December Hive and LEO review - stable earnings thanks to the increasing LEO price

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My dollar earnings are pretty much the same as last month, $550 worth of tax deductible Hive and Leo gift-tokens from my peers in the last 30 days.

I've got back to mainly just posting just once a day on my main account, rather than churning out two posts a day across two accounts, no real reason, that's just been my mood in the last month!

My earnings have stayed stable in dollar terms thanks entirely to the increasing value of LEO

I use mainly the following sources to get these stats:


I do like this initiative - so I powered up 200 Hive:

Screenshot 20210101 at 12.43.49.png

Headline Stats for November 2020

  • Hive Power - 59 200 (56 400) rank number 285 (291)
  • LEO Holdings - 38 000 (37 000) - across LEO, WLEO and LBI
  • Splinterlands cards - worth around $3700 (3500) using market prices, and almost no DEC!


Hive Holdings and Hive Rewards

@ReviseSociology received the following rewards:

  • 98 (118) HBD in author rewards
  • 797 (976) HP in author rewards
  • 407 (431) curation HP
  • $237 worth of Hive related tokens

And @revise.leo received the following:

  • 2.16 HBD in author rewards
  • 17 HP in author rewards
  • 0.7 HP in curation rewards
  • $4.20 worth of Hive related tokens

= $241 (297) worth of HIVE tokens in December

As I mentioned above I've calmed down on the posting a bit this month so this mainly reflects that.

I could post a bit more and earn a bit more every month, but I just haven't been in the mood this month!

Hive name.png

LEO holdings and LEO rewards

@revisesociology received the following in rewards

  • 372 LEO (420) for author and curation, mostly author
  • 84 LEO for my LEO VOTER delegation
  • 3 LEO in mining rewards
  • 154 LEO for my WLEO POOL stake
  • $165 worth of LEO rewards

@Revise.leo received the following rewards:

  • 540 (840) for author and curation, mostly curation.
  • $145 worth of LEO related tokens

So that is around 1150 (1100) LEO earned in total, not too shabby, and around $310 (250).

New above is the return from my WLEO pooling - 154 LEO a month from a 5K stake - that's around a 25% return annually.

What's also noticeable from above is how much my revise.leo earnings have declined - and that's mainly due to my declining curation returns, as we've all had - I thin it's to around an 18% return ATM, compared to the WLEO pool which has a return in the mid 20s.

I'm going to wait for another month of results on returns from the WLEO pool and then see if it's worth moving some more of my LEO over for the returns there. For now I'm going to leave it powered up.

It's all a game and there's a chance a few other people will move LEO into the pool balancing out the respective returns - I'm not a fan of pools, thanks purely to the punitive ETH fees.

I also PDd and bought 1100 LBIs, so we'll see how that goes in the future and I'm now up to 15K delegation for the leovoter.

Hive logo.png

Splinterlands progress and cards

I'm getting a bit bored of the game but as an investment it's holding up quite nicely.

  • my cards are currently valued at $3700
  • I've cleared out the nearly 1M DEC I had a couple of months ago. I sold abot half of it for ETH and bought cards with the other half, my most expensive purchase being a Llama mage! Maxed!
  • I've also got at least 16 plots of land.

Hive name.png

Other Tribes and tokens

I've bashed out a few posts on Splintertalk with my @revise.spt alt - and I'm still a fan of the spt token.

I don't really hang around the other tribes very much, but I do use the Palnet token on almost every post.

Games on Hive

I rented out a water tower in @cryptobrewmaster and I now have shed loads of water. That was expensive though, and a rather silly flaw is that you have to keep repairing it if you rent for a long term which probably makes a daily rental more economic.

I also bought a couple more bundles of resources, mainly to support the game.

I still like the concept, but I'm more stacking rather than playing ATM.

Nothing much going on in @exode this month, I didn't expect there to be, there's a lot of development work before the next phase which is colonisation. Hopefully early 2021 this will start to get very playable?!?

Hive logos.png

Final Thoughts

I was expecting to see my earnings go down this month, by around $100 - in fact I'd even written that in the introduction then had to go back and change it!

If I want to see my earnings increase into next month, then I guess the path forward is clear - target writing on LEO.

I've been powering up most of my earnings on Hive still, and still most on LEO - although I have traded some for some RFOX with felander and I'm buying some AVA - I've only got a couple hundred more of the later to buy until I move up to the next staking tier, which is what I'm targeting, then I think it's back up to Power Up the lot.

Like everyone else I'm still wondering what on earth is going on with the Hive price?

If it goes any lower I might do something really stupid like buy a couple thousand more!

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Let's see if 2021 brings anything new for the SPT token. I kind of doubt it, but the hope dies last (as we say in German). I keep on stacking it!

Manually curated by @flauwy

Monster Upvote SPT (

Delegate SPT to @Monster-Curator with LeoDEX or Hive Engine and earn daily SPT payouts.
Sponsored by MonsterMarket

Still pretty decent figures and like you, not really sure what's going on with the HIVE prices but at 8.5p I just got another 1k for PUD - mostly because the badge but hey, it all counts lol!

I've heard a lot about AVA, I'm thinking of just buying it outright and stake that amount needed for 20% returns or whatever it is.

There's a few airdrops happening on HIVE and LEO so might be worth just keeping the stake going until those happen. Think 3Speak and LEO are doing a drop in Q1

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500 is the minimum you can stake, then it's 1000 after that, which is what I'm aiming for now.

Honestly, I was really sceptical at first, then I tried out their search engine, they gave me better results for flights back to the UK from Portugal than Expedia.

I can't imagine ever owning 5K which is the max you can stake, but certainly 1000.

I didn't cash in that much Hive or leo - I sold some lTC and all my XRP and some fiat.

But honestly, I've got a lot of LEO! I think it's silly to not diversify a little.

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Ah ok, so about £500 to buy 1000 AVA at this rate. Does that get you 2% discount or something like that on their tiered system. I read a bit about it but couldn't take it all in! Sounds like it might be a good venture and another one of those "stake for tiered rewards" style tokens like CEL.

Good call on XRP, I shipped that out earlier in the year, seems to be having a knock on effect with XLM too all this SEC malarkey!

I'm slowly buying up CEL and ETH too but like you, might just delegate a little more to leo.voter for those gift tokens ;)

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Here are the benefits - the top 2 go up by 1% for the next tiers

Screenshot 20210101 at 18.02.58.png

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I’m finding all Leo projects are more profitable at the moment. I’d recommend looking at dcity for a good source of income.

I just can't invest in DCity, not the way Gerber is selling off Hive. 50K last month.

I expect developers to have a larger stake in the platform as a whole!

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I did not know he was selling off the much hive...

He mints DCITY cards, pays you in Hive for holding them and devalues your rewards by selling that Hive.

It's not something I'm supporting.

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Do you know if anyone has talked to him about why he keeps selling? I see covering costs maybe making a profit, but 50k seems excessive.

I guess he just prefers Bitcoin or doughnuts or whatever else he buys with the Hive!

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If it goes any lower I might do something really stupid like buy a couple thousand more!

Yes, I feel the same. I peeked one day and it was 10c but I wasn't near enough a computer to buy some!

Nice earnings, interesting the way they balance.

It'll probably go lower!

I was surprised, LEO seems to be held up by ETH maybe?!?

That's a bit of a guess.

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$550 worth of tax deductible Hive

Are you counting your earnings from blogging as taxable income? I've just started looking into the whole tax thing having ignored it for 3 years.

From what I've read, we should be recording every single transaction and working out the sterling value of it. No way I can do that going forward or looking at the past.

I'd need to find out the Steem/Hive/Euro/US dollar price every time I did something. Apart from the more normal buying and selling of crypto every change from a Hive to swap.hive and swap.hive to something else, for example, is a taxable event.

How are you handling it all?

Any idea where I can find historical data for my Steemit posts or my Blocktrades trades? I literally have a headache just writing this. It's a massive undertaking.

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I'm basically ignoring it for now.

As far as I'm concerned i'm not not earning anything - it's all just token swaps which people put a fiat value on just for fun.

If ever I cash any out for fiat I'll just put by 20% or thereabouts for tax.

If I can hold out long enough until I figure out how to shift my tax base to Portugal I don't think I'll have to worry about it at all!

This was a response to your original comment. I think you edited while I was posting. 😂

They are a taxable event every time you exchange a token for another token or currency. Then when you take them to fiat they come under capital gains tax. The rules were updated from when I looked a couple of years ago. And Coinbase and other exchanges have agreed with the HMRC to pass them records of all accounts who received more than £5,000 worth of crypto assets in their Coinbase account during the tax year of 2019/20.

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Oh that is interesting, I don't think I've bought or sold that much crypto thankfully!

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Shifting your tax base to Portugal to avoid capital gains isn't easy either. I've read a lot of discussions of people talking about doing this (although they were mostly talking about moving to Malta). But it's quite complicated and you have to be there at least 5 years before selling and can't hold abiding ties in the UK during that time etc. etc.

Of course my other strategy is leading a low income lifestyle, I'll never need to cash out more than a few thousand a year anyway, so whatever tax I do pay would be pretty minimal.

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Yep. I'm with you on this one but I feel I need to get some records all in one place and then stay on top of it.

Happy New Year by the way!!!

I guess it makes sense! And happy new year!

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Wow! Nice job! That is a pretty impressive deck you must have for Splinterlands. I think mine is worth about $1000. I have been reinvesting most of my DEC into Hive and Leo. Nice job on your power up as well. I need to start keeping some of my liquid Hive aside so I can do a power up soon.

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Hey cheers and happy new year!

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