Whose Bought all the Rusties? Rusty Android just did an 8* overnight!

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Rusty is THE DUFF card of the Splinterlands canon - there is no more useless card than the Rusty Android, but for some reason someone's been on a buying spree and pushed the price up eight times overnight.

I know regular Rusties were selling for $0.02 a couple of days ago because I bought a couple having just written my Splinterlands challenge post for the week featuring Rusty- and I actually remember at the time thinkin '$0.02 cents, that's steep!'

Now the lowest listed single card is just under $0.16

Screenshot 20201026 at 08.22.58.png

I don't know whether the buyer is holding on to them or whether they've just burned them - Rusty has the highest burn rate of all the cards:

Screenshot 20201026 at 08.13.05.png

With almost 70% burned, that means he's well on the way to being as rare as rare card, so to speak!

My Gold Rusty is currently 'worth' almost $150

Screenshot 20201026 at 08.14.45.png

NB A maxed gold Alric water summoner will only set you back around $!60!

So I don't know if someone's just having a laff, or if burning has been REALLY lucrative, or whether someone knows something about how useful this card might be with the new LAND sale (it wouldn't surprise if suddenly certain cards become awesome 'workers') but that's a hell of an increase.

I might sell a couple of my regulars and one of my golds, this seems like an opportunity!

Oh, and err @slobberchops, remember those 100 Rusty Androids I accidentally sent you a couple of years ago, can I have them back now please?!?

Thanks to @abh12345 for alerting me to this! I've added you as a beneficiary!

If you don't yet play Splinterlands, why not give it a go?

Anyone using my referral link will receive a free rare card!

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This is a super important test case for what we will see much more from now on, in my opinion. The land expansion will make the hyper deflation of Splinterlands go in berserk mode. Here is why, based on the already very detailed information we have (I wrote this and this post about it):

Each land plot will require a building to harvest, refine and store all the natural and magical resources as well as the monster essences. And then finally for the actual crafting building for spells and items. Each building will only work on max stats with the fitting Splinter worker for that specific Terrain Type. Neutrals have not been confirmed, I believe, but make sense looking at the 14 different types (2x7). Everyone who is interested in the best ROI for their land will try to get the cheapest cards available to do the job as good as possible.

Rusty Android is from the oldest Edition featuring Neutrals, which was the Reward Beta (next to the Beta Neutrals) edition. Because he was so useless before, he had the cheapest price and was always kind of a like a joke card, you called it THE DUFF. So he will serve a very specific niche worker relatively well, which is was as a cheap Neutral worker from the oldest possible edition, only best with max level (505 BCX). Other cards like the Goblin Mech or Highland Archer will serve the same niche but had higher prices so far (apparently not anymore).

He will not be the ultimate high-end card, although his gold foil counterpart is already very close to that. Rare, Epic and Legendary cards from the Beta and Reward Beta editions will do even better than Rusty, so Hydras, Lord As and Spirit Miner will be the best-in-slot. But since supply is limited and people are buying hundreds, if not thousands of plots, they will be in huge need of an army of Rusty Androids and co. And each at the highest possible level because who wants to run an expansive land plot with a level 1 card?

Now see the bigger picture: I alone will need to buy thousands of cards from the market to fill my Tract as well as possible with high level cards. And I am already a whale with multiple playing accounts. This means that ALL cards will see a massive run, the cheaper and older and higher and golder (lol) the better.

I am still in shock myself but this will change everything!

And to answer your post question: I have been one of the buyers of the Rustys (two max regular foils (for $8 each) and 33 single BCX gold foils (for $0.70 each). Others have followed suit and finished off most of the remaining single BCX cards until the supply was mostly gone.

One more advise: I think it makes ZERO sense to buy Rustys at this current price, as long as the other cards in the same category are still cheaper.

P.S. I should make a post out of this comment... lol
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Wow, a very informative comment, explains a lot, CHEERS!

The next few months are going to be VERY interesting then!

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Like with everything crypto: You always buy (or sell) at the wrong time ;)

And surely you're not going to work an entire tract, that'd just be too much?!?

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I don't know yet because it is still unsure what effort it requires. From what we heard so far, it will be a set it up and come back a few days later to work with the result and repair and improve your buildings. The time spans will get larger with more experience and higher buildings. So I think it is actually doable but we will see.

I think someone took the @splinterlands hint very seriously. Maybe they did a lot o digging into. I felt very good about never selling or burning my Rusty Androids.

Most buildings will also require some existing Monster and Summoner cards to "work" in them in order to function, so you may want to hold off on burning your hordes of Rusty Androids! Additionally, Monsters and Summoners from certain Splinters will be better suited to working on specific types of buildings and land plots.

That was probably what triggered the buying spree. Even if it isn't I'll be a happy NFT HODLer :)

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I took that hint seriously too, and removed mine from the market. :)

Very smart move. I've seen enough cases where near useless cards gain new value thanks to an update. Designers at @splintelrndas are exceptional at their job!

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I never sold these cheap cards, either. Though I only got two dozens androids.

I've combined the cards and kept them around. I rarely use them in a fight. But didn't want to sell when it's going to be super rare in the future.

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If that's the case I don't think it was a very intelligent purchase.

It's not going to be the obvious monsters 'working' in 'obvious ways' is it?!?

I mean you might have monsters with the cleanse ability able to make cleansing potions for example, flying monsters only able to access certain places, 'spirits' for ephemeral realms.

There's capacity to make almost any damn card super valuable given the fantasy nature of the game!

They would have been much better off buying 100 of 10 different cards rather than 1000 Rusties, or however many they bought.

Unless they've got insider knowledge.

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Unless they've got insider knowledge.

I've thought about this. Another thing is Rusty Android had some real low card prices. There's a chance to see better price appreciation in % gains.

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Or maybe they bought them for the lolz, it certainly amused me!

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Oh, and err @slobberchops, remember those 100 Rusty Androids I accidentally sent you a couple of years ago, can I have them back now please?!?

Would love to but I sent them over to @steevc.. a bit like the HIVE torch thing :)

a bit like the HIVE torch thing

Or slave trading ;D

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They're androids ;)

Discrimination! :D

And @tarazkp - Just like the Hive Torch, only 100 times less annoying!

Virtual slave trading, I guess that is the Splinterlands market, kind of

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An android as a worker for land is awesome - don't need to feed or pay him. But he's already rusty, so nothing for longterm ;)

16 cents for a rusty?? let me sell some of them asap and maybe get some other stuff or dec from it


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I had that batch of Rustys, but unloaded them. My gold is worth $15. It's tempting to sell to fund other cards.

I don't envy your choice, I'm fortunate enough to be able to put a couple on the market and have some left.

If I only had one, I'd cling onto it!

Although I could practically afford a gold maxed summoner for my maxed gold rusty, I probably should sell, but I kinda like him you know!

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If it sells then I can do quite a lot. It's hard to know where prices will go in the long term. I just don't worry about it too much.

Yes, you can buy a lot of more useful cards, and I think an 8 times increase in value is a legitimate sell point,

Important thing is not to worry about it your right, just enjoy the game and accept any gains you might make out it!

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The rusty android was undervalued. I guess that Ravanen also bougth a lot of those cards. He/she is a good market maker on SM.

Hive a nice day @revise.leo!