Splinterlands pays me around $0.50 to $0.80 an hour - not bad for being paid to play!

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I'm currently being rewarded with 60 DEC for every @splinterlands battle I win, at a 90% DEC capture rate, currently in Diamond League.

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I'm sure this is more than I've been winning in recent seasons.

The DEC price is £0.005, so that's a reward of $0.03 a battle, which doesn't sound like much, until you do some further maths....

If you're mercenary about it and don't bother to watch the battles (but not a selfish bot owner) then it takes around 3 minutes to find an opponent and select a team, so you can play around 20 battles in an hour, and so could earn anywhere between $0.30 (win rate 50%) up to $0.60 (win rate 100%) in an hour depending on what your win rate is.

I think it's fair to add on daily quest rewards to the above - the way I play quests is to only use the quest splinter if I think I can win, which is usually only around 1/3 to 1/4 battles, so I can easily end up playing for an hour to complete a quest, raking up 10-20 wins in the process.

Quest rewards are usually pretty crap, so this would only push your win rate up to around $0.50 - $0.80 an hour at current DEC prices.

So, $0.50 to $0.80 an hour, you know that's not too bad for being paid to play rather than being paid to work!

If you'd like to play Splinterlands, you can sign up by clicking here!

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I think it's best that I don't think about my hourly rate from Hive, but if it's time I would just be watching TV then it's a bonus if it's still fun. I do actually tend to watch my battles, sped up of course. I want to see how I win or lose. Down in Gold the rewards are not so great. I got no cards at all in my quest today and too many potions.

I make up to about 20c per hour from Rising Star, but that just needs a click every 5 mins. If I run longer missions I make less. I have spent a bit on cards that increase my earning rate, but mostly I am just ploughing what I make back in. Not sure what my rate on Cryptobrewmaster would be, but I am almost at cash-out level. The issue there is that there is not much to buy.

For someone where rates for other work are really low some of these games could provide nice extra income.

I tend to watch most of my battles too, it's much more enjoyable, I don't like getting those potions as I don't like buying packs, they are not so good value!

Earning anything in any game is great, Rising Star sounds like it's going well and I think CBM might have quite a good rate!

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We just don't know what these tokens could be worth in a few years. It may turn out to be time well spent.

Some modifications to the rules was needed to prevent abuse, if they decide also to limit the number of matches per season DEC would be increase in every match and would go higher imo.

You can't limit number of matches. It's a game!

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Per season, its an abused game. I'm talking about 800 matches more or less, real players don't play more than 600 in most cases.

and @eirik - I am well aware of the bot problem! It is a difficult one.

NB the number of matches you can win DEC in are already limited due to the declining capture rate, that's a mechanism which can easily be tweaked to control milking by bot accounts as I'm sure they tend to lose more often.

For no particular reason, I never got into Splinterlands. But it’s really nice being able to make even a little money just to play a game. No idea how one would calculate hourly earnings for @cryptobrewmaster since you tend to click things quickly and then come back a couple of hours later and click again. But I’ve found that it’s not all that hard to make something like 200 CBM a week, call it $10 a month. A trivial amount for most of us, but for someone living in a poor country, possibly several extra meals for their family. Playing Splinterlands, Cryptobrewmaster, and several other games could really add up for someone like that.

If we really are earning $10 a month from CBM I'd say that's significant - given that $2000 a month is a liveable income, 0.5% for just a few clicks a day is excellent - another 200 things like that and you're financially sorted!

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This is quite rewarding, how long have you been playing Splinterlands?

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A good couple of years now. I'm more into it as an investment rather than a game, but I quite enjoy it for about 30 mins a day.

Okay thanks for the response

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Yeah I noticed the increase in DEC rewards. Was there any announcement about the increase?

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I don't really know why it has increased TBH, I don't remember reading about it, maybe fewer people are playing?

less players in the diamond and champion means the pot is bigger for those that are in those leagues

Ah so that's what it is, already noticed it drop off in the last few hours!

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That's a calculation based on the current DEC price but there are some indications that DEC could actually be worth even more in the future. We will see.



The price certainly does seem to be holding up well!

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More DEC if you are a guild member, better still being in a dead guild (like me) where you don't have to contribute.

Play = fun = profit ... is there anything better?

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How much did you invest in your cards tho?

Somewhere in the region of $1000 from the Steem PowerDown mainly

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When I saw the DEC rewards at the beginning of the season I played until my ECR wented down to the 60%-70% range. I thought it was the effect of fewer players playing, so... temporary. Nice to see this keeps going!

You haven't counted in the cards rental revenue, which is almost passive, because you need to check and make changes every now and then. And I believe this market still has a lot of potential to grow.

I do rent a few cards as it goes, I've even bought some legendaries recently explicitly for that purpose!

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