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Now that I am still a newbie (non-technically 😊), let me share a few initial thoughts about the Leo Finance platform. Else, I fear that it would not be an initial observation anymore. Okay, so don’t wear those glasses and don’t pick up that cup of coffee. Why? This is a brief view and not statistics on why I feel that the world is round or Bitcoin is not round.

Also, I have a question, which I will put down, and maybe someone can clarify. Here are the points.

Let’s go.


The Look-and-Feel


Having been on Hive for three years, I am used to the user interface. Leo does a good job of maintaining the user interface and then adding on other functionalities. What this does is that it gives the current users a sense of ease in using the platform. The learning curve is that much lesser, and adoption is that much faster. Does that mean adoption will be slower otherwise? No, newcomers will always be there who were not part of the Hive system earlier. For them, the learning curve is not tough, either.

The good part is the cool look and feel and the voting power bar under your profile on the top right-hand side corner. Just to let you know how important it is to me, take a look at my background picture on the top center of the page. See that? So, now you know how much I appreciate that feature.

The LEO Apps Tab


Well, this is new and interesting as well. There are three subtabs, each leading to a different page. The most impressive part is the Decentralized Exchange. I had read about it but get to see it in action for the first time. Amazing!

The Hive stats is a useful function to let us know all possible statistics of our account. In fact, we can see the statistics of any user. Not bad! And LeoPedia, as the name indicates, is the brain of this site. Anyone who needs assistance can jump on to the LeoPedia pages and explore things.

I still have to explore these areas in detail, but I am sure readers are getting a drift of what to expect. Pretty cool.

And Here’s My Question


What happened to my followers? I have about 876 followers on Hive (At least, that’s what Hive tells me) but only 118 on Leo Finance. Is there something I am missing?

I guess that the inactive users are counted out, and only the active ones are held. I don't think that the followers are unique Leo users, either. Since I am new to Leo Finance, it is unlikely that Leo's unique users would be my followers. So, a bit puzzled on this one. But I am sure there is a good enough reason.

Anyone who knows, do let me know.


The Verdict

Well, I like the site and will be using it to a good extent from now on. The site’s color scheme seems to include some fluorescence in the mix. I mean, a bit of the orange fluorescence around the “Leo Finance” logo and green fluorescence around an article’s primary tag. Anyway, it could be just me.

Let’s be honest, the main reason for jumping on to this site is the value that it offers writers. Leo, the base token is roughly three to four times Hive in value. That makes it a lucrative proposition. Besides, Leo seems to be increasing in price and following the trend which BTC is setting. This is something I am unhappily noticing not happening with Hive. So, a definite clincher. If the DEX comes up, imagine what could be the base token’s price in the future. Definitely, a site to stake our work with. I am sure you agree.

So, that’s about it. That’s my initial impression of the site and everything that powers the site. I hope you like it and do come and check it out. 😊

Have fun writing!


Image Courtesy: Hive and Leo Finance Resources


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Some crypto-faucets and jewelry earners:

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Few Gaming-cum-earning sites

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Spot and/or Futures Trading Exchange



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@tipu curate

What happened to my followers?

I don’t know the answer. However I wouldn’t worry too much about it. As HIVe is decentralised peer to peer social Network, we should be consider followers as peers because everyone is a owner of HIVE protocol

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True that. But wouldn't we write good stuff over a period of time to earn the respect of people that they follow us? By following, I don't mean higher-lower, bigger-smaller, kind of comparison, I mean, where are my people? :)

Anyway, since you don't the answer as much as me, it just is the "Curious Case of Benjamin's followers".. :)

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