What are the best value Splinterlands cards to level up? Water Splinter...

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The Water Splinter is notorious for pounding magic attacks, with two of its summoners giving a plus one magic boost.

Combined with a decent range of heal, triage and self-heal cards, and cleanse options (an under-rated ability IMO), a magic-heavy water Splinter makes for a formidable foe!

But which are the best Water Splinter cards to level up for the money?

Not to give too much away, but....!

It's very easy to figure out the best value cards to buy. We just need to visit @darthgexe's most excellent stats tool to see which cards have a combination of reasonably high play rates and win rates, and the results are as below...

Ordered by play rate

Screenshot 20201005 at 20.56.04.png

Ordered by win rate

Screenshot 20201005 at 20.49.26.png

The results above are just for the Diamond League, which is the league I am currently in, and so most of the plays are going to be with cards levelled to at least their 'peak cost efficiency' if not their absolute max.

For the analysis below I'm going to look at all cards from the Water Splinter with a use rate above 2% (all cards in the first screen capture) UNLESS it's got a win rate of <40% UNLESS it's one of the newer reward cards or Dice cards, because there's not enough people with these cards levelled up to provide meaningful stats as yet!

I'll also look at any additional cards which have a very high win rate and a play rate of >1% from the second list.

Cards Analysed in terms of cost to peak efficiency and max

Max is to max it, but some cards hit their peak efficiency much lower down the levels, which makes them exceptional value.

The first column below shows cost to peak efficiency, the second is cost to Max!

Common cards....

Screenshot 20201005 at 21.55.06.png

  • The Spineback Turtle is he best deal, mainly because he picks up thorns and 2 damage so early on.
  • The Sea Genie is next, followed by The Albatross - $5 for a healer.
  • The Crustacean is PRICEY for what he does!

Rare and Reward cards

This is where I'd focus my investment if I didn't already have these cards to either peak efficiency or max level already....

Screenshot 20201005 at 21.59.41.png

Good old Naga Wind Master stands out as especially cheap, and the Pirate Archer and Captains Ghost are also OK to level up to their peak efficiency.

Naga Windmaster - After the Pirate Archer, I'd aim to max out this first - he's not used very often but has a good win rate and cheap! At L8 you get 2 damage, one debuff, shatter and poison - so depending on your opponent and if poison sticks, you could effectively be doing 6,7,8 points of damage in one hit if you shatter some heavy shields and poison kicks in!

Even the more expensive rare cards are well worth it I'd say, as you see all of these used quite a lot and they've all got decent win rates (except the Medusa, but she's so useful for Heavy Hitters I think she's worth having in your deck!

Epic cards

Screenshot 20201005 at 22.02.06.png

Ouch, all fairly pricey.

The Mermaid is the best value here I think... Given her higher use and win rate. You can get a triaging Mermaid for cheaper than $4, but I've opted for L4 as the optimum as you get strengthen then.

I'd even say maxing her is worth it, as I have, CLEANSE is a MOST useful ability!


Screenshot 20201005 at 21.59.58.png

Let's face it, you don't like coming up against it - Level 3 packs a decent punch, so I'd certainly opt for this dude - very high use and win rate, maybe unsurprisingly?

The only downside is, you'll probably want to play him with a triage monster - so either the Mermaid Healer (my recommendation to max) or the Kelp Initiate, as he's weak against double reflect with that blast.

Compared to say The Kraken, which only becomes super useful when maxed IMO, you get a lot more in a lot more rule sets (and mana caps) from Ruler.

Final thoughts

So in order of priority, if I were strapped for cash I'd probably go for:

  1. Pirate Archer until he gets blast
  2. Spineback Turtle to L5
  3. Mermaid Healer to Triage
  4. Max Naga Windmaster
  5. Ruler of the Seas to L3.

After that I'd probably go for a Sea Genie and a Captain's Ghost (I'm getting into that monster more, it's a good second row card!)

I set @darthgexe as a beneficiary on this post!

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So many cards to upgrade... but until I got my land I'll hold myself from doing any more upgrades ;-)

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I have some of those at the max for my summoner and they serve me well. Thorns is very useful. Some are just so expensive to upgrade and I'm not going to spend a lot right now. I'll inch them up.