Best value Splinterlands cards to level up next? Fire Splinter

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I don't play Fire Splinter myself, it's the the one I sacrificed in order to build up my other splinters. The reason for choosing fire as my duff splinter is that it's the crudest of the lot - it's just about max damage, too easy.

Turns out that since the introduction of the Yodin Summoner, which is the worst thing that's happened to Splinterlands IMO, that maybe abandoning Fire was a bad choice, because there's only one thing you can do against a maxed Yodin when you yourself don't have one: lose.

It's sad, because it's so crude: blast just means you lose by being pounded. It makes intelligent strategy pointless. Yodin is a victory for stupid money, literally. I feel a bit sorry for the guy whose forever got his name associated with this card, it's more than a little embarrassing!

So if you want the best value card to buy in order to maximise your win rate, buy a maxed Yodin. It'll pay for itself in the long run, and it adds 50% damage to every attack card you use, more if yer playing ranged attacks.

As I said, I don't play fire, but even I've got 10 of these already! At some point I'll buy another and max mine out, but ATM I've got a few lower level cards delegated out to help people out, and I'm happy to keep it that way for a while.

What other Fire cards are good value to go with Yodin?

If yer going to spend $150 on a maxed Yodin, you probably want a few decent cheap fire cards to go with it, and here's some of the cheaper options I REALLY don't like coming up against!

I would usually use @darthgexe's most excellent stats tool to see which cards have a combination of reasonably high play rates and win rates, but it's currently down ATM, hopefully being updated and not gone forever!

If I ever choose to level up my Fire deck, I'll probably go for the cards below first...


  1. Exploding Dwarf - you can pick up a maxed level for $7.00 - with piercing, retaliate and trample. Immense with equalizer
  2. Serpentine Spy - < $0.07 a card, and huge damage with poison - great opportunity card! Another equalizer must have.

Rare and Epic

  1. Cerberus - about $15 for a level 7, with 4 damage, heal and retaliate, great for low mana battles
  2. Ferexia General - $0.32 a card, you only need 46 to max, snipe, inspire (great for fire) and shatter. Snipe is great with Yodin, double the blast damage!


  1. Elemental Phoenix - a constant feature of Fire splinter line ups - $40 to max but you get a lot for it!

Final thoughts

I don't play Fire myself, but when I do max out that Yodin and start to build my fire deck, these are the cards I'm going to pile into first!

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A little bit bitter but still entertaining and valuable post. 😉



Oh come on, Yodin, shit for the game!

maxed Yodin, you lose, YAWN!

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Max Yodin change the scenario for Fire Summoner with high-speed range attacks for there blast abilty.