Valnamors look undervalued, so I just bought one!

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I just bought a maxed Valnamor:

At a cool 200 000 DEC, or $121.

Now that may sound like a lot, but a maxed Alric currently costs $98, so you can get a legendary for just over $20 more - if I'd had had a maxed Alric I would have traded, as you can always use Bortus for lower mana battles, who is much cheaper to max out!

I also think Valnamor looked undervalued compared to the other summoners - my assessment of him is that it's just below Rennyn in utility, and better than the Peakrider, certainly better than the Beta Legendary Death Splinter summoner dude.


I want at least one legendary summoner for all the main Splinters, and I think this is probably going to be more useful than the new water summoner, which I can live without!

This may have cost me a cool 200 000 DEC, or $121, but I've put up for sale a few other cards which will cover most of the cost, so really this is shuffling cards rather than purchasing anything new!


I'm probably getting rid of these a bit cheap, but I just want the 200K DEC back in my Hive account asap TBH, I've got plenty of value in cards as it is!

Someone's already bought one of my L6 Alrics, only another 150K DEC needed and I'll be even stevens!

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That's still some serious money for a card. Looks useful though. I have built up my old summoners and am loath to start again, but that may put me at a disadvantage. Will have to see how it goes, especially when the new rules kick in.

It's all relative, I think the value of the Valnamor will increase probably quicker than the other cards I've got, and I can use this!

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It will be interesting to see if the market can continue to grow. Some would say we are crazy to spend money on virtual goods, but it's all down to demand.

Splinterlands has weathered the storm of the Fork and now a whale sell off really well.

Still, my favourite ever Discord show quote remains 'I think most of us feel we're probably over-invested in Splinterlands' - that was from @nealmcspadden

Then again, gaming is big business!

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Nice one .... I bought mine for 180$ few momths back.

But I bought the life legendary for 63 few weeks ago, so that compansate.

I'm sure we've all paid over the odds for cards at some point!

I don't think these will be on the market at this price for long!

That's a deal on on the Life Legendary, are you talking about Chanseus? If not that's a great deal on the Peakrider!

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the Peakrider

Great pick up!

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I absolutly agree with you and I bought him to but mine is at lvl 3 at the moment and Will max mine out to. I do have the new water summoner to in max but I also find this summoner better so I Will use mine more once I maxed him.

I do use water alot and death is my Strongest so I been focusing on lvl up most there 😜

Good pointers and Great pick up 😉👍