End of the month. Made it to 46K Hive.

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Another month goes by so that means another chance to look back and see how things are stacking up.

Nicely, I hope.

I started off this journey from the 1st June 2020 and my full goal is to own 1 Bitcoin and 50K Hive.


This is actually my favorite post to do every month as it is a sign of the progress that can be made through daily activity and building a following on hive. I started doing these three years ago when I tried to build my first 100HP and it took about three months to get there.

I love sitting down at the end of every month and taking a look to see how the account has grown and review how it got there.

Being active and interested is the key for success on here or any other social media channel. If people don't see you, how will they know what you are doing and get involved in that journey?

While I have a wide variety of interests that keep me motivated to post and to engage on the chain. I do tend to focus on two tribes in particular.

Sports - https://www.sportstalksocial.io for any sports related content.

Leo - https://www.leofinance.io for money, crypto, financial posting.

But there are others that I pop up in from time to time like,

SPT - https://www.splintertalk.io/ for splinterlands related content.

Palnet - https://www.palnet.io/ For general content and engagement.

CPT - https://ctptalk.com/ For marketing, business and affiliate marketing content.

All different communities built onto the hive blockchain with their own rewards / tokens and vision on how to build success on hive, while having their own site.

While not my main focus, I do keep adding more tokens to my account for each of these tribes and add even more just by posting, commenting and staking the tokens.

Over time some of them could become quite valuable as they expand their userbase and vision going forward.

Unfortunately due to the previous hardfork I don't have any charts to base last month against but from the leofinance site I do have up to date ones for the past month.

Account Growth

September 2020


October 2020

No graphs this month after the hardfork. Which is terrible.

On the plus side the end result was 43k HP up from 40K at the start of the month.

November 2020


Growth is very steady at 3,000HP for November again. This is down to a number of factors.

Life has been busy but I have tried to stay as consistent as possible and keep posting multiple times per week even when i can't do it every day.

@splinterlands have released their mobile app to the play store and with my deck being fairly strong i have tried to make the most of my mana and play more games every day. It is actually a really good earner that had been under utilized by me in the past. I tend to earn 1 hive for every 3 games that i play. By playing an extra 9 games a day adds up to 90 hive per month.

I love the challenge of growing the account and use any avenue that I can to keep growing that HP. Over time that earns you even more and speeds up the process.

I do have some @leofinance miners from back in day 1 but for now I am happy to just keep adding to my account over there as i spend a good bit of time on the site anyway and love where they are taking the project.

The main part of the growth however is from interaction on the chain. Blogging, commenting, interacting and just enjoying the whole experience.

While growing my account and posting about it might seem very shallow it's actually the people and content here that add the most value.

So many interesting and unique people all trying different things and looking for a new way to do things. I love all of it. Even when it frustrates me, annoys me, enlightens me and also educates me in a lot of ways.

That's why Hive is home.

Account Activity

September 2020


November 2020


I'm very happy with the graph from November as there is a nice consistency to the daily earnings with a few healthy spikes from various posts.

Overall my posts tend to sit around the $2 mark but there is plenty room for improvement which gives me a nice challenge going forward.

September 2020


November 2020


Compared to Septembers numbers my curation rewards are sitting the same but I have never tried to maximize these numbers and prefer to spread the votes out as wide as possible. It is healthier for the system in the long run to manually vote and grow as many accounts as possible going forward.

Then author rewards are up by $9 and more importantly comments received are up as well which i like to see.

Posting content to @leofinance has a lot to do with this as the engagement over there is very high.


Hive Power.




Summary for November:

Things are going well and my Hive target isn't far away. I know there will need to be one more push after that for Orca but it will happen.

On the bitcoin front it will be a slow grind for now. I am just dollar costing for $100 per month right now as my only gains which will be even slower now in the bull market.

When I hit the hive target, i will use my other small earnings to start buying bitcoin instead and push that forward next.

Only one month left until Xmas and my next report so if you're feeling generous you know what to get me......

Thanks guys.

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Impressive work. I have my sights set on 10,000 Hive. I just wish I had the time to hustle harder. I must say I find your progress posts inspirational.

Thanks man. It does take a bit of time to grow at this rate but the evenings are long right now and not much else happening. I probably won't have this spare time again so making the most of it while I can.

Apart from that it's nice to have a hobby and stay involved with the different parts of hive. It gives me something different to think about.

Anybody can get there eventually if they stay active but it will take a bit longer.

Terrific post.

This is why I have such confidence in this place. There are many people who are diligently working on attaining higher levels of holdings. It is being accomplished through effort and consistency.

That is not easily replaced. There are hundreds, if not thousands, adding all kinds of tokens. They are doing all they can to keep growing.

Over time, it is evident what progress was made. I really enjoy posts like this because the tell the story for newer people. It is an excellent example.

Hive is offering many opportunities for people. It is up to us to keep it growing.

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Thanks @taskmaster4450, You are one of the people that i have followed since the early days of joining and a lot of your predictions have come true to this point.

I believe in what is being built here and want to be in the right place when it happens. That means putting in the effort now to grow my account and help others to do the same.

We do need to keep growing the userbase and get even more people into the growth mindset but hopefully the tribes will play a big part in this over the next year.

We do need to keep growing the userbase and get even more people into the growth mindset but hopefully the tribes will play a big part in this over the next year.

This is so true.

Fortunately I am aware of Leofinance plans that could really help with the number of users. I think we will see some breakthroughs.

I am also interested to see the details on what 3Speak is planning.

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Crushing it man!

Very well done...I know it's not exciting, but I love this model for account and portfolio growth...Slow and steady and taking dips when we can.

Great stuff!

Thanks Jon.

Just getting ready for when it all clicks at some stage. I remember joining 3 years ago and wondering how people had so many tokens. They were the ones that got in first or bought at 7c. This is our time to grow before more people land in to the apps.

Consistency and engagement. Works every time.

Great update. 50K hive is huge. Are you buying and powering up Hive or are these numbers only from posting and curating? Hope you will make it to 50K in 2020.

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Mostly posting and curating but i do earn a lot from @splinterlands and other dapps.
I also post to a couple of other sites and use that to buy hive but they are very small amounts. I did put money into hive back in the day but for this challenge it's all about the hard work and grow it organically.

Great progress man! Are you buying hive each month too?

Not buying from fiat at the moment. This is all from the hustle.
Staying active, using the dapps and the small bit that i do buy is earned form other sites like blurt or publishox. It can add up over the month.

Interesting growth stats, this is a huge motivation! Cheers

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Anybody can do the same if they are active here and willing to be consistent and to engage with the community.

The tribes are great for that and you can earn the rewards on two levels. What's not to love. People that create content you are interested in and a place to find it.

I love it x10....i will choose hive over and over and over again

Good progress dude! :D

When do you think you will hit 50k hive? :D

Next two months if it keeps building at this rate. I do want to keep some liquid though if the markets pump around xmas like the last bull run. Then there is money to be made and buy back in later.

We'll see how it goes.

Are you only earning from curation and posts or are you also paying monthly?

I wanna speed up my growth aswell, I dont feel like 300hp a month is enough :p

Good performance, keep growing!

Thanks man.
You know how it goes. Just keep stacking and don't look backwards. Build for the future of hive and be ready when it takes off.

Nice progress -

You do know that 50K isn't Orca, it's nearer 52K!

You had to kill the dream..........😭

That's it. I'm powering down and going to blurt to become a whale. How many blurt does that take?

About $3.00 worth!

Sweet, I can be a mega whale over there and go around pissing everybody off and causing trouble.
Should be great fun.

Honestly, I think you're better off here!

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Well done man, that is some brilliant work, 4000 HIVE will be nothing for you at this point you're already running away with it you should have 50k pretty soon and good shot on getting close to 1 Bitcoin that's super impressive, you're basically a 1%'r now

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The bitcoin might take some time at the rate prices are shooting up bit it will keep me busy for next year.
It's good to have a project and stay busy. Who knows how things will all play out going forward.