Manual Curation vs. AutoVoting - Linear Curation Curve

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For many years there have been numerous discussions and changes to how curation rewards were distributed on Steem and Hive. Auto-voting has always been used to try and 'beat' the big curators to ensure that a bigger proportion of curation rewards could be earnt.

The biggest issue this has always presented is that many well-known authors always received large votes as most accounts were auto-voting them to gain a larger proportion of the curation rewards. In effect, this meant that many very good authors and articles were not being curated by larger holders of Steem/Hive as it was easier to just auto-vote authors regardless of their content/article.

If you were a small SP/HP holder, this meant that you had to take a gamble and vote on good new content, hoping that this great content might gain some exposure and gain an upvote from a whale, therefore giving you some nice curation rewards in return. Manual curation, under this model, is never going to be an incentive for smaller stakeholders, most who just auto-vote posts.


The Linear Curation Curve introduced on #LeoFinance here: Leveling the Playing Field - LEO is Switching to a Linear Curation Curve
now means that is doesn't matter when you vote on a post as this doesn't affect your ultimate curation rewards from that post. Effectively, 50% goes to the post author and 50% goes to the curator. For example, if you have a 1 LEO upvote and vote 100% on a post, the post author would receive 0.5 LEO on payout and you, as the curator, would receive 0.5 LEO as well.

This is a much better incentive for manual curation, which I would prefer. Now, instead of relying on an auto-voter to cast votes early on a post and hoping I vote before a larger stakeholder does, I can just jump onto #LeoFinance, read through some of the fantastic articles and posts and manually vote for these posts. I then know that my curation rewards will still remain the same regardless of when I vote on a post. I think this will now enable good content to receive upvotes from a wider range of stakeholders. No longer do you need to worry about who has voted on a post already and whether your small upvote will provide you with any curation rewards (let's face it, $LEO is an investment and most of us are seeking a return on that investment). Now, you know exactly how much curation returns you will receive. This provides that extra incentive to vote on great posts and not worry about the rewards they have or haven't received already.

This is a great move in my opinion and I am looking forward to spending more time writing, manually voting and commenting on posts worthy of my time. I hope that some of the larger $LEO holders will do the same thing to incentivize the content on the platform to grow in a positive way. Great content = more users = more exposure = rewards for everyone.

Perhaps this could be implemented on other SCOT tokens like #PALNET and #SPLINTERTALK as a bigger incentive for curation there too!

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi. I read it too. But what I do not get is : Is this true for the Leo only or also for the hive you use for your upvote. (I mean hive is hive and cannot be changed by Leofinance) And how do I give away Leo ? Is it a matter of having (enough) staked Leo first just like with hive.

Hive stays the same, only Leo has changed and you must stake some Leo to get rewards.

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Hey @goldrooster. You need to purchase $LEO and stake them through

Got it. Will think about it.

I think that that was a great move by the LEO team... I am using automatic upvoting, but more as a "backup" when I'm not online, and tbh I didn't have too good results with it... Nor I wanted to bother with trying to maximize it...

Upvoting only the content and authors that I personally like, and not those that will bring more money... From my point of view, chasing 2-3% more is a silly thing when on the other side, I can build real relationships with authors that create great content, and that care...

I really hope that Splingtertalk will change that as well. We have many autovoters who upvote crappy content just because of the super-linear rewards. Very annoying )although understandable with such system).



Well. I guess it's time to get that campaign started then. If LEO can do it then there is no reason why it can't be done for SPT. Time to blog and start asking those questions. Thanks for the upvote.

Was that something that was tried before or am I confusing it with something else? I remember something about curation from a very long time ago that had a lot of graphs, I don't think I really understood it then either XD