you want to do a spring promotional card.

[00:37:08] And so like, I love the halfling Alchemist. I think that is one of my favorite cards, because one it's extremely limited. And it was special to that time. And Oh, there you go. Of Matt Clark has 64 plots to my 38. So Chris, you met Clark. Yeah. But so, you know, we could, we could create a promotional card, you know, I, I hate the idea of designing anything by committee, but you know, somebody could create a proposal and say one, do we want a promotional card?

[00:37:38] Yes. Then he say, okay, You know, you can pass you can create a proposal for each different things. Like, well, you know, what splinter would it be? What would the main cost be? Would it be attack it? Would it be Malay or magic or ranged? And, you know, you could go through every design parameter that way. And then you could submit artwork and, you know, people could vote on whichever, whichever artwork they liked the best.

[00:38:00] And then boom, you know, all the. Not all, but you know a large chunk of the work is done by the community rather than by the team directly. So having governance, having a governance system opens the door to so much by delegating the work to the community to do. And so I think, I think it's great you know a great future lies in the SPS governance and I'm a fan.

[00:38:25]So that is, those were the two big updates. We got governance we got governance tokens, and we got the we've got the airdrop today. So fun, fun stuff. I am looking forward to untamed selling out quickly because I don't know if you guys have noticed, but prices are doing pretty well. So if we go over to the SM voter huts, Let's see here we go.

[00:38:51] There's already a market cap image already, which is handy. Yeah. You guys do all the work. We make the decisions. You still have to make them into code. That is correct wrong. But the decisions is a large part of it. So if, if, if Yemen is given, okay, here's the card, here's the specs. Here's the abilities.

[00:39:11] Here's the artwork. I, I mean, it seems like that would be. Fairly simple to implement. But the market cap is at an all time high, 16.75 million. And just in the last couple of days. So, you know, that's probably related to the airdrop news, you know? And then or to the governance news, I should say.

[00:39:30] So once the, well, both really once the. Untamed packs sell out. Then all the new players coming in, they can only buy cards from existing players and that means prices are going to be rising up. And I am, you know, looking to look into benefits for that on top of all that. V2 of the rental system is coming soon.

[00:39:55]Put that in quotation marks. You know, last I heard it was in testing and as far as I understand, still in testing, so I would not be surprised to see you know, something there happening soon. And the great thing about the rental system or version two of the rental system. Is the liquidity of cards for the users.

[00:40:21] So you know, from what I understand from what Jarvi said is that, you know, you'll have, let's say you want to rent a Yoda, Zack, you but you know, very expensive card and highly in demand. So you, you form an agreement say I'm willing to pay. Whatever it is oh yeah. But sent the details to peak monsters today.

[00:40:37] All right. So things are moving there. So let's say you're willing to pay a dollar a day for you and Zack. You have whatever level and the owner of that card agrees and delegates you the card. If for whatever reason that that delegation is revoked. And the owner calls the back then you're stuck, right?

[00:40:56] Because you had this card and now you've got to go out and find another one. Maybe you have enough funds to set up a new agreement. Maybe you don't. But the with the V2 rental system is that basically the, the owner of the cards being delegated is interchangeable. So, you know, if, if the owner pulls back the card, then a new owner will be swapped in automatically.

[00:41:16] And you, as the renter, won't have to. You know, create a whole new thing. So I think that's, that's a huge benefit for players in the eye in creating stability of the of the cards that are being rented. So the IDs might change, but who cares? You know, I still have a level, little three-year-old and Zach you that's really all I need.

[00:41:36] So I think it's going to be great. And once people understand the power of that, I think the rental activity will. We'll go through the roof. So I am, I'm very much looking forward to that. And you know, there's, there's a lot of interesting things that can be done with that, both in terms of battle.

[00:41:53] And then eventually when we get into the lands, because as you know, as we've seen, you know, we're going to need some winners and monsters stake in at least some of the lands. I think it was going to be a fair number, a percentage wise of the lands to get a maximum production out of that. Well, like all things there's going to be an optimization, right?

[00:42:13] Because you know, the you know, how much of the increase in production from level to level of a card has to be weighed against however much more those levels costs of acquiring those cars. Cause you know, the, the, the growth curve is exponential roughly. So, you know, it takes, you know, for an untamed common, it takes 400 cards for to max out, but that same card can max out.

[00:42:37] Or it can be level five with 25 cards. So, you know, it's, you know, even though rolling from level, whatever level five to level 10 you know, increase his abilities and everything, but it's not, it's not just double, you know, it's it's whatever 16 times. So, you know, the net net of all that, yeah. Is that there's going to be an optimization to be done between.

[00:42:58] You know, what levels of cards that you want staked on the lands, those costs of those, the costs of those cards and the production increases, those cards bring. So obviously whenever there's optimization to be done, computer's gonna be best at it. So I imagine that I will be able to talk Gerber into creating something to do that math, because it's going to be changing on a, on a, you know, On a regular basis.

[00:43:26] So it's going to be a lot to keep track of, especially if you have two regions. So I actually don't know what Matt Clark's plans are. I don't know if he's keeping both, but I'm hoping to keep both of mine and then we'll see when we get the map claim which might be delayed, I think by like a month because of the government stuff.

[00:43:43]When we get the map claim, I think we'll know a lot more about how the whole thing is going to work, but we are down to 21,602 plots remaining. And, you know, I had this, I had this wild prediction that untamed lands were going to sell out at the same time or within a week of each other. It doesn't look like that's happening.

[00:44:01] I think, I think untamed is going to sell out Lands might sell out by the, by the time chaos leaves and lunches, you know, that could be a thing. But you know, we'll, we'll see how all that goes, but you know, if you're looking to get some lands it's time you know, I I've actually ended up spending more because of waiting because you know, on the third airdrop or not, not airdrop on the third land, pre-sale.

[00:44:25]I could have gotten cheaper and with the bat sale, I could've gotten them cheaper, but you know, hesitation, you know, costs, but that's okay because you know, that same money, you know, made me a bunch in the meantime. So that's that's okay. You know, the, the thing that was really holding me back with the, with the region purchase was.

[00:44:42]The opportunity cost because, you know, it's like, well that 15,000 DEC could be working somewhere else. And, you know, in defy, you know, we'll make pretty good returns. So it's, it's a little bit difficult to, to make that justification. But now that we have governance tokens, that adds an extra layer to the incentive, to holding land because now instead of let's see for, for land plots, if, if I now have 2000.

[00:45:07] That gives me 20 million airdrop points as opposed to 10 million airdrop points. So that is a good,

[00:45:17] so that is a, that is exciting stuff. And you know, I, I can imagine a situation where. Regions as a whole, once we have the map claim will be traded back and forth. So like from my own plans, you know, I've got these 38 extras. I was thinking it's like, well, do I, do I, you know, just sell off the plots, those 38 plots.

[00:45:41] Cause you know, 38 compared to the 2000 is, you know, relatively small amount. So I could sell them on the secondary market. And you know, You know, recoup, whatever. My investment was excellent investment in those was zero, cause it was, were all rewards for providing liquidity. But I can, I could make some DEC there and then I could you know, use that for, for whenever else.

[00:46:01]But. I realized that no, I want to, I want to roll the dice. I'll I'll claim them on the map, see what they are, see how those compare to our two regions, because maybe I get lucky and those 38 plots contained like the one or two things that I didn't have in my two regions, which case I want to keep those or I'll be able to trade, you know known items for new items and you know, plot-wise and be able to, to, to capture any missing resources.

[00:46:27] So. You know, it's opened them up. They might be legendary. You never know? Probably not, but it could happen. You know, my, my liquid, the RNG is not good. In fact, I, I believe I got the absolute minimum on the airdrop today on the grill add-on but you know, I I'm, I'm still, I, I guess, hope Springs eternal, right?

[00:46:48]Where I'm I willing to take the gamble? And, you know, with with all the different types of, of land plots it's likely that I will cover the vast majority of them with having two regions, but there might be one or two or three that I'm missing. And, and then having those 38 extras opens up the possibility to, to capture those on claim or trading for them.

[00:47:10]After the claim. So yeah, keeping my keeping, my, my 38 extra was to be determined after we know more basically. So I am super excited about Lane's I'm super excited about governance and you know, those two things together, I think, dramatically alter the future of the game. So I'm, I'm super happy.

[00:47:32] With the direction teams going by having that governance on buying a smart chain, it, it brings all the, all that outside interest into splinter Lance and say, oh, you know, I, I like in the, in the discord, I've seen them over the last few days. I've seen people come in and it's like, oh, you have all this stuff.

[00:47:50] I mean, there's this whole ecosystem and there's this, you know, this functioning game. And then, you know, there's a rental market and you can buy and sell and then there's the DEC. And then you can stick liquidity and, you know, it's like, It's like everything in crypto is kind of encapsulated in one way or another in spinner lands.

[00:48:07]So it's, it's it's a great project that not enough people know about. And now with this move over to BSC, More of them will know about it. So I'm very excited about that. And, you know, once we get the empire building with lands going on top of the actual collectible card game it's just, it's just going to be bananas.

[00:48:24] And, you know, already, we're seeing, you know, huge spikes in the market valuations, and that's when crypto in general is not doing well. So, you know, I don't know if you guys have looked at the price of Bitcoin. I did my, my monthly snapshot yesterday. It was not good. There was a large number of us dollar value that is, that is missing from my balance sheet now.

[00:48:48] But you know, one of the things that has counteracted that is actually the growth of my split Orleans assets, because, you know, they, they didn't make up for a hundred percent of the loss, but they made up for a lot of it. So you know, this, this decline in Bitcoin that we've seen has hurt everything in crypto, except for.

[00:49:05]Spindle ans as far as, at least in terms of my holdings anyway it split millions and my stable coins. Those, those are the things that had been done that have been doing. Okay. But everything else is just coming down. So let's see. I forgot what my collection power was at now or not my collection power, but my collection value BTC makes Neil's spreadsheet set.

[00:49:25] It does. Let me tell you and so. You know, we're about two 20 on, on the market valuation of my, my car it's, which is just insanity, you know, considering I put in, you know, 30, 35, something like that years ago. So, I mean, I don't think I've bought any, I don't think I have any put any fresh Fiat currency in this Wonderland since oh.

[00:49:46] But the last time was that I. I, you know, for the Kickstarter for untamed, I put that on a credit card, which was, I had the 5,000 level and got to design or got to input suggestions for Lear deep swimmer. And yeah. So whenever that was, was it two years ago? Maybe, maybe less. I don't know, a while ago.

[00:50:08] That was the last time I put, I put any Fiat funds into spitter lands. I, and now I've got, you know, 220,000, there got two regions, which is going to be worth you figure you know, something on the order of 30 grand. So two 50 altogether. That's that's do it. Okay. And and you know, having a fun time at the same time, you know, Playing the game because, you know, I, I play virtually every day.

[00:50:34] I am, I'm now in the misfits Guild, which is a great name, but you know, battling it out in the, in the roles I lost my, my one gold foil fray. Which is very frustrating, but you know, the, the, it's such a different game playing between champion level and bronze level. It's like, I just, I just don't know the, how the cards interact well at the, at the bronze levels.

[00:51:01] Well, really bronze, silver or gold. I don't know. I don't know. Those league plays. Well at all. And I'm over to on gold foil, bronze phrase. So that's the best skill. Absolutely. So amazingly we're at the end of the hour, I've just been talking and talking and here we are. So I want to thank everybody for coming and I will try to get this recording up relatively soon, but until next week, we'll see what else the team has in store for us.

[00:51:26] We'll catch you next time.

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This publication can beat the lord of the rings book hahaha.

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Thanks, mate. Really enjoyed it, as always. Congrats again on the second region.
It's going to be interesting to see the impact on rentals, with cards being re-assigned to work land. I'll likely end up becoming a renter, myself.
Until the SPS announcement I had contemplated stopping battling entirely, to use all of my cards on land and just play as a resource farmer. Kinda want those Champion points now, though. Might 'retire' after the airdrop ends, instead.