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RE: Just checked my NFTShowroom and what is this?

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Actually never heard of it, but the website definitely looks overly sick. I really like it.

Could you theoretically sell logos via this site or is it limited to "real art"? Because in theory you could offer a logo as a token and send the source files to the person who buys it. Then you would have a very cool Proof of Ownership

P.S. I checked and I unfortunatly did not get any mysterious NFT :P

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you can sell any art you own/create there as far as I know!

Guess I will have to take a look. From the first view it did not seem like you can transfer files via this plattform. Which makes sense since they trade NFT's...

Maybe I will try it some day ;)

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you can lock files too. so someone buys your logo, they can unlock a special download for the full resolution image

Okay, but can you deposit any file-type? So talking about logos you would provide some .AI source file, would this be possible?

mh no idea @nftshowroom could you check?

Thank you for your commitment. It seems that the listing is connected with an "application". Then I'll let that stay for now and see what happens in the future.

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