How excited you are to see HUSTLERS getting a usecase

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I do not how many you know about Hive Hustlers ,a token launched may be 6 months back and with its mining token HUSTERM too. But token do not have any such usecase as such and it tanked in the market. Recently @thelogicaldude took reins of token and community from @nulledgh0st and creating the roadmap to move forward with the Husters token.


You can read about this more at HiveHustler Roadmap . I am happy that at least Hustler is getting a usecase and those purchased the bag of Hustlers, their money is going to see some usecase and some possible mooning too.

My balances before powerup.


My balances after powerup.


So today I staked 799.245 Sports.

Back to My earning report
For r1s2g3.

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 599.
Dec obtained by quest 112.

For saachi

Quest DateValue of CardsDEC collectedAlchemy PotionLegendary PotionBooster Packs

Dec Obtained by battle 414
Dec obtained by quest 78.

If you are interested in joining game, then you can join it here


PS: DYOR is always strongly recommended and it is not a financial advice.

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Really a great thing happening around the Hivelist community with the procurement of Hivehustlers. I'm seeing e-commerce take a new shape with this new portfolio added to Hivelist.

Yeah, I also like that @thelogicaldude is keeping the community posted at regular interval with his progress. That also inspire confidence and increase the visibility of the project.

Watched this and was intrigued. Will follow this and see how the development goes. Really like to see more tribes be successful here on Hive

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Yeah, We should keep an eye on second layer.

I am excited!

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Nice. I hold some Hustler , Now they help me to earn some COM.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad this is creating some excitement! I am trying to bring as much value to both and all other entrepreneurial type communities that we can get involved!

Thanks for your effort. We wish and hope future is bright for everyone involved.

Mass adoption is all that would impress me, its very easy to transfer ANY crypto.

Sure, by the way , Have you heard of Hivepay?

Just recently, haven't tried it, but it seems appealing

I am getting a feeling that even noobs can set up some shop for cheap with LIST-Hivepay collaboration and may derive some business in this layer too.

Is there a way to make replication proof art NFTs?

My friend just got screwed over on the Rarible site and has to make money somewhere else cause of Gas fees.

Would he be able to list 1 of a kind or 7 of a kind art pieces?

I am not sure of your question. Are you looking for

NFT showroom is relevant enough I was able to casually promote for Hive, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank you.