[Splinterlands] SPS Airdrop Points Calculator

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You've probably heard by now that the Splinterlands team is releasing a governance token and is airdropping a chunk on existing accounts.

I made a spreadsheet (what else) to calculate Airdrop Points for the upcoming SPS governance token airdrop.

Use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jjZn01cgr0ziLgEw2bjDtrGonVgpzHsTVNkXDWhpw_k/edit?usp=sharing

Make a copy for yourself and then enter your numbers in the highlighted fields.

Remember, Airdrop Points are not the same as how many SPS you will receive. The total number of points for all players will be added up and your relative percentage of that amount will be apportioned SPS.

So at the time of writing, I have 50 million Airdrop Points. If the total playerbase ends up having 5 billion points, then I will get 1% of the airdropped SPS.

Have fun nerding out!

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Thanks for the spreadsheet. I have currently "only" 7.2 million airdrop points. I need to get to 10 to hold my ".2 NEAL" position. :P


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Nice - so we are pretty close the two of us :-)

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Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the community, I was going to set up something similar but you saved me and everyone else the time making it! Super duper excited for the future of splinterlands as well, its pretty cool that they are taking the time to add governance to give the community a little more say in their future

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Great tool mate, thanks a million ^^

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Thanks for the heads up about the air drop. How do you qualify? Do you have to own cards?

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I have calculated most things and I should receive about 225k tokens. Interesting, thanks for sharing such a calculator!

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I wondered why the SPT price did a sudden jump after being in the doldrums for months.

1500+ airdrop points flying your way!

Manually curated by @flauwy

Monster Upvote SPT (Splintertalk.io)

Delegate SPT to @Monster-Curator with LeoDEX or Hive Engine and earn daily SPT payouts.

Yo Neal (@nealmcspadden)! Looks like the plan I executed after your JUICY post may TURBO-BOOST my earning potential with this new SPS token, eh? That is, the plan about continuing to buy land plots - been buying "up to three plots per month" (one year contract started this past February) at discount from my guild leader (15k each) - until he recently decided to HODL more (which is totally fine) in light of the upcoming developments, and so I can still buy eight more (monthly plots) from him (based on our gentleman's agreement (both of us being certified "gentlemen) at that price, and then plan to CONTINUE buying 1-3 plots per month (either on the main market or @hive-engine). This is IN ADDITION to my ongoing strategy of buying ("at least one gold card per day" using my DEC earnings, and/or tournament winnings. I've also been continuing to buy Dice packs, and have hit some UBER-JUICY cards in those, and the value of the cards, overall, has GREATLY exceeded the cost. Would you agree that, based on the terms of the airdrop, and play-to-earn nature of the new SPS that it would be IDEAL to continue with this ORGANIC spending plan? I will play around with your spreadsheet. This is gonna be fun...

Thanks. I couldn't find anywhere about delegations. How do these work? Is it collection points for cards you hold including delegations?

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Thanks for this. Really cool.


Useful little spreadsheet. One thing I noticed: collection power is based upon playable cards (my delegated cards are always subtracted from that). Matt said the airdrop points for cards will work at the ownership level, meaning we need another way to calculate that, not based on collection power.

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That's a good point. You can actually filter out cards that are delegated to you, here
(bottom right corner 'Owned')
Then use the "DEC" value to calculate accurately

Thanks! That's a great option, since DEC and collection power assets are both worth 1 airdrop point.

Thank you for this so i have 300,000 i guess i need to earn more now :)

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Thanks for such a great spreadsheet to use! An upvote from Splinterlands is on the way!

Thank you for this very useful spreadsheet for everyone to use! ~@clove71

This is fantastic! Thanks for putting that together!

Will SPS list on Binance?

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nice work!

aweosme work. Thanl you!

i have got over 1,700,000 Airdrop Points

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If there is some calculator to make, you can be sure @nealmcspadden already did it !

And he gives it to us the pleb 😂.

Thanks 🙏

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Nice sheet, finally some indication what this could be looking like. Thanks

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