Still a good time to buy DEC?

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A couple of weeks ago I asked the question whether it was a good time to buy DEC.

Turns out it was, at least if you go by this week's prices:


DEC's now another 25% up on the Hive Price, and that's with a decline in the price of Hive.

I doubt very much if my own 150K DEC purchase did much to boost the price, clearly I'm not the only one whose been piling in on DEC recently.

This must be due to people increasing their holdings ready to buy land.

I've presently got around 820K DEC, so I'm not too far off the 850K required to buy discounted LAND. I should be able to earn the rest by just playing, with maybe the odd cheeky thousand bought in here and there.

I'm quite glad I made the commitment to pile in 10 days ago!

I figure I can then sell on a few parcels for a small profit early on in order to be able buy whatever resources I'll need to build stuff on said land.

The only downside is this means holding off on levelling up any cards for the immediate future!

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I think DEC has still some way to go until it hits the peg of 1000 DEC per USD.



I didn't realise there was a peg! Another 30% increase or there abouts.

What happens when it reaches it?!?

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It is a soft peg because you can buy a booster pack for 2000 DEC. I am not sure myself how this would eventually reflect in the DEC price. If DEC further rises, people would eventually start buying packs and burn cards for DEC.

Ah I see what you mean, so presumably one is guaranteed to get 2000 DEC's worth of cards in an untamed pack?

I haven't bought packs in ages, they're just not worth it!

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I piled up some DEC too. With what I have in-game that's over 800K, and hopefully I'll be able to earn the rest of 50K until the land pre-sale. When is that, November the earliest, right?