Gaming investment... and spreading Splinterlands love back!

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Spending some more time browsing the Leofinance posts, and given the interaction between members I've witnessed, decided to dip my toe in too and write a post on the community! And will do it merging the main focus here with one of my main focus on Hive: Splinterlands!

Investment wise, this game has given me my biggest return in any investment I've done so far. Of course, I like to play the game, and it's impossible to count the hours spent gaming, and time IS money. But speaking purely on ROI of the invested money, as of this writing, my Splinterlands ROI is 873%! It's absolutely insane!

And now, another great possibily to increase the ROI is coming, and I consider it a great investment opportunity as well even if you don't like to play the game: the future Splinterlands expansion. With her, apart from the battles players, will be able to have lands, and produce items and spells that can be used in battles and be trade as well, generating yet another source of income. The details are not yet fully known, but you can find more information on the subject on the Splinterlands post.

And because of that land sale, here are the two immediate investment opportunities, even for the non-player: land sales and Uniswap!

  • Uniswap: there is a pool of DEC/ETH on uniwsap, and the providers of liquidity can get free land plots and raffle tickets, depending on the amount of contribution to the pool.

  • Land sales: in the future, they will be sold at 20$ each plot, but they have a massive discount on the presales, that will happen in three phases: one is already gone, but 2 remain, and still with large discounts!

Simply buying land now will probably be a great deal, since they can be sold for a good profit later. And getting land will get you raffle tickets as well, that you can redeem and hope to get lucky (there are really valuable items to be won), or simply sell as well. And you don't even have to wait for the expansion to come, that is only expected next year. Plots (the basic land unit) and raffle tickets can be tokenized and sold on Hive-engine:


As a player, I'm simply excited to see how the game is evolving, and not considering the profit part that much; but of course it is on my mind as well!

How about that "love spreading" part in the title, you might be wondering?

Well, simple. The Splinterlands community is amazingly helpful to each other (at least from my experience), and during the time I've played I've lost count of the free giveaways and card offering I've seen; some have called it "sharing Splinterlands love". And yesterday I had another one of those moments: I was in my awesome guild channel, and shared that I only got crap cards from the 5 packs I had just purchased. And today when I checked discord, realised our leader @mattclarke had sent me a pack, in his words "a lucky one". And when I opened it...


For those who don't play... that gold card alone is worth more than 7 packs!! A lucky pack indeed!

So, since I believe good deeds should bring good things... @mattclarke, I'm sending a pack too, hopefully even more luck loaded. And I want to read you got a golden Zaku! ;)

So there you go, my two cents about how Splinterlands can help you profit in the short term. If you have any thoughs or questions... let me know!

Hive on!


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Still haven't joined Splinterlands? In what planet do you live in? Click the banner below and join the fun! (It has my referral link; you can go directly to the website if you don't want to use it; either way... join in! 😎 )

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Did you sell any cards to get investment back, or is it all in the game?
I keep telling myself I should sell the ones I don't use, but I just wanna keep them all!

Dcity has been good to me too :)

Same thoughs about Dcity too! ;)

I still haven't taken anything out of Splnterlands yet. I suffer the same problem as you, and keep hoarding cards! 😁😁 But I should definitely optimize my collection, and keep some until we know more about how lands will work, it seems that you need cards to work on the lands.

Did you manage to get land?

I did, joined a guild pool! And I think I received a plot from the Uniswap pool as well.

Ohhh lucky you! I tried to get it myself, but they were just gone so fast :(
Will try again this time. If I don't get it.. oh well..

Try to get into one of the pools! There were several players organizing them; it will probably be the easiest way.

The chances are probably the same since it is a lottery now for everyone. If the whole pool doesn't get it - nobody in it gets it.

Probably true... good luck!! Maybe we get to be neighbours! 😁

873%!! That certainly looks high

It is! When I check my collection value I still find it hard to believe.

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Glad you pulled something good. There's a lesson there. Next time you're feeling lucky, buy 6 packs, not 5 :)

Wise words!! 😁😁😁