Splinterlands: It might be much more than gaming

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Few days ago I wrote a post Hivedapps usecase are expanding beyond Hive in which I explained how Splinterland's forge the relationship across the chains to bring user to splinterlands. But within past 7 days Splinterland make few public announcement that just shows they are going to get bigger soon


Let us analyze the news one by one.

1. DEC Uniswap pool
By this announcement Splinterland had DEC available outside the Hive ecosystem too. We all know the crypto users crush on Ethereum, By having their presence on Ethereum sphere will able to help them to reach a larger user base.

2. Account creation update + New partnerships

They are doing lot of partnership with other gaming platform like Gala games and SAND recently. So it means they are going to get manifold registration. Not every registration buy the summoner spellbook and leave the game so it's is an "unnecessary" Hive account created. They have changed their account creation process to cater the larger user base without having absconded hive accounts.


This look very different from usual game offerings as it is Virtual Expo center. Actually this looks very unique offering by a game platform and I am also curious to see how it turn on. Do Splinterland is trying to extend it's sphere outside the gaming domain?
Will this Expo center is idea exchange point between Hive and other Blockchain?

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With Land sale already planned on mid November and they have already raised a huge interest among the current players and think we started getting lot of players from outside then how the game and it's value will increase. Is the time coming for "Rusty Androids" to be valuable in near future?

I have no doubt in success of Splinterland's team because they have expertise in Hive blockchain and experience in forging partnership (with all the partnership they forged earlier) and lot of userbase as players, I guess they are up to something big and we are going to get some cheering news soon.

PS: I make more DEC than trading DEC ,instead of playing game. so might be it is chance to get benefitted by Splinterland's relationships even you do not play the game.

If you want to join this game then feel free to join it here

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Oh yeah, there is so much more than what meets the eye at first look when it comes to Splinterlands. I always knew that.

Is the time coming for "Rusty Androids" to be valuable in near future?

I have stacked up on Rusty Androids for exactly that reason. Each land slot will have a monster card as some sort of worker. I am sure level 10 Rusty Androids will make great workers, just because they are so cheap. And maybe undervalued card even get some sort of buff but we will have to see about that.



Thank for you curation.

Rusty used to be my favorite card when I joined. Once I did experimental battle using Rusty and prismatic energy to prove that you have a chance to win against magic attack even you are lacking lord Arianthus.

There is a lot going on that is going to pull in more users. It is interesting to see all that is taking place.

We are entering new realms with a lot of this stuff.

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I am just wishing that I have lot of liquid Hive to jump on these ships.

Still learning but I like what I see so far. Going to buy some more packs for the heck of it..

Wait, if you are small investor buying pack is just a lottery ,most of time you will not make ROI.
I go on methodically on splinterlands, buying those card that is needed for me to win the matches and earn more DEC.

But still, who knows what your luck hold for you, may be a GFL waiting for you.😀

Thanks for the advice.

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You are welcome.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Very informative post my friend. Yes, many things will happen soon and a lot of surprises are on the way!! Keep playing Splinterlands and post awesome contents.

Thanks for curation. I am keeping eye on it.