Hive Second layer : Myriad of Interesting projects.

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Hive Second layer : Myriad of Interesting projects.

I am not going to talk about here about the Project like Leofinance and Splinterlands that are really well established there. Nor do I am going to talk about the projects like CTP ,SPORTSTALK and HiveList/HiveHustlers that are really here and moving good.


I will also leave the other successful games in Hive liking Risingstar and Cryptobrewmaster that are entertaining the players and helping them in generating the income too.

Even after there are so many opportunities in Hive , there are still so much coming each day.

Latest that I saw is "Music for life" community( , whose miners at initial price of 1.5 Hive in Hive-Engine (VIBESM) sell like a hot cake.

I am also interested in seeing the new Project Liotes and I really interested to see what this new project will bring to Hive.

Defi in Hive

I guess Diesel pool in Hive-Engine is the nice addition . It can really give tribe a much needed exposure to the outside world that also for very cheap.
For past week many tribes have set their diesel pool in tribaldex and with pool of so many established currency is operating there, even a small project can go big any day.

My Sports power up.


Today I staked 2498.681 Sports.

Back to My earning report
For r1s2g3.

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 482.
Dec obtained by quest 22.

SR stands for season rewards.

For saachi

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 560.
Dec obtained by quest 39.

SR stands for season rewards.

If you are interested in joining game, then you can join it here

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The ecosystem keeps growing. No one knows what the next big winner will be but there will be plenty of opportunity to find out and learn about it right from the beginning.

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Yeah, I am keeping my eyes open so that we can catch the winner earlier.