What are the Best Value Splinterlands Cards to Level up Next? (Life Splinter)

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The prices of the recent Reward editions of Splinterlands cards seem to have settled down for the most part, so it's time for me to start thinking about whether I want to buy in new cards or level up what I've already got.

Not to give too much away, but....!

I've decided I won't purchase any of the rarer recent reward legendaries yet as the prices probably haven't stabilised - I doubt if enough have yet been printed to satisfy the 'max out' needs of the top 50 players or so, thus they won't be cheap!

It's very easy to figure out the best value cards to buy. We just need to visit @darthgexe's most excellent stats tool to see which cards have a combination of reasonably high play rates and win rates, and the results are as below...

Screenshot 20200908 at 18.44.59.png.

If we exclude cards with a very low used rate, the cards to level up are:

  1. Silvershield Bard (something of a surprise here, but already levelled).
  2. Armorsmith (no surprise, already levelled)
  3. Crystal Werewolf (no surprise given its utility in low mana battles, already levelled)
  4. Silvershield Assassin (phew, one of my favourites!)
  5. Truthspeaker (no surprise, already maxed)
  6. Angel of Light (something of a surprise!)
  7. Shieldbearer (a little surprised it has such a ghigh use rate)
  8. Feral Spirit (no surprise, already levelled)

(I struck through anything I've already levelled up).

This list confirms some of my intuitive feelings about the most useful Life Splinter cards to level up, but what about prices to take them up their 'optimum levels'?

In order of value - I'd recommend buying the following:

  • Silvershield Assassin - (level 5 for $1, Max level for $5.00)
  • Armoursmith (Level 6 for $1.38)
  • Crystal Werewolf (level 6 for $1.50)
  • Shieldbearer (Level 5 for $3.00, Max level for $8.00)
  • Silvershield Bard (level 6 for $3.00)
  • Truthspeaker (Max level for $6.00, really needs to me maxed!)
  • Angel of Light (Level 3 for $12, level 4 for around $24)
  • Feral Spirit (level 7 for $6.00, max level for $24!).

I'd personally be levelling up in the order above. For me personally, I'm going to be levelling up the Assassin to max level (I'm not far off) and the Shieldbearer also go Max level, bit further to go with him, but with certain rule sets where armour must be hit first, he's awesome, especially if played with the Armourer ability.

I wouldn't rule out buying into the new reward cards or Dice cards based on the above game stats, they'll be played less because fewer people have them, and probably have lower win rates as when they are played they won't be levelled, thus reducing the chances of a deck that plays them (for fun) winning).

However, my thoughts on the Life Splinter reward cards are that they are just a bit naff! The Silvershield Sherrif are that while he does 5 damage, Life isn't a very snipey kind of deck, and there's plenty of other cards that shield, and as to Bila she just looks weak - I expect four buffs on a legendary monster maxed, not three.

From Dice, I can see myself buying both the Lunkari Mistress and Kraulus, but not yet, prices will come down, once a few tens of thousand more Dice packs have been opened!

What are the best value life splinter cards to invest in?

Not financial advice, but I'd rule out Rewards cards that aren't close to their print run, so I'd opt for the following:

  • Armoursmith
  • Truthspeaker
  • Shieldbearer
  • Silvershield Bard
  • Cyrstal Werewolf.

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Interesting stuff. I don't play life splinter. I will look forward for your comments on Water, Earth or Dragon.

Oddly enough I was perusing possible earth purchases earlier, nothing interests me that I haven't already levelled up, except for one beast of a new Dice legendary.

Dragon - I can heartily recommend the scale doctor - I think it's cheap ATM, played with the Khmer Princess (another must max) you get double triage and repair, which can be a great defense against melee rule sets, which I hate!

Goblin Chef is my top cheap buy, that and the Vulture, played with Dragon Jumper (also quite cheap atm if you ask me) - all good!

Great overview to stack some Life cards. Keep the other splinters coming.



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I am just not into playing Life and it is less levelled up than my other. Water and Earth are my main ones. I've been doing some trading to improve those further, but still not looking to spend lots on the game. I can win a lot less rewards now.

Oh that's disappointing to here that the changes have had a negative affect! It's not great.

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