What are the Best Value Splinterlands Cards to Level up Next? (Neutral Cards)

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Having a decent set of neutral cards is essential if you want to progress up the leagues in Splinterlands. Unless I'm on a no neutrals quest (which frankly are a bit of a pain) then I'll nearly always have one or two neutrals in my deck, but what are the best value neutral cards to level up ATM?

Not to give too much away, but....!

In this post I consider the relative values of the most commonly used neutral cards which have a win rate of above 50%.

It's very easy to figure out the best value cards to buy. We just need to visit @darthgexe's most excellent stats tool to see which cards have a combination of reasonably high play rates and win rates, and the results are as below...


The results above are for all leagues and ordered by win rate - however cards which have very low use rates are not the best investments as they tend to have very niche uses -like the Peaceful Giant and 'lose all abilities' for example, nothing beats it, but it's probably not worth buying before a Tower Griffin which is a surprisingly under-rated card IMO - used a lot and with a very high win rate.

Cards Analysed in terms of cost to peak efficiency and max

Max is to max it, but some cards hit their peak efficiency much lower down the levels, which makes them exceptional value.

Cost to max.JPG

In order of value - I'd recommend buying the following:


  1. Creeping Ooze - up to level 7 where he picks up 3 health (and one damage) = £1.00
  2. Furious Chicken - up to Level 5 were he picks up enrage = £2.20
  3. Tower Griffin - up to Level 5 where he picks up shield = £2.20
  4. The sniping Mantoid - up to level 6 where he picks up snare, and 3 damage = £2.00. This is a great budget alternative the The Centaur.
  5. Parastic Growth - up to level 6 where he picks up 'scavenge' = £3.30

Mid range

  1. Cocatrice - up to level 5 where he picks up both dodge and fly = £5 (I've done it up to L6 on the spread sheet, but L5 is more budget
  2. Elven Mystic - max him so he has silence, affliction and 2 damage, you won't regret it! £6.20
  3. Dwarven Wizard - snipe and stun at L4 = £6 and worth it!

Pricey, but worth it!

  1. Cornealus up to L3 = £15 - Currently a very cheap legendary.
  2. Lord A UP TO l3 = £28 - Ouch, but he is a battle winner! I use him so often!

I'm aware Lord A may seem over priced, and I wouldn't recommend spending so much on a monster card UNLESS it was a neutral and was very useable, and both are the case with Lord A.

Everything else I'd leave

While the cutthroat is useful if you want to do a double snipe attack, or even a treble snipe, some of the new cards coming through are cheaper and better maybe - Coral Wraith for Water, Silvershield warrior for Life, and for the Centaur and snipe, the same is true there.

I do like the Tortisan Chief and I love the Alchemist, the later is very useful in low mana battles, but being objective they're not as useful as other cards besides having reasonable win rates.

Final thoughts

I think there are some underrated neutrals - the Tower Griffin, the Elven Mystic (so useful if you just need an extra bit of silence!) and Cornealus is cheap ATM too. I even think The Chicken is still good value, and don't forget about the Gold options for some of those cheaper cards.

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Posted Using LeoFinance


Lord A is still holding up his space. Nice overview and once more very useful.



Hey cheers!

I picked up a Lord Arianthus at lvl 3 some weeks ago and boy did it help my win-rate! I'm using him almost every battle I'm allowed to now,

He is crazy useful. I think oppress was designed purely for him.

Chain Golem is probably the best second choice, downside there is that you need to max it as it really needs that Stun ability!

Oh, this is going to form the basis of my shopping when my Gold Mimosa sells...

Glad you found it useful, I really recommend doing yer research using that win rate tool, it's helped me enormously with my card purchases and which to max out especially.

Great one!
And what the best cards to rent?

Well a couple of weeks ago I was getting a nice return on single Cornealus and Scale Doctors, better than the maxed!

I actually bought another single Cornealus with my seasons rewards (which were shit) rather than opting for levelling anything up. I've kind of got most value cards levelled anyway.

Summoners I guess would be the other thing to go for. I think I'm just going to stack summoners from here on in.

Men, I love the way you analyze the statistics and filter them to find underrated jewelry, nice done.

Hey cheers, and it's a great stats tool.

NB for some reason I couldn't seem to make the filter work for Champions League, only for all leagues.

Have a !BEER

Yes I know, I had some problems to collect data after the dec floor implementation. I solved it but it will take some time to have enough statistics again. I realized the error a little late, sorry.

The other thing is that I already consumed the hours of use for the heroku platform this month, so the page will be down for several days 😕.

Hey, I noticed your site has been down for well over a week now, any idea when it will be coming back up?

If there's an issue with funding I'm sure there's something we can do to get you better funded, it's an excellent tool!


Hey buddy 👋

Unfortunately the site will be down for the rest of the month, I will be able to get it up and running again on October 1st, this at least in Heroku.

But I'm working to put the site in a VPS, maybe it will be available for the first days of next month, it happens that I've had some problems with my Internet and also some personal IRL issues that have kept me busy these days, but soon I'll be working on it again.

Hey good to hear it's just a temporary down, hope yer life gets back on track too!

Hey @darthgexe, here is a little bit of BEER from @revisesociology for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for all this useful information! I'm going for the tower griffin now.

Hey cheers, you know I still rarely play it, but I do tend to win when I do play it! With Earthquake it almost feels like a no brainer.

Now I just have to level up my summoners to use it

Ah yes, it is all about the summoners this game!